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  • ensure this suits via coming into your model range.
  • digital night imaginative and prescient monocular with 6x magnification, 1-3x digital zoom and a 50mm objective lens
  • day or nighttime use (daylight hours coloration with ir off); constructed in infrared illuminator for lengthy distance viewing as much as a a thousand ft. Viewing distance
  • multicoated glass targets produces amazing optical readability; picatinny style rail for accent mounting
  • video out functionality; video recording and image seize using up to 32gb micro sd card (offered one after the other). Cringe examined to 350 g
  • rugged waterproof housing; tripod mountable; operates on four aa batteries (now not protected)
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  • what era is this?
  • that is a digital night time imaginative and prescient device that makes use of a ccd chip to manner incoming infrared mild. It isn’t always a night vision tool that amplifies mild the usage of a photocathode tube, that is generally defined by using specific generations. This device makes use of the same era as infrared protection cameras. Comparatively although, it’d fall somewhere among a gen1 and gen2 night time imaginative and prescient in phrases of visible pleasant. See less

  • how far out may want to i select up a deer or coyote?
  • query: how some distance out may want to i pick up a deer or coyote? Solution: i’ve not used the imaginative and prescient within the subject but a pal of mine did and said he should see a long way. I have only used it in my community and i could see all the way to the quit of my block (long block). I’d suppose you could see out to 100-two hundred yards. My pal changed into very inspired. Via amazon consumer on july thirteen, 2014 failed to get solutions. See more answers (2) crumble all solutions

  • is there a headmount for this?
  • question: is there a headmount for this? Solution: it’s without a doubt too big to do this. It’s eight inches lengthy. By using rackon on december 17, 2017 failed to get solutions. See extra solutions (three) fall apart all answers


    Z_ 3 x 30mm, Z_ 4.5 x 40mm, Z_ 6 x 50mm

    4 reviews for Bushnell night time vision_equinox z monocular

    1. MJ Erikson

      The night vision worked well at day break and twilight–but when pitch black at night, I could see very little except what in areas where there was some moonlight. I have trust Bushnell products in the past, including my rangefinder and my son’s binoculars, but they should call this product “Low light vision monocular” not “night vision monocular.” Product seems sturdy and very clear but not at night. Worst thing is that Bushnell ignored me when I sent the product back–I have USPS proof of delivery but they still have the product and my money– I lost more than $240 purchasing this Bushnell product through Amazon. Read more

    2. JOSEPH H.

      I like this item, but I don’t love it. This as a special use, low resolution digital camera that is super sensitive to infrared light. I mostly agree with the other reviews. What I don’t agree with is mostly technical, and would not help you decide to buy, so I will not waste your time with it. With some optical background, I understand the challenge that compact monocular/binoculars have with small field of view. I initially couldn’t decide between 4.5x and 6x model. I chose 4.5x, but now wish they made a 2x model that can take photos. Because of the higher magnification and smaller field of view, the practical usability of this item is at least 100 feet or more. The focusing does allow you to see as close as 30 inches, but why did they bother? BTW, the front lens is focusing for the target, and the back ocular lens/eye piece is focusing to compensate for your prescription. PROS: 1)Everything in the description for this item and by other reviewers. 2)Fast shutter speed for photos, so slight movements will not blur still photos (with no optical zoom in daylight or at night with IR on). If you have shaky hands or use the optical zoom, you should use a monopod or tripod. CONS: 1)On/Off switch too close to other buttons. It required 2 seconds to turn off, but that is how long it takes to realize you pushed the wrong button. 2)Eye piece only adjustable for people with perfect or nearsighted vision. Farsighted people will have to wear glasses/contacts. This is an “oversight” by the designers. 3)Does not fit well into included vinyl zip case when the oculars are adjusted for most people (distance focused and no Rx compensation). I have to turn the ocular/back lens completely into the scope (3 complete rotations) each time to fit it back into the case. 4)If you use a tripod mounting plate, the TV/Video out cable and the photo/video switch may not be accessible due to it’s location near the tripod mount. 5)Unlike a real camera, there is no feature to review photos/video saved on the micro-sd card. You will need another device to see the 640×480 jpg files, usually around 200-300 kb in size. 6)Battery cover is spring loaded, somewhat awkward to screw on. MISC: 1)IR illuminator glows dull red when on, so your target may see your red IR glow. 2)The IR illuminator will reflect back, causing glare from windows and leaves/brush near you. You have to turn the IR off, or use this in open space. Think of the IR as a very bright flashlight, but only visible when looking through the scope. 3)The eye piece display seems very bright when your eyes are adapted to the dark, but it’s required to see the small internal video display clearly. Our eyes use “rods” for night vision, which can not see detail as clearly as the color sensitive “cones” that require more light. 4)Front lens has a 42.5mm threading. I was hoping my 43mm wide angle video lens would allow a wider field of view, but obviously it did not fit. 5)Because this is not a pure optical device, the internal video screen resolution in daylight at 4.5x, is only about the same as my 20/20 vision. Digital zoom does not increase resolution, but does make small things up to 3x bigger, so it is helpful but harder to hold the picture steady. 6)While recording video, the IR/color mode and Sensitivity buttons do not work. WISH LIST FOR NEXT VERSION: 1)A slightly larger case that fits, even when both focusing lenses are at the maximum extension. 2)Power button relocated, or software change to give “Power Off” warning and require a second press to shut off. 3)Built-in photo/video player, like other digital cameras. 4)Optical/Digital Zoom from 1x to 10x, or mountable accessory lenses for wide-angle and telescopic lenses like SLR cameras. 5)adjustable Oculars designed for both near and far sighted people. I found it interesting that most of the other reviews are “Vine Customer Review of Free Product”, not actual purchases. I still agree with most of what they posted. If you find this review helpful, please click “Yes” below. Maybe I’ll get a free product to review someday! 🙂 Read more

