Day 1 health ankle/wrist weight pair 10 weight and bundle alternatives – zero. Five to ten lbs every, set of 2, adjustable straps – secure, breathable, moisture absorbent weight straps for women and men

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  • superior leg weights: those premium ankle weights from day 1 fitness are long lasting and lengthy-lasting for all workout exercises. They’re made with breathable, moisture-absorbent cloth on the way to lessen sweat and slipping.
  • complete progression equipment: our weight straps are available pairs ranging from 0. Five lbs to ten lbs, permitting you to effectively construct muscle and tone your legs whether or not you’re a amateur or pro. Every pair is effortlessly shade-coded for quick selection.
  • secure and ergonomic: presenting extra cloth to prevent chafing and discomfort, our weights for ankles have adjustable straps a good way to fit most people. The straps will stay sturdy and secure for the duration of your workout.
  • add resistance to workout routines: our ankle weight units are perfect for adding intensity to yoga, gymnastics, and pilates, and can be used as wrist weights. They may build muscle, improve stability and versatility, and can be used for physical therapy.
  • satisfaction assured: at day 1 health, we pleasure ourselves in providing super products to fit your fitness and fitness dreams. If you are not a hundred% satisfied with our ankle and wrist weights, go back them inside 30 days for a full refund.
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our ankle weight units are perfect for including intensity to yoga, gymnastics, and pilates, and may be used as wrist weights. They will build muscle, improve stability and flexibility, and may be used for bodily therapy.

our weight straps come in pairs starting from 0. Five lbs to ten lbs, permitting you to with no trouble construct muscle and tone your legs whether or not you are a beginner or pro. Every pair is conveniently coloration-coded for short choice.

d1f proudly supports local commercial enterprise. All of our progressive health products are designed within the u. S. A., so that you can sense top understanding you’re contributing immediately to the financial system. We utilize the expertise of industry leaders to construct merchandise to closing. Whether you operate those for your property gym or a business gymnasium, recognise you have become the first-rate you deserve!

if you have any questions or concerns regarding this product, our u. S. Based team will do our best to make certain your shopping revel in with day 1 fitness is pinnacle-notch!

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a) 0.5 LB, c) 1.5 LB, d) 2 LB, e) 2.5 LB, f) 3 LB, g) 4 LB, h) 5 LB, i) 8 LB, j) 10 LB

8 reviews for Day 1 health ankle/wrist weight pair 10 weight and bundle alternatives – zero. Five to ten lbs every, set of 2, adjustable straps – secure, breathable, moisture absorbent weight straps for women and men

  1. Teresalynn

    Ok so i ordered these 0.5 ankle weights on sept.6 and recieved them today on Nov.25…I live in texas by the way so if your needing some ankle weights asap than these are not for you since they take time for you to get them..if you look closely at the pics you will see than one weight is more stuffed than the other..i noticed when i picked them both up with different hands that one felt heavier and there supposed to be evenly weighted..I am a bit dissapointed and will not buy these again..other than that they actually look of decent quality and there cute..i wanted these for my pilates exercises and i wanted to start low in weight and work myself up but i will be ordering my next pair elsewhere. Read more

  2. Anna

    So these are somewhat sturdy and I can use them for daily use while I am at work and walking around. However, if you do not have any cloth on your ankles this will rub you raw. That is my main issue with these. I have other ones and they do not rub, it is a hassle. Another issue is the straps is already starting to split with threads coming out. Other than that, these seem pretty decent. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    The first time I used them, they fell apart. The sewing gave out and I found sand on the ground around my ankles. Read more

  4. Oleg Livshits

    the weights have no way to stay in place. They are to heavy to be strapped on to wrists or ankles and to small to strap on to anything else. Only way to use them would be to secure them to something else and wear that. I used them as a door stopper so I guess not total loss. Read more

  5. Jerome Slater

    After just six weeks, one of the Velclo straps tore in half, and the other is showing wear, making the ankle weights unusuable. I noticed other reviews complained of the same problem. My money should be refunded, and the product removed from Amazon. Read more

  6. KMR

    I bought two pair of these for ankles and wrists. I couldn’t bear to wear them on my wrists, and one set had some loose threads, so I sent them back. I find the pair I wear on my ankles work OK, although they aren’t extremely comfortable due to the Velcro adjustment. They tend to loosen up and slide around. Overall I am satisfied but not extactic. Read more

  7. Riley

    I bought these for my 9 year old gymnast to use for conditioning at practice. They are exactly what I was looking for at a reasonable price. I only wish they came with a bag to put them in, but the description was accurate so I can’t fault them for that. Read more

  8. Samantha

    Virtually unwearable. I ordered the 10lbs each leg due to the ability to remove and shift the sandbags (2lbs each in my case). After receiving the product, I would say to skip the 8lb or higher weights. They are made notably different to the lower weights and the material is rough and scratchy. The lower weights look wearable, the 8lb and higher are asking to rub your ankles raw or hurting yourself since they don’t seem to tighten enough to be secure on the ankle. The sandbags are also fairly cheaply made and I’m fairly certain that heavy use will lead to breakage and sand everywhere… i had little bits if sand around before even trying to use them. I have alternatively bought a different brand of a10lb pair which looks more like the lower weights for this brand and are infinitely more comfortable and manageable. Unfortunately, this specific pair is being relegated to a weight on a boomstand that I’m using for my vr cable setup. I would give these ankle weights (8lb and 10lb) an D rating for unwearability. But they get an A as a deadweight or counterbalance for stands that need it. Read more

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