Cap 7-foot olympic bar for weightlifting and power lifting diverse distinctiveness bars

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  • make certain this suits with the aid of getting into your version range.
  • specifications – a hundred and ten, 000 psi tensile strength japanese cold rolled metal; 15 inch loadable sleeve duration; the shaft duration (inner length between the sleeves) is fifty one; 5 inches; handgrip diameter 28; 5 millimeter; 5 yr
  • production: constructed from solid cold rolled metal with a black phosphate end; used for education, this bar measures 2185 millimeter in period and weighs 20 kilogram (forty four kilos); for industrial or domestic use
  • features – the sleeves are designed with snap clips and the bar capabilities medium intensity diamond knurling for a comfortable grip while lifting heavy; constructed to house any 2 inch olympic plates; no center knurl
  • long lasting: unique bar is made from metallic, black oxide finish and polished metal sleeves; coloration bars are ace lined in pink, blue, crimson or pink & have uv stable acrylic clear coat with steel flake; green and orange bar have identical first-rate with matte finish
  • consider: consider enjoy; cap has been a pioneer inside the fitness enterprise for over 30 years and has places global; chances are, if you have ever worked out before you’ve got used a cap product
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cap 7-foot olympic bar for weightlifting and electricity diverse strong point bars

we offer a diffusion of uniqueness bars for olympic and power lifting. No matter what your desires are for weightlifting, we’ve got a bar in an effort to in shape your desires! Those bars are crafted with tremendous substances and completed in long lasting coatings to offer a protracted-lasting barbell that gives amazing overall performance. Made to house weight plates with a 2-inch middle hole, also known as olympic weights.

area of expertise bar capabilities

the beast olympic bar by way of cap barbell measures 2185mm in duration and is designed to tackle wonderful heavy workloads and is a pinnacle choice for professional weightlifters and membership owners. Precision engineered for balance and lengthy-lasting overall performance, this bar capabilities a hundred and ten,000 psi tensile electricity cold rolled eastern metallic. The medium-intensity diamond knurled handgrips are 30mm in diameter and are designed for a decent, non-slip grip when lifting. The sleeves with bushings are designed to swivel to reduce strain on the wrists and forearms and feature a fifteen-inch loadable sleeve length, providing adequate room to load your weights (with 2-inch middle hole). The shaft (length among the sleeves) is fifty one. 5-inches in period and will fit on olympic benches and racks/cages. Designed with no middle knurl, this bar is good for olympic weightlifters which might be perfecting their squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

the cap barbell “the boss” silver zinc weight lifting olympic bar measures 2185 mm in length and is comprised of first rate strong bloodless rolled japanese metallic with a durable brilliant silver zinc end or black phosphate end for a long-lasting, excessive-performance bar that may take care of the maximum grueling workout routines. Constructed with 132,000 psi tensile energy metallic, a weight of 20 kilograms, and a 28. 5 mm handgrip diameter, this bar is made for appearing snatches and clean and jerks. This bar is a pinnacle choose for olympic lifters and commercial gyms. The boss is available in 3 styles. In case you are a electricity lifter, then the boss with a middle knurl is the proper match, whereas the boss without a middle knurl is ideal for olympic lifters.

the rebellion olympic bar from cap is the pinnacle choice for domestic gyms, commercial gyms, membership owners, and powerlifters. Designed a secure center knurl, and medium-depth diamond knurling, this bar is good for squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. The a hundred ninety,000 psi tensile power steel mixed with the rotating sleeves with bushings makes this bar a durable, long-lasting, high-appearing barbell that still allows lessen the pressure inside the wrists and forearms when going heavy. The 15-inch loadable sleeve duration allows ample room to match olympic weight plates and bumper plates. Weighing in at 20kg (44lb) with a 28. 5mm handgrip diameter, this barbell meets the specifications for olympic weightlifting schooling. The period of this bar is 2185mm.

distinctiveness bar features

the cap barbell needle bearing bar is designed to tackle extraordinary heavy workloads and is the top choice for expert weightlifters and club proprietors. In case you’re searching out the great, that is it. Precision engineered for balance and long-lasting performance with a one hundred ninety,000 psi tensile electricity metallic, this bar is ideal for olympic & energy lifting & go training. The 5 needle bearings in every sleeve, allows it to swivel on the maximum delicate contact, prohibiting the bar from warping and reduces strain on the wrists and forearms. The zinc end prevents the bar from oxidizing & requires less maintenance than bars coated in chrome or black oxide. This bar features a 28mm shaft diameter with 120mm of middle knurling and knurling on the edges; the sleeves have a sixteen” loadable sleeve length to permit plenty of room on your bumper plates or olympic plates to suit.

the cap barbell warrior bar is designed to take on superb heavy loads for olympic lifting, powerlifting, and go training. This bar is a pinnacle choice for expert weightlifters and club owners. If you’re searching out a extreme olympic barbell, this is it. Made with great bloodless rolled stable steel for durable, long-lasting overall performance and a hard chrome end save you the bar from oxidizing. The warrior bar capabilities 230,000 psi tensile power metallic and without difficulty handles excessive weight. 2 x 10 pin needle bearings and a couple of over-sized oil-impregnated bushings offer a very smooth spin and prevent the bar from warping. The 16. 35” loadable sleeve period allows adequate room to suit olympic weights or olympic bumper weights when going heavy. This bar weighs 20kg (general 44 lb)and has the shaft diameter of 28mm. This olympic barbell will combat by means of your aspect day in and time out and could muscle thru the most grueling workout routines.

the sleeves are designed with bushings for a easy spin. This prevents the bar from warping and decreases strain on the wrists and forearms while going heavy. Every olympic bar features ample loadable sleeve period to load your olympic weights.

every bar has medium-depth diamond knurling to provide a comfy, tight non-slip grip whilst lifting, so there’s no need to fear about the bar slipping from your hands at the same time as workout.

the long lasting coating on every bar helps to prevent the bar from rusting and calls for much less protection.


