Day 1 fitness forged iron olympic 2-inch grip plate by d1f for barbell, 6 weights available (2. 5 to 45lbs) plates for weightlifting – 2” weight plate for bodybuilding – singles or pairs

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  • ensure this suits by using coming into your version quantity.
  • solid and sturdy: this grip plate is made from heavy-duty forged iron, in order that it’s far certain to keep up beneath loads of resistance and duress. Superb and lengthy-lasting, each weight will gain your workout recurring irrespective of revel in or system
  • upload that little more: if you’re searching out a greater difficult workout that is appropriate for both beginners and superior fitness ranges, our grip plate will add that little extra, fitting all general olympic bars and racks with a 2-inch hollow.
  • at ease and convenient: the day 1 health specific, proprietary consolation layout will make your exercising ordinary simple. Each weight boasts specially designed, clean cope with grips to make moving, loading and storage smooth.
  • professional and easy: the iron grip weight has a semi-gloss finish for a smooth and professional appearance no matter wherein you exercising. Plus, the burden size is simple to read at the surface, so you gained’t ought to conflict to find a selected size.
  • available in multiple sizes: day 1 health forged iron grip plates are to be had personally and in pairs. Character sizes are 2. Five lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs, and 45 lbs. Pair sizes are 2. Five lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs and 35 lbs.
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from the manufacturer

our proprietary design allows you to securely raise and cargo your weights with the ergonomic cutouts. The cutouts allow for ease in performing waiter consists of and other related exercises the use of a grip plate for introduced weight.

made from exceptional stable solid iron for exquisite power and sturdiness. Device targeted hold creates a cozy healthy and ideal balance in your weight bar. Baked enamel coating resists chipping and peeling.

d1f proudly helps local commercial enterprise. All of our innovative fitness merchandise are designed within the u. S. A., so that you can sense properly knowing you’re contributing immediately to the economy. We make use of the knowledge of enterprise leaders to construct merchandise to remaining. Whether or not you use these for your home gym or a industrial gymnasium, know you have become the nice you deserve!

shop with self belief! When you have any questions or issues regarding this product, we’ll do our nice to make sure your buying revel in with day 1 health is outstanding!


b) 5 LB SINGLE, j) 25 LB PAIR

8 reviews for Day 1 fitness forged iron olympic 2-inch grip plate by d1f for barbell, 6 weights available (2. 5 to 45lbs) plates for weightlifting – 2” weight plate for bodybuilding – singles or pairs

  1. NYBob

    😐Weight is very accurate (5 lbs. on one plate; 5.1 lbs. on other. Center holes very sharp edges, and outer edges also some sharp & chipped in places (poor quality control). They do the job so I am Satisfied overall. Update: As I mentioned previously, the quality was lax as there were sharp unnoticed machined edges, which are potentially dangerous if grabbed without knowing. Day 1 Fitness was very courteous in replacing this set of 5 lb. plates. However, the replacement set wasn’t much better, so I’m stuck with those. I could go on forever receiving replacements and returning. I really was looking at a pair of 25 lb. plates, but am now reluctant to purchase due to the poor quality control, and I sure can’t be swapping 2 -“25″lb. plates until I get some good ones! Guess I’ll wait for now. 😕 UPDATE: 1/21/20: The latest update. This time I bought one 25 lb. plate which actually weighed 23.8 lb. It too, has sharp burrs and chips on it. What is it with this company and quality control??? Good thing I didn’t buy two! Waiting to hear from company. Read more

  2. Sharon miller

    Chose these weights for the size of the cutouts to use hands alone. Was excited when they arrived. Then I noticed the most dreadful issue. They have a rough plastic coating on them. Rough as there are Niks and bits all over but the worse issue is the stickiness of this coating. I have now pulled up chunks of carpet and my yoga mat because the two 5 lb. weights are totally stuck to them. As you see from the picture these are the two 5 lb. weights clinging to each other. I can pick up one to carry around and the other will not let go until pried apart. I have washed them, powdered them and did a little sanding. Still sticks to everything. I am so disappointed. To late to send back will be donating. Read more

  3. Joseph L. Milacek

    Such a good price for a nice quality pair of plates. These 25 lb pairs fit great on my barbell and also are great for using off the bar. I can grip them easily and they work great. Read more

  4. Bill

    I ordered: Day 1 Fitness Cast Iron Olympic 2-Inch Grip Plate for Barbell, 25 Pound Set of 2 Plates Iron Grip Plates for Weightlifting, Crossfit – 2” Weight Plate for Bodybuilding I received one of the 2 plates, but the description has been changed now to ready 2.5 pound plate versus the 25 pound ones. The one I got was the correct weight, but again only got one. As this is for a weight bench, specifically a bench press I do need both. Amazon seems to have taken down any way to communicate an incorrect order, only returns. I don’t want to return it, I want my other plate. Read more

  5. Andrew Todd

    These weight plates are perfect for my home gym. I got the 10 lb weights to add to my collection on Olympic sized plates. They fit perfectly onto my 2” bar and have great grip openings so I can use them in different hand-held exercises as well. Glad I got the pair, they weigh the same and are so durable. Will definitely buy Day 1 Fitness products again! Read more

  6. Tim P.

    The boxes they arrived in were a little beat up, but once i took them out of their plastics, they looked awesome.. They were nice and shiny, and i think they are a little heavier than the weights at the gym. I have a set of 10s arriving soon and then i’ll just have to wait for the 25s to be back in stock. Awesome purchase, my home gym is almost complete. Update: So i now own a pair of 10s, 25s, 2 pairs of a 35s and this week i received my pair of 45s. Everything was good until i got the 45s. First off, one arrive don sunday by itself and the other was to be delivered later that day. Got an email around 7pm saying my other 45 was delayed and would arrive in 2 to 3 days. Ok, fine. Wake up on Monday to an email saying the other would arrive today. It arrives and i open it, and what do you know, it’s chipped. That hole looks like it’s going to expand over time. I’ll be contacting the seller about this for sure. I would return it, but i know how hard these are to get these days and i don’t want to have to wait 2 months to get a replacement. Read more

  7. Marvin

    Update: 10/20/2020 I finally received my barbell today and tried to put on these plates. I’m reducing the rating from 4 to 1 star due to poor quality control. The first plate wouldn’t fit – the center hole had a couple small burrs that prevented the sleeve from sliding through. The other plate went on fine, although the center hole also had burrs that I may have to cover up with something to avoid scratching the sleeve. I also managed to slide on the D1F 5lb plates but encountered a similar issue with the rough center holes. — Original review: These weights are accurate to within 0.1 lbs and reasonably priced at a $1 premium given the ongoing pandemic. I ran my finger over the edges and found a couple rough spots but nothing sharp enough to cut skin. On one of my plates, there was a minor cosmetic blemish where a bit of silver paint dripped onto the outer ring. There is also a metallic scent that’s only noticeable when you hold the plate up to your nose. Overall, this is a decent product if you need a pair of 2.5s for weightlifting. Read more

  8. Diva Las Vegas

    I love this 5lb. grip plate weight. I have small hands and it’s easy for me to use. I use it to add mild resistance during cardio. The overall item is well made and has no rough edges so it is gentle enough to use bare handed. Read more

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