Bushnell falcon 133410 binoculars with case (black, 7×35 mm)

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  • make certain this suits by getting into your model range.
  • absolutely lined optics for advanced light transmission
  • instafocus device for fast awareness on shifting goals
  • non slip rubber grip pads for cozy grip in all weather conditions
  • 7x magnification, vehicle focusing porro prism
  • 35 millimeter lens diameter, 21 ounce weight
  • 20 feet close focusing distance
  • 12 millimeter eye remedy, five millimeter exit student
  • 420 toes discipline of view at 1000 yards

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falcon collection

the falcon collection gives powerful magnification at an economical fee. Versatile, and best for stadium sports, chicken-looking, hunting, and lots of different outdoor packages, the 7×35 version boasts a durable design and rubberized, abrasion-resistant finish. An instafocus lever presents smooth remarks, with just sufficient tension to excellent-music magnification, even as a porro prism and covered lenses provide sharp viewing. For people who wear eyeglasses, or sun shades on brilliant days, smart fold-down eyecups defend your lenses from scratching. A handy garage case with straps is likewise covered.

on hand fold-down eye cups save you prescription glasses and shades from scratching.

7 x 35

bushnell is one of the leading brand in excessive-performance binoculars, and the falcon series gives powerful magnification at a cheap fee.

product description

product description

bushnell is the leading emblem in high-overall performance binoculars, and the falcon series gives effective magnification at a cheap rate. Versatile, and best for stadium sports activities, chook-looking, hunting, and many other outside applications, the 7×35 model boasts a long lasting layout and rubberized, abrasion-resistant end. An attention lever presents clean feedback, with just sufficient anxiety to satisfactory-music magnification, while a pore prism and coated lenses provide sharp viewing. For people who put on eyeglasses, or sunglasses on bright days, smart fold-down eye cups defend your lenses from scratching. A handy garage case with straps is likewise included.

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bushnell is the main emblem in high-overall performance binoculars, and the falcon collection gives powerful magnification at a cost-effective fee. Versatile, and best for stadium sports activities, chicken-watching, searching, and plenty of different outdoor packages, the 7×35 model boasts a durable design and rubberized, abrasion-resistant end. An instafocus lever provides easy remarks, with simply sufficient anxiety to great-music magnification, at the same time as a porro prism and coated lenses provide sharp viewing. For people who wear eyeglasses, or sunglasses on shiny days, clever fold-down eyecups shield your lenses from scratching. A handy storage case with straps is also protected


  • 7x magnification
  • 35-millimeter lens diameter
  • car focusing porro prism
  • 20-foot near focusing distance
  • 21-ounce weight
  • 12-millimeter eye comfort
  • 5-millimeter go out pupil
  • 420-foot area of view at 1,000 yards
  • 6 reviews for Bushnell falcon 133410 binoculars with case (black, 7×35 mm)

    1. David Allen

      I purchased the Bushnell Falcon binoculars because I needed to replace an older pair of Bushnells that sat in the sun too long and you could no longer get the left eye to come into focus. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I didn’t want a big bulky pair either so after doing my research I settled on the Falcon 7x35s. Pros – inexpensive, well made, lightweight, carry case, Bushnell quality, quick focus paddle Cons – kind of big, case is cheap nylon, flimsy strap, lens covers don’t fit well With me I can overlook the cons that I listed because I am more interested in the actual operation of the binoculars. I was very impressed with the field of view and the magnification. For the price I don’t think you can do any better! They are really lightweight for the size and even if they work for a couple of years they are worth the cost. They came well packed by Bushnell with everything you need right out of the box. I’m sure you could spend a lot more and get much better quality but I don’t think you will be disappointed with this purchase! All photos in this review were taken by me. I hope this helps you make an informed purchasing decision. […] Thanks for reading! Read more

