Burris xtreme tactical xtr ii eight-40x50mm precision rifle scope with 5x zoom and 0 click prevent adjustment

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  • ensure this fits by using getting into your version variety.
  • designed for extreme, technical, long-variety precision rifle shooters, each tactical and competitive; high-quality decision optics and tactical-appropriate reticles and adjustment knobs make it simpler to pick out objectives and modify for windage and elevation
  • flexible 5x zoom device lets in for a bigger discipline of view at close ranges and higher target acquisition at lengthy stages; ergonomic aspect cognizance and clean-to-attain parallax adjustment from 50 yards to infinity for improved accuracy at long distances
  • 0 click forestall adjustment knobs for speedy and effortlessly reverting returned to the authentic yardage placing with out counting clicks; advanced windage and elevation adjustments for accurate and repeatable reticle modifications
  • high-grade optical glass provides top notch brightness and readability with lasting sturdiness; precision-gauged and hand-geared up internal assemblies preserve a regular point of impact thru the magnification variety, no matter surprise and vibration
  • scope is water-resistant and the nitrogen-stuffed frame tubes save you inner fogging within the bloodless and rain; triple inner spring-anxiety device permits the scope to preserve zero through shock, balk, and vibrations
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burris xtreme tactical xtr ii 8-40x50mm precision rifle scope

new for 2019: version 201081 is a rear focal aircraft scope with the new f-elegance dch reticle. It is non-illuminated. It is designed to provide the acute precision required for benchrest competition.

the xtr ii 8-40x is the biggest magnification scope within the whole burris lineup. While it changed into meant generally for bench rest and fixed-role intense long variety objectives, it’s also become very popular for human beings shooting prairie dogs and different varmints from the following county over.

the xtr ii 8-40x50mm makes use of the xt-80 click adjustment knob, which gives 80 clicks in keeping with rotation. The f-class reticle is moa.


  • designed for severe, technical, lengthy-range precision rifle shooters
  • multi-flip adjustment knobs have a 1/eight-moa adjustment and function true 0 click stop; knobs offer 8 mils in keeping with rotation, with multi revolutions of adjustment
  • 34 mm frame tube
  • flexible 5-times zoom system lets in for a larger field of view at close degrees and better target acquisition at long stages
  • 0 click on forestall adjustment knobs allow you to quickly and effortlessly revert returned to the authentic yardage placing without counting clicks
  • ergonomic facet attention, and easy-to-reach parallax adjustment from 50 yds. To infinity for progressed accuracy at lengthy distances
  • high-grade optical glass gives exceptional brightness and clarity with lasting durability
  • eleven brightness settings (spanning night imaginative and prescient, low light, and sunlight hours), with a handy battery-saver position between each setting
  • triple internal spring-anxiety machine lets in the scope to keep zero through surprise, balk, and vibrations
  • nitrogen-stuffed body tubes prevent internal fogging inside the bloodless and rain
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    F-Class MOA

    8 reviews for Burris xtreme tactical xtr ii eight-40x50mm precision rifle scope with 5x zoom and 0 click prevent adjustment

    1. Amazon Customer

      Out of the box, this scope worked perfectly! Application: Mounted this scope on my TAC-21 Remington 700 5R/.308 tactical rifle. Be aware this is a 34mm tube and note the built in angle of your rifle platform and any built in with your mount. I tried a Burris mount with an extra 20 MOA of angle, however this limited me to not less than 275 yards to achieve zero. I had to return to a standard mount which when combined with my TAC-21’s build in 20 MOA mount, provided a perfect zero and adequate adjustment range for closer shots. Glass: Absolutely crystal clear. I made several comparisons to other high end scopes (Leupold, Vortex, Sig, etc) with similar magnification and this was on par or equivalent at maximum magnification. Body/tube: Larger diameter, very robust, great tactile feel, knobs are crisp and precise. VERY good quality look and feel and it leaves no doubt this is a very high quality scope. Brightness: The 50mm lens does a great job at pulling in the light, and the larger 34mm tube is fantastic at not reducing that transmission to the retina. Accuracy: Took the scope out to the range, and zero’d it in with out any trouble. Performed a Box pattern test at 200 yards, and the scope was exactly on spec for each adjustment resulting in a near perfect box pattern. Subsequent shots all showed a perfect return to zero! I have ZERO buyers remorse with this scope, in fact I wish I had purchased it sooner. Its a great match for the capability of my rifle (1000-1200 yds). Overall, this is an excellent scope for the mid to long range shooter. Its very robust and with the unconditional warranty, you simply can’t go wrong! Read more

    2. SWG – Columbus, Ohio

      This scope exceeds my expectations for long range target/bench shooting. The reticle is tack sharp, the knobs are easy to adjust, the miraging is low when the gun gets warm, and it helps one place shots very accurately on the target at a great distance. If you are a target shooter firing at ranges longer than 200 yards – this is a great scope to get the job done. I have fired shots at 500 yards accurately with this scope – within a 1-2 MOA level of accuracy with a 6.5 Creedmore rifle using precision ammunition. This is perfect for benchrest shooters. I wouldn’t recommend this for a field rifle due to size and added weight; but I suppose with Burris’ no-haggle warranty, you could take it out in the field and clobber the heck out of it and they will replace it no questions asked… I am usually a big fan of Nikon riflescopes for my rifles, but Nikon did not have one in their lineup that could stand next to this scope. I am happy I tried a Burris product out – now I plan to purchase additional Burris products in the future! Overall, I recommend this rifle to those serious about shooting – especially longer range targets! Read more

    3. James

      Have this scope mounted on a DPMS style AR10 in 6.5 Creedmoor. The optics are clear and the scope is easy to zero and use the 20 MOA drop built in the reticle is a very nice feature. The scope comes with a Sunshade, the tracking is accurate. I am happy with the scope and can recommend it. The Burris lifetime warranty is another big plus. Used the 34mm Burris BEPR to mount it on my rifle, holds zero. Read more

    4. Trent S.

      I have only used this a few times, but I can say that I love this optic!! I have mine mounted on my Ruger Precision Rifle (.308 win) and it’s been great so far. The glass is clear, the turrets have very nice clicks in them and the movements are smooth. The red dots are only useful when aiming at darker objects (clearly states this in the owners manual), but they do work. I was happy to see it come with a good sun shade as well as the glass covers. For the price it comes with a lot of the features as higher priced ones. I haven’t done very far distance shooting with it yet, but did use it to spot for some friends and seeing out to 1000 yards was clear as day for me. Again, I am very happy with this optic. I mounted mine using the Burris AR-P.E.P.R. Mount and that is also a great mount. Read more

    5. Mark Tomlinson

      So far so good. I just used this last weekend at a 300 yard F Class match. It has incredible light gathering ability, clear glass, and a good range of zoom and focus. I upgraded from a Vortex PST to this scope and i gotta say, i think this one is better. Read more

    6. SMH

      Very nice scope with plenty of magnification and clarity. Makes adjustment for distance super easy. Clarity at max magnification is significantly lower than at lower magnification levels but I can live with that for the price. Read more

    7. david rubright

      Does the job, beautifully. Quality glass, reticle is awesome F class and very solid. Read more

    8. Eduardo V. Crego

      A very nice medium to long range riflescope. I attached it to my .308 Win bull barrel Mauser 1909 joining a useful combination. Read more

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