Crimson hint lg-306 lasergrips with crimson laser, heavy duty construction and instinctive activation for smith & wesson okay/l frame which includes governor, defensive shooting and competition , black

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  • make sure this suits by way of getting into your model quantity.
  • runtime: four hours of battery existence that runs on (2) 2032 batteries (included)
  • ease of use: front activation button engages the laser right now whilst the firearm is held in a normal firing grip – this model functions a grasp on/off transfer for absolutely powering down the unit – user established – no gunsmithing required
  • reliable: manufacturing unit sighted at 50 feet, but is absolutely user adjustable for windage and elevation with furnished device
  • fits: smith & wesson k & l frames spherical butt, such as governor

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from the producer

crimson hint’s lg-306 lasergrips are a effective laser sighting choice for smith & wesson ok & l body (round butt) revolvers. Offering a the front instinctive activation button and relaxed rubber overmold grip surfaces, the lg-306 is designed to spring to life with a regular firing keep on the revolver. Gives over 4 hours of battery lifestyles with 2 furnished #2032 batteries.

lg-306 lasergrips characteristic a front instinctive activation button which powers the laser straight away with a ordinary firing grip.

featuring a effective 5mw pink laser – the maximum powerful allowed through regulation – for an instantaneous, decisive advantage.

factory sighted at 50′ however infinitely person-adjustable for windage and elevation with furnished device.

product description

lg-306 laser attractions for smith & wesson ok & l-body revolvers feature a comfortable rubber overmold at the lasergrips this is slimmed down for concealed carry ease. The laser activation switch is located inside the the front of the revolver, making activation “instinctive” when you assume a regular firing grip on the revolver. Fits smith & wesson models 10 thru 19, 48, 53, fifty six, sixty four via sixty eight, 242, 296, 547, 581, 586, 617, 647, 648, 686, 696 and governor.

8 reviews for Crimson hint lg-306 lasergrips with crimson laser, heavy duty construction and instinctive activation for smith & wesson okay/l frame which includes governor, defensive shooting and competition , black

  1. Publius Petronius

    First, the laser arrived in an open box. It had obviously been returned. Following installation of the grips, the red dot could not be adjusted. The adjustment screws on the grip laser did not effect the location of the dot – probably the reason the unit had been returned initially. The wrenches provided for adjustment are so small that they make adjustments difficult. Additionally, the grips are significantly narrower than the original grips on the Smith and Wesson 686. If you have medium to large hands, heads up on this model of Crimson Trace laser grips. Read more

  2. Glenn

    I bought the LG-306 for my 69. It fits very well and was easy to install. I have small hands and 63-year-old eyes. These grips fit the gun very well, fit my hand better than the OEM, and the laser is bright and easy to zero. They solve both problems. And they still fit my Galco Holster. 10 out of 10! Read more

  3. Razzy

    I purchased a Crimson Trace LG306. The was no written statements on the box where this laser grip was manufactured. Their boxes once bore the American flag stating made in the USA. I sent Crimson Trace two emails to their customer service department asking in what country my grip was manufactured. I received no response to either email. This lack of response along with no markings on the box leads me to believe that Crimson (S&W) no longer manufactures their products in the USA. Hoping it’s not true. I’m not positive but something smells fishy. Read more

  4. Aman

    I like the simple set up, very easy. Bright enough for home defense . Outside not as easy to see as green lasers. Wish it could stay on until I shut it off like my non grip lasers. Most folk will probably like the fact that you can’t accidentally leave it on. I move my hand on the grip frequently to get the best feel and the laser goes on and off. That being said I think that once I get used to it this is going to be a very useful home defense tool for when the lighting situation is less than ideal. Read more

  5. DaveC

    My wife had ordered the LG-308 Laser grips commented to fit the S&W Governor. Comments also suggested the pictured item for the LG-308 were the square butt not round butt K frame but the round version was received. That was not the case for me. My Governor has a flat type hammer spring that did not work with the square butt LG-308. I ordered the LG-306 (not pictured at time of my order) and it fit nicely. My oinly complaint is it was not a smooth fit. The backstrap of the grip was not exposed by the original grip. The LG-306 exposed the back and butt straps and was not a “smooth” fit all around. However, it should not detract from their effectiveness. I would have preferred a smoother fit. Over all I am very satisfied with my purchase of the LG-306 and look forward to never having to use it. Butt (pun there) if the need arises, I am more confident having the laser since my Governor has poor OEM sights. Read more

  6. David

    I got those grips for a S&W model 19 carry comp. If you have a K or L frame, this is something you want to seriously consider. The price on Amazon was hard to beat and I was able to get the rebate from Crimson. Don’t hesitate and get them. Read more

  7. c.c. mckraken

    Easy to install and complete instructions are included. The instructions advise that in rare cases you may have to reset the sighting spring in the laser diode when adjusting the beam. I had to do the reset. I followed the simple instructions and the beam adjusted perfectly. Be sure and read the instructions completely before making any adjustments. Read more

  8. Doug

    Great fit on my edc 686 2.5. Read more

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