Crosman 0410 targetfinder rifle scope

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crosman 0410 targetfinder rifle scope

the targetfinder is a 4-strength scope with focusing eyepiece, precision lined optics and turret modifications for windage and elevation. Easily mounts on all cutting-edge crosman air rifles with 3/8″ dovetail grooved receiver. Not advocated for spring air rifles.

8 reviews for Crosman 0410 targetfinder rifle scope

  1. WV Radio Guy

    I wanted this for my Crossman 760 Pumpmaster BB rifle, because I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with the sights that came with it. I actually was so disappointed in the rifle that I set it aside for a year and called it a lost cause. When I saw the reviews and more importantly the price of this scope, I decided to buy it and see if I could do any better with my Crossman. WOW! It was easy to sight in and now the rifle shoots dead on! I can hit a field mouse at 40 feet and have hit larger targets at 75. So if you need a great little scope for little money, and you take care of your rifle by not bumping it around or treating it rough (which you should never do with any gun that has a scope on it), you cant beat this little scope. Read more

  2. Trevor

    I needed a light weight, small scope to fit my barrel clamps on my crosman 1322. Because of how the gun is built in stock form, the only way to mount a scope is with mounts on the barrel, unless I wanted to buy a part more expensive than the whole gun, so I couldnt use a heavy or bulky scope. Eye relief isnt great, but you can see through it and its held true so far even after bouncing around in my truck. How its mounted looks kinda goofy but it has worked great for my application. Read more

  3. Bob/Tammy Henderson

    Eye relief could be an inch longer but otherwise it’s good. I had it sighted in after 9 rds on a 22. Put another 41 rds through it after and it was bang on. If you can’t hit your target with this, a more expensive scope won’t solve your problem. Very solid buy for the price. Read more

  4. Chet Mortenson

    Works good for a five-dollar scope. From what I understand this is the upgraded version from the manufacturer. Tube is made of aluminum, optics are sharp enough. Got it mounted on the rifle in 2 minutes. Once you get the sights dialed in it seems to work fine. Read more

  5. Koko

    I SLAPPED THIS BABY ON A 105 DAISY BB RIFLE AND IT’S GLORIOUS! It works properly, looks minimalistic (unlike most of the other scopes), comes with caps so the crystals don’t get full of dust/dirt, and while I broke and threw away (purposefully) the installing mechanisms included with the rifle, I found a clamp to better do the job without installing an unnecessary rail. so five out of five stars in everything but easy to install. Read more

  6. Teapot

    These scopes are clearly designed for use by folks just looking to add a little precision and some fun to their pump-style air rifles. This is NOT a hunting scope meant for ranges past 25 yards or so, at least in my opinion. But for plinking targets out behind the house or for close range pest control, it works fine. Construction is flimsy but ok as long as you don’t drop it, and mine has held up fine through around 50 shots without losing zero. The scope fit nicely on my Daisy 880. Keep in mind that rifle scopes can run over 1000 dollars quite easily… however I’d say that these are better than the pricepoint would lead you to believe. Read more

  7. Cecelia A. Sondag

    I placed the Crosman 410 Targetfinder scope on my Diana Stormrider PCP and experience a huge improvement over the iron sights, the scope fits the Stormrider perfectly, I did not need to remove the front sight as would have been the case with most scopes, the sleek design of the 410 fits right in with the sleek design of the Stormrider, I had planned on buying a better scope and move the 410 to one of my other air rifles but this one might just stay put. For my 20 yard range in the backyard, this scope is getting the job done. The scope is great for PCP or Pump air guns but I would not try it on a break barrel springer. Read more

  8. kevin mcbee

    If you like 4 or 5 inch groups on a 760 pumpmaster then this scope is for you. I have zeroed it daily for over a week. Sometimes 2x /day and the groups are pitiful. Now it could totally be the gun itself, but Im not sure how it could be so different everyday. Sometimes center is 5″+ off. I can dial it back in to a centimer from bullseye at 10 yards then later that day or next day its off. Ive already tightened the scope mounts to the point the bbs wont even feed out of the resevoir(so it isnt that and I dont use bbs anyway). It may work great on another gun, but???????not this one Read more

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