Browning magazines & points of interest x-lock included scope jewelry – 30mm matte. 500in intermediate top 12511, multi, one length

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today’s browning offers a extensive swath of merchandise for the outdoors man or woman, especially with the power of both the browning and winchester repeating palms manufacturers beneath our stewardship. That browning is the maker of winchester brand firearms is a twist of history that would simply make mr. Browning smile.

8 reviews for Browning magazines & points of interest x-lock included scope jewelry – 30mm matte. 500in intermediate top 12511, multi, one length

  1. Amanda

    Little spendy however they are a good set of mounts/rings combo. The way browning made the x-lock actually makes good sense to be honest. I just purchased a xbolt hells canyon smoke in a 243 and it mounted up perfect. Mounted a vortex 4-16×44 viper scope with a 30mm tube. Used to be a diehard Remington 700 man but not any more. Very impressed with browning so far. Read more

  2. Kindle Customer

    Fits perfectly, does have front and rear, so don’t confuse them, and different screw lenghts for ring and base. Look for Spec on Talley web sight as Browning looks like it contracted them to produce it. Mounted Vortex HST 6x24x50, like many other postings, you’ll get your scope cover on but nit by much. Eye relief has minimal back travel, but sets at about 4 inches. Read the warning if you lapp your rings, though they say no lapping required, seems like shooters preference, though lapping will void warranty, but can’t figure why and under what circumstances you would need to use the warranty. If there is one thing to mention, neither good or bad, but just my experience. After sighting it in I did not have much up elevation for longer shots, about 4 moa when I bottom put. Could be a number of variables, scope, rifle, not the ring itself. Also used laser bore sighting, was about 4 inches off at 100 yds, minimal windage change maybe 2 inches. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely rock solid mounts. My only problem was ordering mounts that were too low, and with the scope I’m using (Vortex Viper PST 4-16) I’m having ejection issues because the brass is hitting the scope before ejecting completely. That is my bad, not the rings’. So, if anyone reading this review has the X-Bold and Viper scope combo, get the high mount rings or suffer ejection issues. I now have to train myself to turn the rifle port down when I cycle the bolt….I will end up ordering the high mount rings, but this will work for this hunting season. Read more

  4. Kevin Glaesmann

    Never had a bad mount so couldn’t complain anyway. But the x pattern just seems to be a very solid platform and honestly you don’t have many choices with the proprietary x bolt pattern anyway so why not go with the Browning mounts even among other choices?! None of their products have ever failed to meet any of my expectations over the years and continue to be a Browning fan boy:) Read more

  5. Jeff Wohlrab

    I purchased these for a Browning Eclipse Target rifle in .308 to replace a set of Leupold 2-piece bases that went in the trash. They hold a 30mm Vortex Viper 6-24×50 perfectly. These rings have enough elevation to slip the lens caps on a 50mm objective lens (just barely) while still keeping it close to the barrel. This rifle has a heavy barrel, so it should work just as well for all x-bolts. Read more

  6. Roebear

    Great once you realize their is a front and a back mount, marked on the bottom! Maybe I missed it in the instructions (yes I speed read anyway, gg) but it was not prominent. 5 stars ANYWAY because when I called the factory with a question I GOT A REAL LIVE PERSON WHO KNEW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT RIGHT AWAY! A DOGGONE MIRACLE THESE DAYS!!!! Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    So the product itself fit my X-Bolt Pro well. One issue I had was that the treads came right off one of my screws. I used a FAT torque to company recommendations so I didn’t over tighten. 1 out of the 12 screws was bad. Replaced it on my own. Would still buy, but if its a last second thing maybe buy a screw kit. Read more

  8. Ryan Cox

    These fit perfect. after reading a review that said he saw treads from his mount screws, i was worried. But i got mine mounted and they are great! They are front and rear specific. so the only thing i can figure is he mounted them backwords. Read more

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