Discipline recreation pink and inexperienced micro dot sight

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  • ensure this suits by getting into your version wide variety.
  • top notch choice for looking, game shooting and other heavy responsibility programs
  • “-eyes open” sighting design complements target acquisition velocity and situational awareness
  • the parallax designed crimson dot eliminates any want for centering
  • allen head screw kind windage and elevation click on modifications with locking screw
  • built-in picatinny mount base for easy sight remounting

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product description

the rd-d007rg is a field of view goal reflex sight with a dual purple and green dot. It has a mil spec 1913 picatinny system base for easy mounting. This close zone fight reflex sight has five brightness settings for every purple and inexperienced dots. Constructed of excessive first-rate aircraft grade aluminum, it’s far shock evidence, fog proof, and waterproof suitable for all climate conditions.

8 reviews for Discipline recreation pink and inexperienced micro dot sight

  1. OIT

    So far it has held up to 120 rounds of 7.62×39 fired out of a 7.5-inch barreled AK47 pistol. Can’t say that for a Bushnell TRS-25 in which the angled front lens was dislodged by the same pistol after a similar number of rounds. TRS-25 displays a halo effect from the emitter (see side by side photo), Field Sport does not. No O-ring seal on battery compartment, TRS-25 has it Lenses appear thinner than TRS-25 Front lens is vertical, TRS-25 front lens is angled Dot larger than TRS-25, TRS-25 better for precision Only 5 intensity/size settings for dot, TRS-25 has 11 Too bright on lowest setting for precise night shots TRS-25 dot is red only, this Field Sport has green or red Read more

  2. JFlyer

    After seeing several online videos about this “20 dollar” red dot I had to try one…. it’s as good as the video reviews say. First day at the range, sighted in the red dot with about 10 shots (.22LR) and started firing 150rds. The sight adjustments (wind & elev) are crisp and easy to turn. The red/green dot colors are helpful vs.red only. Soon, I plan to mount this on my AR .223 and see if the sight handles the recoil? The reviews I’ve seen say it won’t be a problem. Read more

  3. Rob Cumming

    If you are considering a cheap optic this may be an option for you. CONS: >Not as good as a Bargain Quality Optic such as a Holosun, Primary Arms, or Bushnell that would run in the $100- $200 Range. >Definitely not on par with any Combat Proven Optic such as Aimpoint, Eotech, or ACOG. >Have not tried to see how water resistant it is. >The knob to select settings is not as crisp as more expensive options and I would have doubts that it would last as long. >The RED/GREEN dot on its highest setting is visable in full sunlight and almost as bright as my Vortex Strikefire 2 but could be better. The dot is also not as crisp as higher end options but all in all better that any optic at this price point. PROS >Holds Zero >Has so far Taken a beating – 500 Rounds on on AR 15, now mounting on a Saiga 12. 100 rounds of 00 buck, 2 dozen Slugs, and 200 rounds on Walmart Federal Birdsho 12 guage and no loss of Zero, or signs of failure. I have been trying to kill it an it’s doing well so far. >Construction is quality for the money >Same profile as an aimpoint T and works with most risers and mounts or will fit a pic rail with no problem, I have it mounted directly to a rail on My Saiga 12. >Looks good and has no brand markings on the optic at all if you are concerned about your buddies at the range seeing that you have some stupid named or no named sight on your gun. If I manage to kill this sight I will post an update but so far it has held up for about a month of abuse Read more

  4. Rhodes Family

    Fast shipping! I trust that this is a one off issue, but have not made it through a ton of reviews so far.. excited to zero this is, I took it to the range today and everything was working well, no issues. After about 60-75 rounds I noticed the red dot disappeared so when I put my rifle down I noticed the knob where you adjust the settings and that holds the battery had literally popped off. Now this was on my .40 cal carbine so it’s not like it was a super high powered rifle. I’m hoping they make this right as I loved the scope from the time I had with it (unboxed and installed at range today). Will update if I can get a replacement and hope to do more business with this company in the future! Read more

  5. Tad Wagner

    Bought a quick release riser with it, and some flip up iron sights, and the combination allowed a cowitness. First off, it’s a $20 red dot, so I didn’t expect perfection. That said, it’s a high quality piece.. Glass is clear and it’s solid on my AR 15. It took me a bit to sight it in, but I’m fairly new at it, and if I did it again, it would go quicker. The ONLY downside is you must use a small screwdriver to make adjustments, not a dime, like other red dot sights. Bottom line is once it was sighted in, It was pretty consistent. I lined up my flip up iron sights with the red dot, and they were almost dead on. Bottom line, I got way more value than what I paid for. Great product! Read more

  6. Jason

    I’ve bought two of these. The first one I had on a Marlin 60 but I preferred the scope set up so I gave it to my buddy to throw on his Hi Point 9mm carbine. Co-witnessed perfectly with it and worked so well I just let him keep it. I ended up getting a PAK9 and immediately went out and ordered another one of these for it. Holds zero well and works like a charm. I don’t know if I would put it on an AR or anything with too much recoil (I have a Primary Arms 5x on my AR), but on a 9mm or .22 this thing is gold at the range. Easily on par with the popular Bushnell red dot, I just prefer this style as you can use Tango Down IO covers with it. It’s not an aimpoint, so if you are looking to get $500 performance out of a $20 optic, then you will be sadly mistaken. Read more

  7. DCFL61

    Installed the battery and turned it on, dots looked like a Rorschach pattern, both the red and green. Checked it again a couple hours later, and the dots were there. I’ve since turned it on and off numerous times, and the splatter type pattern is all I’ve seen. Amazon sent me a replacement which I just received, and the results are the same. I’m returning both and trying a different option. I tried to go cheap and it didn’t work out. It actually looked great on the one occasion it worked correctly. Read more

  8. Omid

    I got this for my mossberg 500. I have it attached to it on a TacStar side saddle with a rail. I was skeptical of this products and how the quality would come into play. So, the sights look decent. Has nice weight to it and it does project a nice dot (green or red). Took it to the range and I would say I put about 60 rounds through the gun with the sights on it and it held up well. Did not have a malfunction or anything. I shot bird, buck, and 25 rounds of hallow point slugs. I would imagine if this thing is able to withstand the kick of a slug you can put it on any gun. Worth the money. Try it. Read more

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