Burris optics fullfield e1 riflescope 4. 5-14x42mm, matte black (os) (200344)

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  • make certain this suits via getting into your model variety.
  • excessive magnification extends your long-range taking pictures functionality
  • features the long range moa reticle, supplying info and enough extremely-first-class precision to get this scope into the long-variety opposition
  • trajectory-compensating generation and cascading dots to atone for wind flow
  • designed for enthusiasts who need a simple, but sophisticated, reticle for superb accuracy
  • ergonomic side consciousness permits easy-to-attain parallax adjustment from 50 yds. To infinity

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product description

the whole discipline e1 four. 5-14x42mm is designed to slot into the lineup with a tremendous increase in magnification over the three-9x, however nonetheless retaining a small decrease give up magnification of 4. 5, which lets in for a drastically wider discipline of view than the larger 6. 5-20x. This version of full subject e1 features aspect-adjusting parallax cognizance. There are fashions available on this size, one with the ballistic plex e1 reticle, and one with the long range moa reticle. The ballistic plex e1 is a variant on the noticeably-engineered and extremely popular burris hunting reticle. The lengthy variety moa reticle offers details and sufficient ultra-great precision to get this scope into the lengthy range opposition market. It’s also very popular with folks sniping predators and varmints from vast distances. The riflescope is immune to a lifetime of field use, heavy flinch, and vicious vibration. It’s miles included by way of the burris all the time warranty.

8 reviews for Burris optics fullfield e1 riflescope 4. 5-14x42mm, matte black (os) (200344)

  1. Bear-of-Grayling

    I have many Nikon scopes and some Burris as well. I compared this Burris to a Nikon P5 Prostaff 4-16x42sf. Both MOA reticles. Very comparable scopes. I set the Nikon on 14x power. Results/ Brightness: The Burris is bright but the Nikon barely edges it out. I was pleased that the Burris was so close. Turrets: The Nikon is positive and precise. The Burris is positive but a bit mushy. Reticle: The Nikon is fine and well spaced. The Burris is heavier and very busy. Eye Focus: Nikon very firm adjustment and solid with no slop. Burris is easier to adjust and appears solid with no slop. I prefer the extra tightness of the Nikon. This function is where the China scopes fail miserably. When the eye focus lens moves up and down/ sideways “slop” so does the crosshair image. Overall: I like the Burris “especially the looks” and being I can’t get Nikon scopes any longer, the Burris will have to do as I will NOT buy any China Made anything! Burris scopes are made in the Philippines where Nikon were made. “At this price” I know of no other scope made in the Philippines. Vortex Viper is the cheapest model they make that starts in the Philippines. Diamondback, Copperhead made in CHINA. Tried them both and sent back. Not comparable. What does that tell you? Read more

  2. Sittingbull

    I’ve been shooting guns for over 40 years and I’ve seen a lot of scopes, and improvements in scopes. I’ve had them all. Tasco, leupold, nikon, redfeild, zeiss. Well you get the point. Nikon has been my go to and still is. But this burris is an awesome scope for the money for sure. Clear as a bell and build really well. It’s hard to find a good scope with side focus for under $350. A good one that is. But this scope for $189 will be a hard one to beat. So just buy it and dont over think it Read more

  3. Brian A.

    I own 4 of these scopes and couldn’t be happier with them. They perform flawlessly and are as clear as scopes costing 3 times as much. They hold up to the recoil of my 300 Weatherby Mag, 264 Win Mag, 30-06 Spr and 280 Rem no problem. I would definately recommend! Read more

  4. J. Florant

    Hmmm Burris scope arrived in China country of origin box. Is this particular scope manufactured in China now? Last I read Burris scopes are manufactured in the U.S. and the Philippines. I will reserve star testing until after I contact Burris for confirmation. If it’s fake or goes back period! Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I was buying Burris Fullfield II Ballistic Plex scopes. They are the clearest optics I’ve seen. I bought this E1 with Long Range MOA reticle and the optics are extremely clear. This is a new reticle for me but this is on my Remington 700 .300 Blackout. I will use it for precision shooting out to 300 yards. This feels like a $600 scope but for under $200. Read more

  6. Eric

    The scope arrived on time without damage. Good packaging and a good-looking piece of glass for your gun. If you are a hunter and the occasional steel plate shooter I recommend this scope. I haven’t had a chance to use the Long-Range MOA reticle just yet, but I can say it is bright and clear. The sharpness is a plus compared to a few other scope manufacturers. I don’t believe you will find a better scope in this price range. Be conscious of your eye relief with this model, you will want it to be near perfect. Overall, there isn’t anything bad to say about this scope. I may buy another. Read more

  7. VJK

    Don’t know about sheerness or thickness of the scope. I was able to shoot sub moa at 100 yds easily and hit targets out to 500 consistently. Great hunting scope. Clear glass, side focus knob is hard to turn. Read more

  8. tiff123

    Awesome optic got here fast and well it’s a Burris optic. Need I say more. Clear as crystal very high quality and I would definitely buy another. Read more

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