Celestron upclose g2 10×25 monocular, black (71213)

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  • make sure this fits by way of entering your model variety.
  • high quality monocular at an low priced / cost effective price
  • multi-covered optics growth light transmission ensuing in brighter and sharper snap shots with excessive comparison ranges
  • stylish rubber covered aluminum frame protects from rough managing
  • ergonomic thumb indents and finger ridges for extra non-slip consolation and simplicity of use
  • water resistant
  • tender carrying case
  • binocular straps
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from the manufacturer

upclose g2 10×25 monocular

a excessive first-class multi-covered monocular at an inexpensive rate.

features and blessings

from birding to boating to wearing activities and concert events; this little optic does all of it.

multi-coated optics increase mild transmission for brighter, sharp pictures.

long lasting armor each protects the monocular as well as offers a cozy gripping surface.

the eyepiece consciousness manage is straightforward to manipulate with honestly a thumb and forefinger.

features and advantages

the tender rubber, folding eyecup is secure and easy-to-use with eyeglasses.

at simplest 4 half of inches long this is certainly a pocket-sized optic prepared to take alongside on any adventure.

a reachable and cozy belt case and cleaning fabric are included.

product description

high first-rate monocular at an less expensive fee ideal for: chook looking carrying events nature & flora and fauna hunting journey & ventures concerts & live occasions boating



4 reviews for Celestron upclose g2 10×25 monocular, black (71213)

  1. SouthernFried

    I bought these. All under $20. – Celestron upClose g2 10×25 (71213) – HDE 15X Zoom Compact Monocular 21mm – Roxant High Definition Ultra-Light mini – Imaisen no name. Bought because it had “Amazons Choice” on the page. Only 1 review. To get right to the point. The Celestron UpClose g2 was the only “usable” monocular in the bunch. Even that has a very small aperture (like looking through a straw.) But, at least it was relatively easy to get a sight and pretty clear once you had it. I am keeping it. This Roxant was the absolute worst of the bunch. Cloudy, could never get a good focus…and in a group of very cheap monoculars, this thing felt the cheapest. But, it was actually the most expensive. The rest were cheaper. The Imaisen (Amazons choice) was close to the Roxant in crappiness. Cloudy, lousy focus…just miserable. lol. The HDE 15X Zoom Compact Monocular 21mm, I am on the fence. It actually has a pretty darn good zoom feature. You really can zoom much closer than any of the other monoculars. It was surprising actually…if you could find what your looking at. It was almost impossible to focus in on any object. If the others were like looking through a straw…this one was like looking through a pinhole. I spent considerable time trying to line up a sight picture to where there is actually an image in the scope. I believe this is called Eye Relief…and it is absolutely horrible. However, once you did find an object in the distance and zoomed in on it, it was a lot larger than any of the others. It was impressive…for the entire second I could hold the image. This should be called Small & Shaky. Still, I’m thinking of keeping it cuz the zoom is kinda cool. So, I’m keeping the Celestron and I’ll pop it in our camper or truck, just to have something. But, I am definetely going to get something better. After looking through these things for an hour or so, then picking up my Nikon 7×50 Binoculars…I almost cried. Hope this helps. – SF Read more

  2. Brim

    Was considering buying a replica mini telescope for bug-out bag at $65, Decided instead to gamble on three separate $15 scopes just to see if I could get one to meet my minimal requirements (mostly being small and lightweight). The three I ordered were: HDE® 15x – 55x Zoom 21mm Compact Monocular, Sold by: HDE Carson CloseUp 7x18mm Close-Focus Monocular (CF-718), Sold by: LLC Celestron UpClose G2 10×25 Monocular, Black (71213) In a nutshell, I was pleasantly surprised with all three. None of them were the cat’s meow, but for ~$15 I didn’t expect them to be (and you shouldn’t either). For my own purposes, they were all surprisingly acceptable. The HDE did indeed have the best magnification and like other posters said, needs a tripod to really use anything at the upper levels, but it looked pretty darn good at the lowest level (15x). The Celestron had the best quality feel to it, which I expected, being a name brand, but the optics were no better than others. The Carson, which is half the size of the other two (you can’t tell by the graphics) is my favorite. Tiny, lightweight, clear picture, enough magnification to just look out there and say, “What is that?” The Carson also has a Macro function, which is pretty cool. I used to check out a tiny splinter in my hand and could see it! My only complaint is the Carson looked like it had been returned by someone else (one of my pet peeves on Amazon when I’m buying ‘NEW’). I can’t give any of them five stars because they each do have small issues, but I thought four stars was fair because you are getting so much (materially) for so little (cost). Hope that helps. Read more


    – UPDATE #1:After using it for a while, I realized that the Minimum / Closest / Shortest Focus distance is around 7-8 meters. Unfortunately the “UpClose” seems to be only the name, not related to a “near focus” capability… Due to that reason I downgraded my rating to 4 stars. ———————————— GREAT PERFORMANCE. Very handy for LOT of purposes. It has AR (anti-reflection) coating on the optics, which is a must at night if you watch something in the city with light spots (otherwise you’ll see lot of flares) VERY HELPFUL for people with LOW VISION to see the number of the bus, an available taxi, etc. It fits in a pocket, you can attach the thin strap if you want, and use the included belt pouch. I just take the pouch in my Jacket pocket, without any strap, more handy to me. EXTREMELY USEFUL. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Read more

  4. Peter

    I really like this monocular. I got it so I can look at the moon and stars when I’m out and not near one of my telescopes. They’ll tell you that the aperature isn’t large enough to do those things but I find it to be fine. Albeit the field of view isn’t the best. You can see craters on the moon and I can even see a slight glow around M42. Streetlight glare can be a problem though. I’m sure that if you are looking to use this in the daytime for animal observations or at sporting events that this’ll be more than adequate. Eye relief is good and it’s easy to focus with one hand. A good quality product by a quality company. Has a good weight and feels nice in the hand. Don’t hesitate and buy this. Not to mention the current price of about $8. I may just order another one now. Read more

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