Cap barbell olympic entice bar, hex bar, shrug bar, deadlift bar

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  • make sure this suits through coming into your version quantity.
  • specifications: dimensions are 50” l x 29” w x 14” h; loadable sleeve period is nine. Five inches; general assembled weight is 28lb; cautioned max weight capability 500 kilos
  • grips: neutral positioned grip are cozy and accelerated sleeves making lifting less complicated at the returned
  • compact: constructed of tubular metal, this bar takes up minimal quantity of space in home gymnasium
  • stability: integrated toes shield flooring from weights and balances bar while loading and unloading; medium carbon steel bolts are sae 429 grade with a tensile electricity of 74,000 psi and shear strength of 37,000 psi
  • complete frame workout: this bar permits for a full frame exercising by using enticing large muscle agencies thereby building energy and fueling muscle growth; to be used with olympic weights
  • game type: weightlifting, workout and health
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construct strength and gas your muscle boom through engaging large muscle corporations with the cap barbell olympic entice, shrug, and deadlift bar. This bar features impartial located grips for consolation and expanded sleeves for much less pressure on the again muscular tissues. The include toes defend flooring from getting scratched and scuffed up with the aid of weight plates and help stability the bar while loading and unloading weights. The compact design of this primary entice, shrug, and deadlift bar will take in a minimum quantity of space in your house gymnasium. Cap’s primary lure, hex, shrug, deadlift bars are a severe addition to any domestic health club. Designed to address heavy weight correctly and securely with coatings implemented that remaining thru the maximum grueling exercising.


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7 reviews for Cap barbell olympic entice bar, hex bar, shrug bar, deadlift bar

  1. Brendan J.

    I thought this looked like a great trap bar, but I was mistaken. There are two main problems with it that make it not worth purchasing. 1. The frame was drilled incorrectly and literally impossible to attach. As my picture shows, there should have been two holes, instead there was one hole and it was in between the two. I had to buy a larger still bit than I own and use that to drill my own holes so it could connect. 2. The way the handles are attached, the weights are too close and you can no longer fit your fingers in between the weight and the handle to grab the bar. Poor design and even poorer execution. Spend more and buy one of the others. Read more

  2. MR. E

    It’s built well in terms of sturdiness, and was so-so to put together ( I used a screw gun as I can’t imagine how long it would take without one). There is a MAJOR design flaw though. The handles are way to close to where the plates sit. I have very small hands and even my knuckles and grip is impeded when the plates are seated properly. I have had to use an extra set of bar clamps to put on first as spacers. This is incredibly obnoxious. I would not buy again, and I would not recommend this product to anyone. Spend the extra couple dollars and get any other one than this. Read more

  3. Nam N

    Pros: Easy to assemble, took about 20 minutes using an impact drill. Weights are easily loaded and unloaded thanks to the floor separation created by the stands. Sadly, this is where the pros end. Cons: As others have mentioned, the bar has a design flaw that allows plates to be too close the the handles and thus make it comfortable to grip said handles. This can be somewhat solved by loading plates “backwards” with numbers to the inside. The worse issue however, is the product’s weakness. With weight that is well underneath the recommended max, the plate bearing bars have began to bend and flex downwards. This is just within a week of mild use. I can’t imagine being able to safely use this within a month or two. To summarize, this hex bar has some good design features (separated from the floor), some design flaws (plates sit too close to handles), but ultimately it will not safely hold any considerable amount of weight. Buy this only if you are a beginner or if you know that you won’t be loading 300 plus pounds. Read more

  4. CT

    I’ve been using this for a few weeks now. 1st off I bought it because it was the cheapest option and didn’t want to invest a lot of money at the time. You do get what you pay for though. 1st Complaint is no knurling of any kind. I might not have purchased this had I known it before hand but technically you could use wraps if it wasn’t for complaint #2. 2nd complaint depending on the plates you are using there is very little room for your hand. My Rep Fitness 45lb plates have to but positioned just right or my hand doesn’t fit between the plate and the grip. My Gold’s Gym plates have more room so I try to make sure they are the most inner plate used. Other thing to note is because of the stand portion – which it can’t be assembled without – you will be starting at a higher position that if you were using a normal barbell or hex bar. According to my cheap scale it weighs roughly 28 lbs. Overall it is good for what you pay for. Long term to do see myself upgrading to something with knurling. Read more

  5. Pocho

    I read other reviews so I knew that there was lil clearance between the plate and the handles. With that in mind I bought an extra set of those clamps that hold the plates and I slide them before the plates creating space… problem solved! However that is a design flaw that could have been easily fixed with more rubber o rings or spacers. That been said this bar is $70 and that’s a steal! It’s pretty solid and it does what it supposed to perfectly! Read more

  6. Dmitriy B.

    Good product! I was very excited when I found it. The cheapest hex bars run over $90-100, so this was practically a steal. Took me about 10-15 minutes and a monkey wrench/pliers to put it together. The piece is very easy to assemble/disassemble and it’s extremely light, too, which makes it’s great for home gym and deployments. I am giving 4 stars because there were a couple of things that fall short of perfect: 1) the grips are the same coat as the rest of the bar, so when your palms are sweaty they can slip out if you lift heavy. You either have to use a ton of chalk, wear gloves, put some kind of tape or coating. Same goes for the bottom stands: it’s full metal, so a direct contact with hard floor will eventually wear out both floor and the bar, which can be avoided by adding a couple of rubber strips. 2) the frame is hollow inside, which is not so bad, but that means that it can be easily bent by accident, or improper storage. 3) the bar is rated for 500lbs, I am not sure that it would actually hold that much, mostly because of the bolts that are used to put it together. Overall, I am very happy to add this piece to my home gym, my routine got much diverse. My wife has been having some back issues and could not do dead lifts with regular Olympic bar, and with this one she can easily perform both Romanian and stiff legs. I would recommend it as a beginner/intermediate lifter. For heavy-lifters, you may want to invest into something more sturdy and solid. P.S. The delivery took a little bit longer then expected. Read more

  7. manlio lopez

    Not enough space between handle and bumper plates, hand gets crushed in between, or need to loose space placing a small disc like 5/10lb before any bigger plate. Read more

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