Cap barbell colour coated dumbbell weights, diverse shades

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  • ensure this fits through getting into your model wide variety.
  • flexible – dumbbells offer the capacity to goal unique muscle agencies or gain a full frame exercising.
  • construction – heads are made from astm a48 magnificence 20 gray iron and covered, then joined together by means of a solid 1018 cold rolled metal chromed deal with.
  • functions – authentic hex formed heads save you rolling. The medium intensity knurling at the ergo deal with gives essential grip and safety at some point of use. Coating is extraordinarily durable.
  • useful – upload a chunk of colour in your workout routines. These dumbbells are ideal for isolations, full body, useful schooling and hiit workouts.
  • alternatives – this dumbbell group from cap is available in three, five, 8, 10, 12 and 15 lbs.
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8 reviews for Cap barbell colour coated dumbbell weights, diverse shades

  1. Virginia Harris

    I was so anticipating the arrival of these dumbells but when I opened the package they were both extremely scratched up,obviously used and repackaged but they are needed now so I have to keep them. When you pay for new,new is what should be received. Read more

  2. Phyllis McCarthy

    While the functionality of this weight is fine, I am disappointed with how the hexagonal weight part has held up. I bought them in October and the blue is already stuffed up (see photo). Just a heads up, the blue hexagon part is not metal. I have magnetic pace weights that I use on my dumbells for slight weight increases. They do not stick. It is my fault for not realizing that. Read more

  3. Loretta Payne

    Stains on the handle, probably rust. But what’s alarming is the rubber ends are peeling away from the handle and there’s brown sticky residue that I’m hoping is glue. I don’t know where these things came from or how they were stored but I’m not a happy consumer. Sucks because I was excited to get these. Read more

  4. T.M.D.

    These are my only dumbbell weights as prescribed by physical therapist to get a 3 lb set to use. They work great for me. I don’t know if they are the correct weight or how dumbbells should be. Read more

  5. Rob

    My wife and I desperately needed a pair of 15lb dumbbells. They’re out of stock everywhere due to Covid, so we paid $60 for these from Amazon. Very expensive, but they are nice. I’m really not sure why they’re nearly double the cost of regular hex weights. Read more

  6. Kate

    I do not know why the colored dumbbells are so much for expensive. But 12s are hard to find. I’m sure they will get dirty easily. But… they work. Read more

  7. VenusNYC

    While we’re locked out of our fitness centers and need to find ways to work out at home, this barbell set has been fantastic. I love the color! So far, no problem with the color chipping or wearing off despite several months of daily use. Read more

  8. Julia

    Don’t buy these and expect to get what is advertised. Fraudulent advertising. You will receive the dark green ones with “8 lbs” not “8”as advertised. Ugh. I was prepared to pay extra and buy individually to get these matching ones. Amazon needs to stop advertising these as the recent version. These are the old ones! I’m super mad because I have two sets of the new ones and just want the matching green ones. FYI – the pair of these that’s cheaper is the old version, too. Read more

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