Cap barbell 60-pound adjustable dumbbell weight set

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  • make sure this fits by way of entering your model range.
  • dumbbell set consists of – 25 lbs. General: one 14” widespread dumbbell deal with, 2 x three-pound plates and a couple of x 7. Five-pound plates, and famous person-lock collars; consists of 30-day producer warranty
  • solid iron weight plates fit 1-inch widespread bars – weights will accommodate all fashionable 1-inch handles and bars. High-grade solid iron plates blanketed with black epoxy finish to prevent rust and corrosion for future years
  • 14-inch diamond knurled chrome deal with – made from cold rolled metallic with medium-intensity diamond knurling for a comfortable, non-slip, no-rip grip
  • big name-lock collars with rubber o-ring – course thread celebrity collars are easy to tighten and unfasten on threaded ends and assist preserve plates securely usual at some point of use
  • smooth use & garage – compact layout makes dumbbell handy and clean to apply and shop; this all-in-one dumbbell set removes the need for a couple of dumbbells in your home gymnasium; first-rate for targeting muscle agencies or incorporating right into a complete body exercise
  • sport kind: weightlifting
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  • everybody know wherein i’m able to get greater of those precise plates? I am seeing review that say 1″ diameter is deceptive..
  • query: everybody recognise where i’m able to get greater of these specific plates? I’m seeing review that say 1″ diameter is deceptive.. Answer: now not positive approximately the ones precise plates. I purchased extra plates from academy and that they in shape just satisfactory. By means of j. Roberts on january sixteen, 2021 disintegrate all answers

  • the use of greater 5 lb weights from a further set, what’s the maximum weight you could load onto one dumbbell? I have visible such a lot of conflicting solutions.
  • question: the usage of greater five lb weights from an additional set, what’s the maximum weight you could load onto one dumbbell? I’ve seen such a lot of conflicting solutions. Solution: if you’re going to load them up with most effective 5lb plates, then you could virtually simplest get eight in line with dumbbell (4 each side of grip) for a complete of 40lbs (plus bar weight) in step with dumbbell. This is the secure manner. You can virtually *barely* squeeze a 5th plate on each stop, but as effortlessly as those collars wiggle unfastened, i would not agree with that in any respect. By using j. Roberts on june 20, 2020 didn’t get answers. See extra answers (2) collapse all answers

  • do they promote the plates one at a time? I’d like to buy some greater of the 5lb plates. Other cap branded plates do now not suit these handles.
  • query: do they sell the plates one after the other? I’d like to buy some greater of the 5lb plates. Other cap branded plates do no longer healthy those handles. Solution: they do by suecrazy on september thirteen, 2020 collapse all solutions

  • does this work with a kettlegryp?
  • query: does this work with a kettlegryp? Answer: sure it should, in case your kettlegryp can keep a 1in bar through fred on january 25, 2021 fall apart all solutions


