Crown sporting items neoprene frame sculpting hand weights (1-pair)

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  • solid iron wrapped in a thick coat of long lasting neoprene for a secure grip this is gentle on fingers and does not require gloves
  • stylish and current look with brilliant, color-coded weight increments and large, clear numbers; it is quick and clean to grab the proper weight to your habitual
  • oblong design resists rolling, even as the thick handles beautify and improve grip
  • compact length is simple to save and perfect for journey; easy to clean neoprene is amazing for indoor and outdoor use
  • heavy weight physical games construct muscle tissues and make stronger the center; lighter weights upload resistance to aerobic physical games and running, physical remedy, even yoga
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with no end in sight versatile, dumbbells are an important addition to any health regimen or domestic fitness center. Arm rows, goblet squats, chest presses, bicep curls.. There are hundreds of workout routines packed into one easy piece of gadget that support and tone critical muscle mass at some point of your upper body and core. Lighter weights can also complement aerobic exercising with extra resistance to burn extra calories. Utilize hand weights to supercharge activities like electricity taking walks, jogging, even physical therapy and yoga. Available in 1, 2, 3, five, 7 and 10 pound increments and lined in a generous layer of colourful, at ease neoprene, those hand weights make ideal exercising partners. The lightly cushioned neoprene is simple to grip and may not get slick with sweat, so that you’ll by no means need a pair of gloves. The numbers are huge and clear, the oblong layout resists rolling while now not in use, and the compact length makes them a cinch to keep, or to take alongside while you tour.


10-Pound, 3-Pound, 5-Pound, 2-Pound


Black, Cyan, Salmon, Teal

8 reviews for Crown sporting items neoprene frame sculpting hand weights (1-pair)

  1. Amazon Customer

    I ordered these on Monday and got them on Tuesday! As for other less positive reviews, I’m not sure what to say. The handle is thicker than what I had before (see photo) and they really look great, too. Just make sure that you click on the weight you want to ensure they don’t send you a lighter or heavier set. Your search may pull these up, even if you were searching for a dumbbell of a different weight. Going down on the ad I noticed the box to select color and weight. I chose black 10lb weights and that’s what I received. Perfect! Read more

  2. Lisa H.

    These weights have a chemical smell when you pull them out of the box. It has been dissipating over time. I like that the coating has a bit of grip to it. I have been using this product for shoulder PT. So far, so good. Read more

  3. Patty Sunshine

    I had to change my exercise routine due to tendinitis in the shoulder- these very light weights are perfect for my recovery. Easy to handle and super light. Read more

  4. Auntie Kat~

    You’d never believe these tiny weights are 1 pound each! Adorbs. Read more

  5. joann

    I like the pink color. I like the material. It is not slippery. Read more

  6. Tamara Ann Elliott

    There was a mix up on my order and it was fixed right away. I received the correct item and this is a gift. She is going to love them! Read more

  7. Maria Y

    Wife says they’re the perfect weight for her kegels. Read more

  8. Dennis W Liston

    good product I would order again. Read more

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