Carson 3-d collection excessive definition water resistant binoculars with ed glass

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  • make sure this fits by entering your version wide variety.
  • excessive definition optics and ed glass for sharper and brighter images
  • includes rubberized armor coating water resistant and fogproof best binoculars for hunting, bird looking, camping, hiking, backpacking, touring, live shows, carrying occasions and other outdoor adventures.
  • 8x magnification with 42mm objective lens diameter
  • covered with carrying case, neck strap, shoulder harness, lens covers and lens fabric
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from the manufacturer

ed glass reduces colour fringing and corrects chromatic aberration.

phase-corrected prisms decorate decision, evaluation and shade constancy.

nitrogen purged frame and o-ring seal make those binoculars waterproof and fogproof.

the exactly positioned thumb grooves deliver these binoculars ‘simply the proper’ texturing and all-over lightweight body ergonomics.

3-d series functions

dielectric coated prisms enhance mild transmission and provide you with the brightest, clearest images feasible.

twist-down eyecups with greater-long eye relief make those binoculars ideal for eyeglass wearers.

effortlessly attach those binoculars to tripods in seconds.

*tripod and tripod adapter.

now not protected*.

hold your binoculars secure with the blanketed case, shoulder harness, lens covers, lens fabric and neck strap.

product description

the full sized 3-d binoculars integrate carson’s hd optical coating generation with ed glass to offer you the brightest and clearest image feasible. The 3-d series binoculars with ed glass is good for use as searching binoculars or birding binoculars. Rubberized armor coating makes this complete-sized 3-d binocular rugged and shock proof. The frame is nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed making them waterproof and fog evidence. The exactly positioned thumb grooves, rubberized armor texturing and all-over light-weight body ergonomics make the 3-d collection binoculars best for long hunts or chook watching expeditions. The 3d series is also best outside sports or sporting occasions. Greater long eye remedy with twist down eyecups make this complete-sized 3-d ed glass binocular ideal for eyeglass wearers. These binoculars come protected with the following add-ons: three-d series hd water-resistant binoculars with ed glass, sporting case, neck strap, shoulder harness and a lens fabric. At carson, we manufacture simplest the best best binoculars. We are so confident in our products that we returned them with the us’s great binocular guarantee. In the occasion that your binoculars get broken, regardless of reason, carson will repair or update them at no rate. If your binoculars are observed to have production defects in materials or workmanship, carson will restore or replace your binoculars and go back them freed from charge. The case for this device incorporates magnets which can intervene with pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (icd’s). People with pacemakers or icd’s ought to not use this product.


10x42mm (Black), 10x42mm (Mossy Oak Camouflage), 10x50mm, 8x32mm, 8x42mm

4 reviews for Carson 3-d collection excessive definition water resistant binoculars with ed glass

  1. J. Stark

    I am taking the time to write this review because of several unexpected finds upon purchasing these binoculars. According to all of the other reviews that I had read, these binoculars would not come with eye-piece covers……….but they did!! They fit quite snugly around the eye-pieces and definitely add another level of protection. The binoculars also came with removable lens caps as well. My experience has been like the rest of the reviews….these are well designed, heavy (in a good, quality way), have excellent optics, come well packaged, come with plenty of accessories….and have a warranty that simply cannot be passed up. As a father with children, while other binoculars may be better……I can’t and wouldn’t be able to just hand them off to my kids worry-free, whereas, with Carson’s no questions asked lifetime warranty these immediately become a family piece of equipment that all can enjoy without worries! Not a lot of products come with such peace of mind. Read more

