Bushnell banner dusk & sunrise multi-x reticle riflescope with 3-inch eye relief, three-9x 40mm

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  • make sure this fits via coming into your model wide variety.
  • quality optics with beautiful hd clarity, one hundred% high-quality materials used and examined extensively energy x item lens- 3-9x forty millimeter
  • low-mild riflescope with 3-9x magnification and 40mm objective lens
  • dusk & dawn brightness (ddb) multicoated lenses for readability and brightness
  • multi-x reticle; 1/4 moa fingertip windage and elevation modifications
  • a hundred-percent water proof/fog proof construction; 6 inches of eye relief

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bushnell banner nightfall & dawn multi-x reticle riflescope with three-inch eye alleviation

product description

bushnell banner 1. 5-four. 5×32 rifle scope matte multi-x 611546 belongs to the famous bushnell banner riflescopes collection. Big deer tour the edges. Both of terrain and darkness. We assume your stand is in the proper spot and propose bushnell banner nightfall & dawn collection to capitalize at the latter. With their nightfall & sunrise brightness (ddb) multi-coated lenses, these rifle scopes cast readability and brightness on that line among night time and day. Huge daddy is going to be walking it. Shoot instantly and he will by no means pass it.

product description

ask any trophy hunter. They may tell you extra tags are crammed within the low-light hours than another time. Input the bushnell banner 3-9x 40 multi-x riflescope, a scope designed to excel in early-morning and overdue-night mild. Offering nightfall & dawn brightness (ddb) multi-lined lenses for clarity and brightness in low mild, you’ll add precious minutes to every hunting day with the banner nightfall & sunrise collection. With one-piece tube design, the banner dusk & dawn line includes a complete collection of uniqueness scopes for large-recreation, varmint, . 22 rimfire, slug, black powder and turkey searching.

8 reviews for Bushnell banner dusk & sunrise multi-x reticle riflescope with 3-inch eye relief, three-9x 40mm

  1. Marie

    When I Purchased this scope on November 30, 2015 it was advertised as a Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 6-Inch Eye Relief, 3-9X 40mm. Currently the same scope is listed as Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 3-Inch Eye Relief, 3-9X 40mm. I thought this might be the answer to my need for a long eye relief scope but I should have read the reviews stating that it will not hold “Zero” on sight-in and large eye relief changes and darkening on zooming to high power. I load my own rounds and have never had a problem holding 1″ groups at 200 yards using the scope I was replacing. This scope won’t hold 3″ groups at 50 yards. It was a waste of my money and I will spend a little more to put a better scope on my BAR 30-06 and next time read the reviews before I through my money away. Wish I could give it a negative star review. Read more

  2. Brian Green

    I bought this for my father-in-law for his 22 magnum rifle. He hasn’t had any complaints. Probably because it’s the same scope that is on the .270 I use and I believe it’s even the same as what’s on his 30-30. It’s an awesome simple scope. We hunt in deep woods so we don’t need anything fancy with tons of tick marks or range finder capabilities. Most shots are under 150yds. It truly is a great dawn/dusk scope. We have to stop hunting 1/2 hour after sunset and can’t shoot 1/2 hour before and this gives you great visibility to those limits even in thick woods. I’ve even been able to spot some deer I can hear but can’t see with my naked eye before it gets light enough. Bottom line, it’s a good trusty scope that truly has good light for dawn and dusk as advertised. And if you take care of it, it will last forever. Read more

  3. Axelpanic

    It works, but only if you tap in the selector. Once you turn the knob, tap it in or it will not hold zero. Otherwise, works as intended. I find that every 1500 rounds I have to readjust the sight though. Read more

  4. J. Callahan

    I took a chance with this scope due to mostly positive reviews. Mine will not hold zero. Zero moves around 2-4 inches with 22LR, moves around 6-12 inches with 223, tried it on 4 different rifles, same result. Contacted customer service, they will repair it but I have to pay shipping to them and return postage (around 25 dollars). Not sure it’s worth putting more money into this scope at a retail price of around $72.00. Just going to cut my losses and buy a better scope from another manufacture. Guess I will use it as a telescope or close range spotting scope. Read more

  5. hillbilly bob

    I bought this scope 2yrs ago for my Marlin 45-70. I was on a budget and thought I’d give this 6″ eye relief scope a try. I was a little worried about that recoil. It has worked fine for me and I don’t see why I should switch it out when it does so good. Last year, last day of Ohio gun season, all I could see was the head of a doe peeking over the crest of the hill. I used a down tree to bench rest on and made an 97 yard headshot. Always know your limits. Read more

  6. Utahguns

    I own plenty of high end rifles/scope setups, but I continue to find the Bushnell scopes a great buy for the money. Installed on my 10/22 the view is very clear, eye relief fantastic and the low light capabilities work very well. Great buy! Read more

  7. Daniel Baker

    Great starting optic. Basic hunting reticle so not for ranging or leading (Kentucky windage). Glass is clear for the magnification. Clicks are solid, finger adjustable and turrets can be reset for zero, a plus. Holds zero on my 6.5 CM with inexpensive steel rings. I always rate based on price vs quality vs features, and at this price its worth every penny. Read more

  8. Nonsensical Unicorn

    The cross hair is barely visible and it refuses to hold a zero. Even on a rimfire rifle. Read more

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