    3. Michael harrington

      Let me first start off by stating that I am thoroughly impressed by the performance of the bushnell. This is to say that it meets or even exceeds its claim that you’ll be able to see 1000 yards; and with clarity! You won’t be able to use the night vision at that distance but for it to see over a half mile, that’s impressive. It really is an absolutely fantastic monocular but it definitely has its flaws and may not be for you. Let’s start off with how it works. You can not see through the lens unless you turn it on. So, the eyepiece that you look through is a lit screen; with 2 brightness levels. So I was really surprised when I saw no lag time or frame rate issues. This really pleasantly surprised me. Like I said, the performance of the monocular is outstanding, but let’s get to the night vision because that’s what you’re trying to purchase. I’m once again on the positive here. It does a very good job out to 100 yards easily and i am well pleased. So, in terms of performance, i give it 5 stars but you might not want this. The way this works is: you set the eyepiece for your vision (this is a one time adjustment) and then adjust the monocular for the object you want to view. Now you’ll need to adjust the monocular if the object moves about 20 further or nearer to you. So for those looking to paintball or any other athletic purposes, it won’t work, Scouting would work though. Another factor about the night vision; there’s an infrared light that when you put on, is visible IF you look at it; and its noticeable. It doesn’t project a visible light like a flashlight does, so it’s nowhere as noticeable as a flashlight, but if you’re concerned about stealth, this would be a major issue. To be precise, if the object that you want to view is in the light, you won’t need to turn on the ir. The monocular will amplify any light. The worst offense against the bushnell is it is in no way intuitive with its function buttons. You will have to read the manual. Also, you would think the buttons on top could be identified by feel since you’ll probably be in the dark; but you’re going to just learn where the buttons are. This is a major flaw! Now there’s other concerns like field of vision but its what’s to be expected. I am absolutely impressed by bushnell in terms of performance but design issues abound. Hope this helps Read more

    4. Randall

      Granted I am biased by using the military’s PVS-14B for almost 15 years, these are not the best. First, the field of view is terrible. I am used to being able to walk and move around with night vision, but they have a very wide field of view. These are very narrow and you can’t see around you at all. Also, the screen brightness is way too intense. These are designed to be used at night, in the dark, correct? Then I cannot understand why the screen is so bright. I’ve tried to turn it down but it won’t dim enough. This means you are killing your night vision, which means you are stuck relying solely on these, when you can’t even see a good field of view. My final issue with this is that it is not water proof. WTF? Any kind of outdoor piece of gear, especially for that money, should be very water proof. So what Bushnell is saying is that no one hunts in heavy rain? What if you have to cross a river and float your bag? You need a separate bag for your night vision? All in all this is just a silly gimmick. Look at better products and you’ll be happier. Read more

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