THE BEAST – Black/Chrome, No Center Knurl, THE BOSS – Black, Center Knurl, THE BOSS – Black, No Center Knurl, THE REBEL – Black, Center Knurl

8 reviews for Cap 7-foot olympic bar for weightlifting and power lifting diverse distinctiveness bars

  1. Furiae

    This barbell was great when I purchased it 5 months ago, but, now, whenever I touch the threaded ends where the plates go on, my hand is covered in metal shaving splinters. The finish is sharp when it chips, and I’ve included a photo of some splinters that I couldn’t get out of my fingertips after the last workout–imagine your hand covered in them! I don’t have an issue with them otherwise, but I wish I knew about this or I would have gladly paid more for a barbell that’s part cactus! (Scroll through the reviews for another person who has the same issue–it is definitely not isolated!) Read more

  2. Jeremy G

    This is my second 86B. The first one was flawless. Great bar, maybe the best, for the sub $150 market. The second bar I ordered is has a major problem. There are metal shards everywhere. I’ve been using it for a month now and my hands are filled with metal splinters. There is no easy or cost effect way of returning it for a replacement. Read more

  3. AG

    This review is for the chrome bar and not the coated option. This bar is well made but the threaded sleeves are awful. At this point I can’t even place my hands on the sleeves without getting metal shard splinters. So this makes loading the bar when its on the floor, like for deadlifts or rows, a major pain. I’ve posted photos so you can see the metal shards on the sleeves and another with one with a metal splinter in my finger. Nothing like taking a break from your workout to pull out splinters. Read more

  4. Alexander Shelmire

    So that bar is functional. That’s expected, not amazing. The “chrome” bar is actually painted black in the center; probably to prevent the flaking that happens on the sleeves. The sleeves are ridged, though it’s impossible to tell from the pictures. I’ve never seen this on a bar. It makes it more difficult to get weights on the bar, but doesn’t actually provide enough resistance to make an impact on plates sliding off while lifting, so you still need collars. It also makes an annoying zip sort of sound. Not sure why they did it this way. But the core problem is that this is some extremely soft metal. Is it really steel? I’ve never seen steel flake like this in my entire life. Every time you put a plate on or take it off, it generates tons of metal flakes / splinters. These can easily damage your eyes, lungs, or hands (or stomach, these can get everywhere). Attached picture is after wiping it off, and there are still metal flakes! Bad situation for something you have to touch every time you use it, while generating a sweat. Read more

  5. Mikey_Man_X

    Was doing alot of online research on Amazon looking for a decent bar for someone on a tighter budget. CAP gets a bad rap for being considered “cheaper” than most brands, but I think otherwise. I have an EZ curl bar from them, olympic dumbell handles and plates, and they all work just fine. This is a great bar for the price. The knurls are at a nice medium depth not to deep, and not to smooth (there is no center knurl for those who do snatching, etc. But I personally prefer my bars without it). I gave it a test roll on the floor and this bar rolled perfectly flat, as it should, so I know it isn’t bent or warped. The end sleeves have a nice spin time (for those who don’t know, sleeves spin to reduce tension on the wrists, allow the weights to move easier, and allow for smoother lifts). I tested both ends three times each, and the average was about 4 seconds, giving it a pretty hard double hand turn. The most I’ve added to this bar so far was 605lbs for a standard deadlift, and there wasn’t even the slightest bend, so this bar definitely can handle heavy weight. The ONLY complaint I have, and it isn’t even the bar itself, is the poor packaging. It came in a cheap tube with BOTH ENDS EXPOSED. It looked as though there may have been plastic covers on the ends at some point, but fell off during transport. Thankfully the bar wasn’t damaged. Read more

  6. Christopher

    I bought this barbell as my first for my Garage Gym. I am a crossfitter who has only used before this Rogue 2.0 and Ohio Bars. I did not want to spend a lot of money and this had decent reviews so I went with it. I have had the bar for 5 months now, it gets use atleast 4 times a week when I do my workouts at home. Here are my thoughts: – Solid bar – I have deadlifted over 400lbs on it no problem. – Spin – Could be better but is not too noticeable at the weights I am doing – Coating – Coating wears quickly (I have the Original, not the color coated ones), the chrome is easily nicked and will rust. – Knurling – It is a little rough in spots but I expected that paying so little in price but it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Can be tough on the thumbs in hook grip so a little tape helps. I now also have a Rogue Ohio Bar but I still use this as well on occasion as it has held up nicely. Not a bad beginner bar or someone looking to get one at a decent price. Read more

  7. Scott Pearson

    I bought this bar for 125.00 two or three years ago. No problems. Love the bar. Now, the price is jacked to almost 300.00. As much as I would like to buy a 2nd bar, why would I spend that kind of money now. CAP…..lower the price back to 125.00!!! Read more

  8. Nick

    First of all I would like to address some of the negative reviews I have seen regarding this bar. As some have said, the ends can have a little bit of buildup of metal shavings. However, I have found that this is more of a problem when it is brand new. I have had the bar for a little over a month now and have been using it every day. I wipe it down with an old towel after I finish using it and the metal shavings have become far less of an issue as time has gone on, to a point where I do not feel I need to wipe it down anymore. I have just started to build up my home gym and have not had the proper equipment to do anything extremely heavy with it yet. I have maxed out at 235 pounds so far and the bar held up to the test easily. I am looking forward to ramping things up as I have just recently purchased a squat cage as well and will be able to start doing more heavy exercises. Read more

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