Cap barbell energy roman chair

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  • ensure this fits through coming into your model range.
  • steel construction roman chair
  • perfect for home use
  • three hundred-pound max ability
  • exquisite for ghd, sit up straight, hip lower back extension

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the cap power roman chair is manufactured from sturdy steel and might support users up to 300-kilos. Perfect for domestic use.

7 reviews for Cap barbell energy roman chair

  1. Tessa

    DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP!!! I read the reviews and thought it would be a decent piece of equipment for the price but I was wrong. We have cap equipment and have been pleased wth it but this is a piece of junk. I am 6’1” and 170 lbs and could flip the thing over doing abs. The feet poles are spaced so far apart my wife’s feet would slip through. The amount of wobble and instability was a lot. I have access to a welder and welded a bigger frame so it wouldn’t flip over. I also welded everywhere it was bolted together. I also put another piece of pipe so the feet bars are closer. Overall very dissatisfied with this purchase. If you can afford it I would get a better built one. Read more

  2. Tim Haddix

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This is an amazing buy for any garage or home gym If you’re expecting $800 commercial GHD machine for $120, then reset your expectations. However this will perfectly serve as a mini GHD machine for a home gym. I’m 6’1, 195 lbs, and this thing is perfectly capable of handling sit-ups, Hip & back extensions, and more! Fantastic addition for my home gym! Read more

  3. Joseph C. Johnson

    If you’re thinking about getting a Roman Chair type product – and plan to actually use it at least fairly often – but don’t have the type bank account that allows you the best of everything (or sometimes even the mediocre things), you really can’t go wrong with this CAP product. Now before you start reading all the crazy bad reviews, keep in mind that it was said in one review and I’ll say it again here: You MUST assemble it properly (and the instructions aren’t really any help) AND you must use the equipment properly. This bears saying again – YOU MUST ASSEMBLE THE UNIT PROPERLY and USE THE EQUIPMENT PROPERLY. Done the correct way, assembly and your workout, this is a very good piece of workout equipment. It doesn’t wobble – as some have suggested – and it will fit almost anyone of normal or average size. Anyone less than 5 foot tall is going to have a hard time getting themselves to the PROPER workout position, even at the shortest setting. Proper position is the pelvic padding hitting at or just below the pelvic bone. Some prefer it to hit closer to the upper thigh area, which is fine but NOT the only accepted ‘proper’ body area. Anything above the pelvic bone and you won’t get the optimal use from the machine (and around the stomach area can actually injure, or at least hurt). Some have suggested that the weight capacity of the unit is no where near what they claim. Well that is going to depend. Again, when properly assembled and used, I have no doubts that folks well into the 200’s will have no problems at all. 300 pounds? Well IDK about 300, but I’m 6′ 1″ and 175lbs and my son is 6′ 4″ and 225 and we both use it many times and have never had an issue with stability nor had issues with parts coming loose, giving way or flat out breaking. Can you buy better? Of course. The Roman Chair they have at the gym is twice or more what this one is …. literally. It’s got to be twice or so the weight and takes up a LOT more room. Oh, and I asked the owner of the gym – it sells for $800. Hmmm… Get the quality and sturdiness of an $800 GYM quality unit for under $100???? Yeah, I don’t think so. Most times you get what you pay for. But in this case, doing the comparison with others on the market (including professional equipment) I feel you’re getting way more than you’re paying for with this one. Read more

  4. Kevin

    This is the one piece of gym equipment that I’ve let slide under the radar for far too long. I’ve used these off/on in my life and always enjoyed how it felt but never made it a habit. I’m 6″2′, 210 lbs and this roman chair supports both my height and weight without issue. For whatever it’s worth, I have a longer torso as opposed to longer legs. My brother is 6″8′, ~240-250 lbs. This also supports him without any issue. We do contractions and extensions for reps. We also do holds which are brutal (in a good way). We throw in some oblique work, use kettle bells and mace bell variations to work the muscles with heavier resistance. Again, we’ve done all this without any issues to the roman chair or ourselves. We’ve only had it about a week. We have it inside our apartment, bring it to the living room to use on the carpet, move it back to the corner of our living room and we’re good to go. It would be nice if we had something to fold up due to space but even at it’s current size, we made it work. If you have a weak core, love fitness gadgets and equipment, enjoy working your core or just want to try something new to add into your routine – I would recommend this item. I’m sure I’ll continue to enjoy this purchase. Read more

  5. Curtis Von Ahn

    This is the MOST horrible piece of workout equipment I have EVER had the displeasure of trying. Planning to return it right away. Not well balanced, Not very stable, Not well constructed, Bad angle for the exercises! Painful, and just plain bad. Instead of feet to stabilize it has places to BOLT IT TO THE FLOOR for stability. Now let’s just say you decide you do ACTUALLY want to bolt it to the floor using the bolt holes(yeah right), but let’s just say you do decide to do that. Well!! The problem is to adjust from exercise to exercise you lengthen or shorten the machine. So simply BOLT it to the floor, and when you switch it to a different exercise UNBOLT it, extend the machine to the correct length, and then RE-BOLT it to ANOTHER part of the floor! How simple! Completely unstable, and unsafe if not bolted down. DO NOT BUY! Read more

  6. Brandon L.

    I’m exactly six feet tall 180lbs. When I use this equipment it wiggles, it wobbles, it’ll even lift off the ground about an inch if you’re going hard, but it has not failed me (ie. tipped over, broken, bent). If you accept these conditions and are able to focus on your workout, than it’ll work for you. But if all of extra motion will be too much of a distraction and cause you to worry, than I’d say skip this one unless you’ll be securing it to another surface. Read more

  7. Maverick

    I’m 6’2″ and 220 this unit is adjustable to fit me and my wife. It’s solid, strong and great for men because of the ‘cut out’ area in the support pads. Excellent for all core work. Highly recommend it over the other units. Read more

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