Burris fullfield ii 6. 5-20×50 scope, ballistic mil-dot reticle, matte black (200193)

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  • make sure this fits by way of entering your model variety.
  • functions the ballistic mil-dot reticle, best for extremely flat-shooting cartridges; perfect for long-range goal shooters, varmint hunters, and tactical marksmen
  • traditional mil-dots may be used for estimating variety and goal length, and compensating for wind drift
  • 50 mm goal allows for optimum light collection
  • parallax adjustment for stepped forward accuracy at long distances
  • famous and top class traditional searching riflescope at an cheap rate
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from the producer

fullfield ii riflescope

the fullfield ii is one of the most recognized and offered scopes within the shooting and looking industry. Considering that its introduction in 1975, the original fullfield has set the standard for accuracy, reliability, and affordability. The fullfield ii become brought within the yr 2000 as a continuation of that legacy, and stands as a testament of these characteristics nowadays. It’s nevertheless considered one of our most popular fashions with a wide selection of magnifications and functions.

high-overall performance optical glass presents splendid clarity and comparison. Multi-lined, no-glare lenses allow you to hunt in all lighting fixtures conditions. The simple, included eyepiece and energy ring has no-slip grip for short adjustment. High quality, steel-on-steel click adjustment ensures repeatable settings for accuracy, at the range and in the field.

  • magnification: 3-9x, 4. 5-14x, or 6. Five-20x
  • reticle: ballistic plex
  • shade: matte black
  • battery: none
  • features

    the magnification/zoom ring is manufactured from metallic, and knurled for easy grip and an entire life of use

    water resistant, shockproof, fogproof and nitrogen crammed.

    quality, precision-ground lenses are large than the ones of comparable scopes, for higher mild transmission

    durable, included-eyepiece layout has no-slip grip for smooth adjustment inside the area

    durable, pressure-loose, solid 1-piece outer tube withstands shock and vibrations of even the heaviest-recoiling calibers

    assured by burris all the time


    3X-9X-40mm, 4.5-14x42mm, 6.5X-20X-50mm

    8 reviews for Burris fullfield ii 6. 5-20×50 scope, ballistic mil-dot reticle, matte black (200193)

    1. Dustin

      Let me start off by saying, this is a awesome scope, very clear and bright. I was in the market for a score for my AR-15, since I decided to start doing some varmint hunting. I did my research for about a good solid two weeks before I decided to purchase a Burris scope. I originally had a Vortex red dot, which don’t get me wrong they are cool and all, but only good for up to 50-75 yards if that. Since I was getting into varmint hunting, I wanted something good but not cheap. I looked at them all, Vortex, Leupold, Bushnell, UTG, etc and finally decided on Burris. Just reading the reviews on Amazon along with other sites, they are highly recommended scopes. Also you can’t beat the “forever lifetime warranty” even though a lot of brands offer this kind of warranty, however they all seem to have stricter regulations for the warranty. I ended up going with the 4.5-14x42mm Price range was a big concern, since I’m new to the sport and I knew I had to buy a good scope mount, also I had to be in under the $200 dollar range. I’m consider myself a hardcore bargin shopper online, so I searched and searched, until I found this deal on Amazon. You can’t best 190 bucks with no tax and free shipping, I even got in less than 3 days with no prime account. Like I mention above, for any 4.5x14x42mm or higher scope will cost you at least 300.00 + and being able to get it for what I did was a steal. The scope is very great quality, everything feels snug, and turns with smooth. The optics I’m blown away by, very clean and I’m impress by the amount of light I’m getting out of this scope. Also 18oz scope, some companies make them big and bulky. Can’t wait for my Burris AR scope mount I ordered, so I can mount my scope and do some hunting!! Read more

    2. Holly Johnson

      This is my third Burris Fullfield scope. I love the reticle, very clean and has drop compensation marks. I have them on my 7mm, 270, and on this 6.5 creedmoor, needed medium Tally rings, the low rings made the objective touch the barrel. The diameter is 42 inches, I dont know what the outside diameter is… Note: the whole back eye piece moves to zoom, it wouldn’t work with flip up scope caps, I hunt with neoprene scope covers so it doesn’t bother me. There is less moving parts to allow moisture and dirt to get inside if the whole piece rotates, it’s only one o-ring. Very bright in the first minutes of light in the morning and draws a lot of light in after sunset when you need it most. I like it better than my Vortex Diamondback that is on my other 6.5 creedmoor… Read more

    3. Kevin

      No complaints here, this makes my 9th Fullfield II as well as some more expensive brands, and I’d rate it with the best of them at a fraction of the cost. I like the fact the bell is tight, tells me that it’s well built and not likely to leak and so far I haven’t had any issues with any of my Burris Scopes, on everything from( Mini-14 223 Rem) up to (Marlin 45-70 govt.) and never had to re-zero any of them. Save yourself some money and deal with the stiff eye-bell, you’ll be glad you did and will have a great scope. My Fullfield II Scopes include the following 2x7x35 3x9x40 and 4.5x14x42 Note: I have some made in USA and some made in Phillipines, but, haven’t had a problem with any of them. Wish Burris had kept making in the USA, but, none the less, they’re still good scopes. Read more

    4. C Z

      I received the scope and after opening the box I sent it back because there was some oil on the focus ring. I don’t know if Burris decreased the quality in the last 2 years or I received a counterfeit item. I purchased 2 years ago the same model and there is a huge difference. It seems that the Chinese are counterfeiting some scope models using inferior quality and this one had some of the elements: bar code unclear, pretty bad quality, missing stickers with distances from the box even though the box was sealed. Read more

    5. JumboShrimp

      I am a die-hard Leupold fan. Always will be. I bought this scope, however, for a new varmint rifle. I chose this scope because I have had some Burris optics in the past that held up well, and because of the very reasonable price. After 6 months or so of bumping around in the truck on the farm, I can still take out a groundhog at 200yds no problem. As with any scope, the marked objective ranges aren’t exactly dead-on, but the glass is crystal clear and has held zero perfectly. Read more

    6. Douglas G. Nelson

      For under $200 this is a nice scope. somewhere between a crossfire vortex and a Leupold VX2. The VX2 6-18 I have is better but honestly probably not double the price better. The objective may be bigger than 42mm. I put it in Ruger ring combo rated for 42mm and it wasn’t even close. That could be Rugers issue though. Put it on a 22-250 and sighted in about an inch high at 100 and the BDC seems pretty spot on to about 400 yards. The finish like most Burris scopes seems to be easier to scratch than Vortex or Leupold. But as I say all in all for $185 it seems to be a great value from a well respected brand. Read more

    7. Pizza Dude

      Amazing scope for the price. I bought this Burris because the old family 30/30 has a Burris from the 1970s still on it, and it was/is a solid scope. I was not disappointed. Mounted the scope, and it was almost dead perfect out of the box. Made small adjustments and took it out with my new rifle. I would trust this scope 200 yards in no problem. I’m in sloping woods so I don’t have a shot farther than that. Dropped a nice buck double lung with my only shot of the season. The reticle is not too thick, but easy to see. Great Product. May not be as hyped up as other brands are now, but the guarantee and the quality for the price, still make Burris a go to brand for me and my family. Read more

    8. J. R. Carter

      This scope is junk. Power adjustment from 3 to 9 power takes a very firm hand to turn. Young shooters will have difficulty turning knob. If scope body gets dusty, it cannot be wiped off with wet rag, but leaves a very dirty gray finish that can only be cleaned off with gun oil and cotton towel. Burris scopes from 25 years ago were good quality. Save your money and buy a tasco. My son has a tasco that is better quality than this and much better price Read more

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