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  • make sure this suits by using coming into your version range.
  • exercise without a heavy weights, just easy adjustable resistance cords
  • consists of workout dvds, meal plan, 50 workout exercise manual and adjustable resistance bands loose!
  • comes absolutely assembled! Convenient storage
  • extraordinary for all ages
  • preserve your body toned!

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from the manufacturer

the all in one exerciser!

chair gymnasium is the compact multi function ab exercising that folds flat for easy garage & can be utilized by each person from athletes to older humans & even those with mobility problems. This kit no longer only comes with the chair gym chair but a twister seat, multi degree resistance bands, a meal plan, a workout guide guide & instructional exercising dvd’s. Easy the entirety you need to get started.

what is in the field?

tornado seat goes on chair and maximizes your ab exercise.

predominant chair gym chair that collapses flat for easy garage.

dvd you could without difficulty play that demos one of a kind exercise options for the chair fitness center.

included resistance bands for max arm workout.

blanketed 7 day meal plan that will help you get in your health & wellbeing track.

exercise guide comes with 50+ sporting activities you can do together with your chair health club from everywhere.

exercise options…..

a sneak height into what you could do with the chair gymnasium!

here are simply a number of the alternatives of exercises you can do with the chair fitness center! Workout routines are made to goal every part of the body so that you can attain your general frame fitness dreams with just one machine!

product description

get in shape with the as visible on television chair health club. It affords a convenient body exercising that helps you to workout while you work. The loose educational dvd and 30-minute exercise dvd provide 50 physical activities that offer smooth and handy total frame exercises. The accessible exercise chair lets you begin working out at simpler tiers, and you can build resistance by way of adjusting settings. After you are secure, turn up the resistance to growth issue. The health chair helps you to follow on-display screen sporting activities or you could make up other exercises to build energy in key body regions. Bring workouts to your house or workplace with the as seen on television chair fitness center. Chair fitness center is a fitness exercise device designed to provide the very best and maximum handy way to attain a total frame exercise without going to the gym. In preference to using heavy weights, chair gym uses 3 stages of resistance cords that provide mild, medium and tough tensions. This will permit all people to exercise session the whole frame or even the abs in as low as 10 mins in step with day. You may be seated in a safe, strong and cozy function and nonetheless revel in the advantages of a wholesome and energetic life-style. Gain flexibility, energy, energy and experience better each after workout. Chair gym is easy to apply and shop. Simply unfold it in case you want to exercising and virtually fold it away when you’re executed.

8 reviews for Chair gymnasium

  1. Sharon McDougall

    This Chair Gym came well packaged and everything in tact. I bought this for my mother-in-law who is elderly to use for strengthening exercises. It came with a video, so she has lots of exercises she can do with this chair. It sits firmly in place and I was surprised how sturdy it was. it has different levels of strength training(bands can be added or removed). It can easily be folded up for storing, just like a folding chair. This chair would be good for anyone of any age looking to increase muscle strength (not body building). We tested the chair before giving it as a gift and assembled it beforehand, which was very simple. I was very pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone interested. Read more

  2. Charlene

    Our family is very glad we bought this Chair Gym, It was mostly assembled and is fun and very easy to use~. Items in box:Chair Gym, booklets , a floor mat and 6 dvd’s and exercise ball, .pair handles, pair ankle straps, clips, The seat is smaller than we realized it would be, is only 15 inches wide. We like it has back support keeps you in form , I feel safe and secure working out on this chair ,. I am glad we bought extra handles easier to switch from exercises, When starting using this Chair Gym was 334 lbs.. This is fun to do and is helping with flexibility and strength as losing weight, Also have a total gym, we like this Chair Gym is portable and can easily travel with us. in our RV. Read more

  3. B. Mills

    I just received this chair yesterday and set it up today. I followed the instructions on the DVD to set it up. The instructions were good. The only problem is that the pulleys never snap into place. Both the DVD and the written instructions said there should be a snap as you twist the pulleys on the rod.. Never was a snap. All four can easily be lifted off their rods. I’ve only done the first 15 minute express workout. The main problem is that you don’t have time to get into position to do the next exercise on the DVD before they begin. I’m going to switch to doing the written exercises first and come back to the DVD’s to see if familiarity with the exercises works. Read more

  4. YLG

    I wasn’t expecting much from this chair after the low price and appearance after assembly, but it has proven to be quite a great addition to my work out routine. While the construction of the chair is not the best quality, the actual use of it give you a great workout. The Chair Gym gives you an opportunity to use resistance bands to do an all over strengthing and toning to all major muscle groups. The instruction manual has very clear photos of all exercises you can do and the DVDs have some awesome workout routines . I have a bad back, and hips, and the Chair gym has been wonderful to help me strengthen both areas plus tone up the flab. Read more

  5. Sandy Butler

    Initially, I processed a return request because my elderly mom it was purchased for didn’t think she could use the chair. My sister talked her into giving it a try. As I expected, she could and did use it. Now, she loves it. She really liked the 360 turntable like seat extra to work her midriff for flexibility. Mom did knee raises, leg extensions using the leg straps , bicep/tricep curls, butterfly arms, arm raises and extensions, etc on the first day (she is 88). I think I’m going to enjoy it as well for times when I don’t use my Pilates Reformer. The chair is sturdy but relatively light. It folds easily like a card table chair and has rollers on the two back legs. I do recommend this product and won’t be sending it back after all. Read more

  6. Big GM

    This product is a safety hazard. The Deluxe Bands that are supposed to lock in place clearly don’t. The tension of the bands is the only thing holding the pulley on and the more you use it the less tension the bands have. While I was working out and had my arms fully extended to my front the pulley that holds the bands onto the chair came off and flew by my head. The pulley missed my head, but if someone was standing in front of me someone could have been hurt. Contacted Customer Service and their solution was to send the chair back at our expense and they would send a new one probably at our expense again! !!! Read more

  7. m. loyd

    The video and instructions were missing. I couldnt put it together or use it without insteuctions. Read more

  8. Patrick F. Galdieri

    OK, I’m 67 years old. I wanted to burn a few calories and tone up a bit at the same time. The Chair Gym is a great tool for that purpose. I’ve been doing the basic 15 minute work-out for two weeks now and, along with eating sensibly, I’ve lost an inch of waistline. Pretty cool. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble and it really does fold up like any folding chair for storage. Buy it. You’ll love it!! Read more

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