Celestron 52322 landscout 12-36×60 spotting scope (military green)

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  • completely covered optics: expanded mild transmission for bright, sharp images
  • compact, light-weight: portable and packable, so that you can take it on any tour out inside the area or at the variety
  • rotating tripod mount: region the orientation of the eyepiece inside the high-quality viewing role for utility
  • 12-36x zoom eyepiece: adjustable magnification – wide subject of view for wellknown viewing or particular up-close viewing when wanted. Rubber grip for clean magnification adjustment
  • large consciousness wheel with rubber grip: effortlessly consciousness at the difficulty, even if sporting gloves
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from the manufacturer

landscout 10-30x50mm angled recognizing scope

compact, lightweight, easy-to-use recognizing scope, ideal for any out of doors activity.

functions and advantages

position the eyepiece as needed for viewing comfort.

absolutely covered lenses for stepped forward clarity and sharpness.

steel desk-pinnacle tripod included. Extraordinary for range benches, viewing hides, and camp tables.

attain precision focus quickly and easily with the centrally-positioned greater-big consciousness dial.

capabilities and advantages

store each the scope and tripod in the shielding tender case for short, clutch-and-go readiness.

tender, padded rubber eyecup is comfortable to apply and completely well suited with eyeglasses.

steel table-pinnacle tripod, smooth case, eyepiece cowl, objective cowl, cleaning material, and instruction guide protected.

product description

the landscout 60mm recognizing scope is easy-to-use and perfect for any outside pastime. The compact, lightweight design is ideal for sporting with you on a backpacking journey or hiking tour. Landscout is also the proper spotting scope to convey with you to an indoor or out of doors capturing range. You’ll be able to fast set up this recognizing scope and use the 12-36x zoom to get in near the motion. Even though it’s an inexpensive, entry-degree recognizing scope, the landscout capabilities multi-covered optics and provides bright, sharp perspectives. Additionally makes a awesome backup scope when you don’t need to carry a bigger, heavier scope


50MM, 60MM

3 reviews for Celestron 52322 landscout 12-36×60 spotting scope (military green)

  1. Dr. Clive R. Bagshaw

    I bought this spotting scope because it is small and lightweight and fits in my day-pack for hiking and birding trips. I have a 20-60x 80 Opticron scope that cost 10 times as much, but with the added weight of a tripod I rarely use it. Overall, I was very impressed with the Celestron 12-36x x 60 scope. In the field it definitely helps to see detail that I cannot make out with my binoculars. I carried out a side-by-side comparison against the Opticron for reading newspaper print 50 feet away. The Opticron has better image quality as one would hope for the price tag, but the Celestron was quite impressive. A number of limitations have been pointed out by other reviewers. The focus ring is a little stiff to turn – the main problem is that, even on a fairly sturdy tripod, there is slight movement of the scope while turning focus. At the highest magnification, one has to turn the ring incrementally and check the focus a each point. This adds a few seconds to the focusing procedure which may or may not be critical for wildlife watching. The eye-relief is fine for me but may be a problem for spectacle users. The close focusing distance is a bit longer than other scopes, but in practice one would likely switch to binoculars at this point. The supplied tripod is not much use for the telescope since it requires a table of the right height. However , when mounted with a camera, the tripod is useful for table-top photography. In another comparison with the Opticron, I tried taking pictures of the moon with a hand-held digital camera resting against the eyepiece. I noted that while the Opticron gave a 3x larger image on going from 20x to 60x setting, the Celestron gave only a about a 2.1 fold magnification on going from the 12x to 36x setting. Comparison with the Opticron image size, suggested the 12x setting was accurate but the 36x as closer to 26x magnification (photos attached: do not judge image quality since exposure was difficult to control on my camera and it is hand held, but the relative diameters are meaningful). I checked with the Celestron Technical Department about this apparent discrepancy and they assured me the zoom settings were accurate, but they said they do not reveal their calibration procedure as a matter of policy. So I will leave it to the reader to interpret my findings. For my purposes the magnification range is fine as anything over 30x is often limited by atmospheric conditions. A 26x scope in my daypack is infinitely more useful than a 60x scope left at home. Read more

  2. Inspired Dribble

    I compared this Celestron 12-36 X 60 spotting scope to a 20-60 X 80 Lando and a 20-60 X 80 Gosky . The much lower priced, more portable Celestron delivered reasonably good sharp images which only degraded slightly at higher powers as did the Lando. However, the apparent image size of the Lando 20-60 X 80 and the Gosky at its lowest magnification at 20X actually seemed larger than the Celestron at 36X Mag and of course much clearer and brighter at its starting magnification of 20X. Also, the Tripod with the Celestron was terrible, almost worthless. You would have to aim way above what you are looking at and set the control knowing the scope would fall dramatically more before hopefully coming close to the image you want to view. This Celestron scope absolutely needs a better tripod as the table top tripod that comes with it is barely usable – especially when trying to adjust at a higher powers. Also, the 20-60 X 80 Lando allows you to focus about 10 feet or so closer at near objects at 20 Ft and its tripod works well and locks in place well and does not keep vibrating at the slightest touch up and down like the fidgety tripod with the Gosky. The Celestron is about 11″ long compared to the Lando and Gosky 20-60 X 80 at 17″. The Lando seemed to also offer noticeably clearer optics than the Gosky 20-60 X 80 and has the best tripod of the three. For the difference in price of about $50 more (remember the others need a new tripod), if the larger size is not a problem, I think the Lando 20-60 X 80 is a clear winner. So, for budget scopes, I strongly recommend that you spend the little bit of extra money and buy and Lando. Its hard to imagine a more expensive scope doing all that much better than the Lando. In all fairness to the Gosky, I may have gotten a defective scope which is being send back as the magnification collar spun all around as if not connected properly. The Gosky did not focus near as clear as the chisel sharp Lando. Read more


    Would be a 5 star review considering the optics quality. On that note, the quality of optics for the price are absolutely fantastic. Sure you could spend hundreds or even thousands more on a spotting scope if you really needed top notch clarity in the field for spotting animals at long distances, photo imaging at long distances and so on. “Not why I purchased this scope and shouldn’t be why you would purchase this scope”! Purely a range scope for spotting target holes out to 300 yards so why spend hundreds if not thousands on an “extreme” quality scope? Very clear optics and does the job just fine. The scope is light and small enough that if you wanted to carry it in the field it would be easy enough and I would not hesitate. The build quality is and seems to be very good. The small table top tripod is very sturdy and well built although I use a standard tripod most of the time. I would not hesitate to take this on a trip to Yellowstone or any other national park as a spotter out to under 500 yards and I will surely consider taking it on my next scouting trip. For the price it’s truly a great value, does it’s job well and it gives you the peace of mind that if you break it or lose it, it’s not the end of the world. That said I see no reason for this scope to break as the quality of the build is solid and baring any strange accident I see it lasting a life time given proper care. Clear enough to see 5.56 holes out to 300 yards. The perfect little range scope that easily packs in a range bag. Read more

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