    2. ponzu

      Excellent picture quality for the price. Easy to focus. The focusing lever sticks a bit at one end, so I am thinking whether it’s too much trouble to exchange them, and whether it’s just my copy’s flaw or is common to all of them. This is the only reason for 4 and 5 stars, and I honestly feel bad for lowering the rating, because the optics (if not the mechanics) are outstanding. This was my first pair of binoculars: I got them for birding without doing too much research. They came up at the top when I searched “best binoculars for birding” and the price ($28.76) was easy to swallow even if they turned out to be a dud. I was so impressed with the picture quality (the seller uses “HD clarity” in the description and that seems spot on) that I became really curious if all binoculars are similar. I immediately bought a cheap pair of Vivitars with greater magnification and size (12×50 vs these being 7×35) and they turned out to be complete crap compared to these. Next, I borrowed a friendly birder’s $1,000 Leupolds (something like these Leupold Mojave Roof Prism Binoculars, 10x50mm, Black I think) which he thinks are outstanding. I agree, his are nice binoculars, but the image clarity and color resolution of Bushnells, to my unsophisticated eye, is the same. And the depth of focus is greater in Bushnells, as is the ease of focusing thanks to the lever. The only department, in which $1,000 (I guess they can be had for “only” $500 if you look) Leupolds outshine the sub-$30 Bushnells is they allow for closer minimum focusing distance. Think about it and whether it is worth the price. Having played with the Leupolds and the Bushnells I honestly would not trade them — in part because I would hate to drop, scratch or smudge such a precious piece of equipment. I would, however, consider a more expensive Bushnell model — now that I am familiar with the brand — if it delivered real improvements in magnification, focusing distance or another characteristic. Read more

    3. EngineeringTiger

      as an engineer with optics experience, i can find a minor issue with these, but even so, they are well worth the money, and i would absolutely buy them again. i took them with me on vacation and used them to watch birds on a nearby island. for reference, i was able to read 2″ high numbers on a utility pole a thousand feet away as if they were 20 feet away. on a house that was about a quarter mile away across the bay, i could easily see the patio furniture and electric meter on the side of the house. without them, i could only tell there was a house there. (for you sticklers, the minor issue was a little chromatic aberration) Read more

    4. Adrian

      Avoid this piece of junk at all costs! The binoculars were broken a month after we bought them and used 4 times for bird watching. They were never dropped nor had any damage dealt to them and we always stored them in the case. After minot usage, the quick focus mechanism became loose and the plastic sliding part of the mechanism started moving unevenly (see attached pictures), causing all images to be out of focus on one lens. Absolute poor craftsmanship and not something I would expect from the Bushnell brand. Please be aware that the product seems to be covered under warranty, however you are forced to pay shipping costs both ways, which equals to about half the price of the binoculars themselves (~$20). I wanted to love these binoculars and the quick focus mechanism seemed neat when it worked, but being forced to throw the product into the trash a month after purchase has to speak for itself Read more

    5. CJ

      After only a couple months’ light use the eyepieces got out of alignment: they’d respond to the focusing lever, but the two eyepieces wouldn’t stay aligned with each other. One or the other would bind, cocking over to one side or the other, so that I’d need to manually (gently) pull on it. Turns out there’s a pinch screw meant to hold the two eyepieces in alignment with each other, and that screw is behind the little metal circle stamped B on the focuser. You can’t get to that screw to tighten it, so these are essentially disposable once that failure develops. See the attached photos: a gap will develop between the two eyepiece brackets and will widen with use. Better binoculars would have a way to retighten them, binding them together. Not these. Won’t buy again. Read more

    6. Dave WA0TTN

      My dad bought me a pair of these in 1968, with the exact same power and field, and they have lasted me 48 years with absolutely no problems. I bought this pair to see if they were any better after all those years. The main improvements are their lighter weight and the smooth lever-action focus. Otherwise they optics are exactly the same, so for me these are a perfect additional set. I don’t know how much my dad paid for the original set all those years ago, but in today’s money they were probably equivalent to over $100, so these are a really excellent deal for the price. These are excellent general purpose binoculars, which is why I’ve had, and used, mine constantly for so many years. Read more

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