    25 LB SINGLE

    4 reviews for Cap barbell 60-pound adjustable dumbbell weight set

    1. YM

      I got the 200lb set delivered in the beginning of May and I’ve been using them since a couple times a week with an adjustable bench I bought from Walmart (Gymneist). What I absolutely love about this set are that the plates, the handles and the collars are of solid iron quality. and its been good to me for the most part. It does come with an extra pair of washers (which occasionally come off, but not too much of a hassle). And during this current time, these are a solid pair of weights that replace other popular adjustable sets that are priced much higher (especially inflated by third party sellers). With 200lbs, its also one of the highest weight sets total, and ou can get a lot of exercises done and build decent muscle until gyms open up again! Now that I’ve got the pros out of the way, ‘ll address some of the most common complaints here as well in this review: For one, it’s going to take some time to adjust the weights. These adjustable dumbbells aren’t like the powerblock of bowflex, and with two collars per dumbbell, it will definitely take a minute to swap out weights till your next set (you got 2 minutes anyway). You can reduce the time it takes to swap out weights by having them together in front of you vs on opposite sends of the bench though. Either way, you just have to deal with it. And yes, the collars may get a tad loose after a set or two, but that’s just how it is with collars. They are easy to tighten, but Just ALWAYS check before each set, whether you’re not changing weights or not. Also, compared to flat dumbbells, you can’t lay these vertically by themselves. The ends can’t just support themselves. if you’re going to do bench press on these, you’ll have to get used to resting them them between each leg properly while you lie on th bench. You have to rest the bottom weight on your thighs, while the the end of the handle hugs the side of your thighs. It took me two weeks to get used to it. Other than that, I have seen occasional metal shavings (that are sharp) that fall from the handles. I’m not sure if it comes from the middle handle or the sides. It’s happened a few times and doesn’t seem to be a big concern for now. I’m not sure where they’re coming from.which leads me to.. My biggest gripe with this dumbbell set though is the actual dumbbell handles. And it only when I go heavy with multiple sets on single dumbbell rows, squats or deadlifts. The grips feel sharp and somewhat remind me of sand paper. Lift a couple heavy sets and your hands will get red and it will get painful. It almost feels like the outer layer of your skin is being shredded. In the near future I’m going to get a new handles. It’s a solid build, but the texture just sucks to use long term. Other than that… Buy some rubber mats and don’t slam/drop these weights down like you do at the gym. You don’t want to ruin your floor or piss off your neighbors. lol Read more

    2. C. Zellmer

      Disappointed. Fine product for the price, but it is supposed to be a standard 1″ diameter bar. They actually measure 1-1/8″. I have standard 1″ CAP 10 lb weight plates that I wanted to add to these to up the weight. They won’t fit. I had to buy used standard barbell bars from ebay so I could use the additional weight plates I already own. The weights included fit the 1-1/8″ bars provided. I am able to use those plates on the smaller 1″ standard bars, but not the other way around. Seems CAP standard 1″ is not standard even within its own product line. Read more

    3. Dexter

      This is a zero quality product . It causes cancer . It got me sick . Please don’t take a chance . This should be banned from the country .. it’s dangerous than Covid . It got me sick .. Whatever paint they have used gives u headache , vomiting , throat Infection and infact all forms of infection. Trust me . I know finding a dumbbell is hard during this time but don’t fall for this trap Read more

    4. Scott L

      I ordered the 100 lb. pair which is a 200 lb. set. It includes the following: 2 – 5 lb bars = 10 lbs. 16 – 10 lb plates = 160 lbs. 4 – 5 lb plates = 20 lbs. 4 – 2.5 lb plates = 10 lbs. Total = 200 lbs. The set was delivered in 3 separate boxes to keep transport weight to a minimum. I like this set and so far it has met my needs. I have included some pictures. The 10 lb. plates are 8 & 3/4 inches in diameter. The hole in the plate is about 1 & 3/16 inches and the diameter of the bars including threads is around 1 & 1/16 inches. I do have a few comments. 1. The plates are glossy coated making them a little bit slippery. You will notice that you need to get a good grip if doing something like a goblet squat. They look nice. But I would prefer a mat finish. 2. The plates paint will chip. I’ve included an image of a slight chip in one of the plates. This is to be expected. They don’t chip easily and I don’t mind a chip here or there. But buyer should be aware of this. 3. The locking nut has a rubber grommet that helps set the nut and deaden any rattling or noise. It works great. However, the rubber will occasionally stick to a plate causing it to become unseated. So you will need to peel the rubber grommet off the plate and reseat it into the nut on occasion. 4. It takes about 2 minutes to change the weights on both of the barbells. This ends up being a little longer than I would like for a rest period but is still manageable. 5. If you are not used to dumbbells that have locking nuts with the bar extending, there is a bit of a learning curve. When seated and raising or lowering the dumbbells from your thighs you need to be careful to let the bar/nut sit/fall outside or inside your quads. It is most noticeable when lowering the weights (I don’t recommend dropping them) especially when you are tired. I lower them slowly to my sides and twisted the bars slightly outward and then push the bars towards my thighs are let the bar/ nut fall just outside my thighs. It’s a tricky move especially during an overhead press. I use slightly lighter weight on over head (military style) press to make sure I can control the weight and not drop them or let the bar come down in the center of my thigh (ouch). Overall, this is a great set of dumbbells. I am happy with my purchase and I would buy them again. Read more

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