  2. KesseJ

    I saw that these had a lot of 5-star reviews, so I bought them to compare to 2 other more expensive binoculars: Nikon Monarch 7 8×30 and Maven B3 8×30. The other two were 30mm objective binos, but they were more expensive glass. At the end of the day, I don’t think I would say there were obvious advantages of any one of those three in the glass: close-focus distance, aberration, sharpness, light gathering, edge-to-edge focus, etc… were all very tough to tell apart. Size and weight are very close, but the Carson’s are larger diameter due to 32mm vs 30mm, but also due to thicker coating design. The main difference was in the feel. These binoculars feel very plasticky. The coating is harder than the more expensive bins, and the eye cups have more play in them. The eye cups on these Carson binoculars only have one locking position (fully extended) vs. 3 on the Nikon and Maven. I do not think these Carson binoculars will last 20-30 years, but the Mavens and maybe the Nikon’s feel like they would. Summary: Great budget binoculars with top-notch glass. I use Swarovski 10×42’s on a daily basis at work. They have a smaller field of view, but the exit pupil is much larger so for extended viewing, they cause less eye strain. As far as my impression when I pull them up to look at something, I think any of these binos are pretty good. Low light viewing with Carson 8×32 are comparable to Swaro 10×42 IMHO; main loss of detail is in the magnification. If you want a lighter, compact binocular without spending as much as an international airline ticket, I’d recommend these. Read more

  3. j south

    these CARSON binoculars are absolutely one of the best values regarding high-end optics. i ordered the 50mm pair almost a year ago, about 1week after spring turkeys season began, & have not regretted my purchase for a second. the image / color contrast through my pair of CARSON are on parole better than 2 other higher-priced binoculars that i paid 2x & 3x the price for. i’ve since sold both other name-brand pair back in October before our whitetail season began in order to help finance a new rifle scope. buy these & you will not be disappointed. they are extremely rugged, are well packaged, both a neck strap & harness are included & the company stands behind their products with a top-notch warranty. in my opinion the only thing missing from the package are eyepiece & objective covers. i’d love to see these guys produce a rifle scope or any type of gun-mounted hunting optic for that matter. highly-recommended optic!! Read more

  4. Ben G in WPB

    This is a review of the 8×32 but also a comparison to the 10×42. First, however, a comment about light transmission as determined by exit pupil. Our pupils capacity for expansion changes with age. The pupils of a 20 year old person may expand to 8mm, while the pupils of a 78 year old person, which I am, expand not past 4mm and maybe even less. Therefore, the light transmitted by the 8×32, with an exit pupil of 4mm [divide the objective lens diameter by the magnification] is as much as my eyes practically can use – not to mention than hen it’s all that dark, I go home. The light transmission/exit pupil of the 10×42 is 4.2, so that aspect isn’t practically different from the 8×32. That leaves the magnification, eye relief, size and weight for comparison. The 8×32 is substantially more compact and lighter than the 10×42 – but that might be an acceptable trade off if the additional magnification of the 10×42 made a substantial difference. Since I have both, I compared then in real time for three days in a row. Today, I actually carried both at the same time. I use binoculars for watching, identifying, and observing behavior of birds – and also to enjoy the beauty of some species. To test the difference, I took time on several occasions to watch a single bird with each, in turn. I also focused on one of the mountain tops in the Great Phoenix area that has radio, TV and phone towers which are several miles away. Yes, in a purely physical sense, the image in the 10×42 was [had to be]larger than the image in the 8×32. However, I found no substantial difference in what I was able to see, my ability to identify the species of a bird, observe its behavior or enjoy its beauty. The 8×32 has great eye relief than the 10×42. The 8×32 has larger field of view than the 10×42. The 8×32 has as good or better depth of field, and 3D appearance, as the 10×42. The cost is a mere $5 difference, so that’s not a factor. I can’t justify the larger size and greater weight of the 10×42 under these circumstances. I own more than one other pair of binoculars including one in a lower price point and one in a seriously greater price point. I find the 8×32 Carson HD as good as any, and it’s a seriously good binocular. I’m keeping it and will return the 10×42. Both have focus adjustment that is just right, and the diopter ring stays put once set. They both seem to be well made and sturdy, and unlike offerings from many other binocular manufacturers they come with the very useful harness, and with lens covers for both objective and ocular lenses. A well earned five stars. Read more

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