Body champ vkr1010 fitness multi feature electricity tower / multi station for domestic office health club dip stands pull up push up vkr, gray, one size

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  • flexible dip stand: the 4-station vkr electricity tower takes workout returned to the fundamentals. Use it for vertical knee and leg raises, as a dip station, as a lat/pull-up bar, or as push-up bars. You may have sufficient workout options to tone your entire body
  • tone muscular tissues: with so many distinctive exercise possibilities, you’ll be capable of easily do electricity schooling, focused on specific muscle businesses without the need for weights. Tone your shoulders, biceps, chest, legs, and even belly muscle tissue
  • no weights required: once you have got this at-domestic fitness system set up, you’ll be able to exercise session and circuit educate easily without anything greater. Now you may without problems build muscle and increase definition with out buying high-priced weights
  • strong layout: we designed this status electricity tower with an h-body base for enhanced stability so the consumer can perform sports on both aspect. It also has 2 arched balance bars to make the steel frame sturdy. It measures 58. Five” x forty six. 5″ x 83″
  • perfect for domestic: the frame champ vkr energy tower is ideal for use in a domestic fitness center, even if you have restricted space. We provide this useful stand at a more low priced rate than comparable merchandise that provide the equal or fewer features

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frame champ electricity tower

the 4-station vkr electricity tower takes exercise again to the fundamentals permitting you to perform attempted-and-proper sports that without a doubt get results. These sporting events can help you tone and broaden your core muscle mass, arms, chest and lower back by lifting your personal frame weight. So whether or not you’re a newbie or advanced body builder, the four-station vkr power tower can help you realise your health goals.

assembled dimensions: fifty five by forty one by way of 83 inches. (l x w x h)

gross weight: 64 pounds.

frame material: steel.

assembly: assembly required.

  • thick, heavy-obligation box-fashion cushions
  • handles have grips for non-slip workout routines
  • shielding ft hold your ground in pristine situation
  • suitable for your light business or home fitness placing
  • develops muscle strength by using lifting your very own frame weight best for beginners pro frame-developers
  • strong body base design for enhanced balance
  • product description

    product description

    the four-station vkr power tower lets in you to carry out tried-and-actual sports that definitely get effects. The range of sporting activities you could carry out with this equipment will help you to tone and expand your center muscle mass, palms, and chest absolutely by means of lifting your personal frame weight. So whether or not you’re a newbie or advanced body builder, the four-station vkr electricity tower can help you understand your health goals. You get four exercising stations in 1 with this electricity tower: pull-ups, a vertical knee enhance, a dip station, and decrease pushup bars. It also functions a sophisticated layout that consists of two arched stability bars to make the steel body secure and strong. With a long lasting h-body and seam-stitched cushions, it’s suitable on your light business placing or home fitness setting. The dip stand is designed to develop your triceps as you growth your upper frame strength. At the returned side, there are numerous alternatives designed to training session your lats and other again muscle tissues. The pull-up bar has 2 grip options with an inner foam grip and an ergonomic outer grip so you can quite simply build specific types of muscle tissues. Now you could develop your muscles with out using weights, rather the use of your frame weight as the resistance. Frame flex sports activities ambitions to make merchandise which might be reachable and low-priced and that provide the nice fee when in comparison to competitors. What you pay for is greater than what you would get from a competitor’s product. Comply with the step-with the aid of-step procedure to assemble or buy the product already assembled for comfort. We innovate in which it topics for safe and powerful exercising. Our group of professionals uses the contemporary era to design products that exceed patron requirements in both form and feature. Now you can expand your muscle tissue with out using weights by using rather using your body weight as the resistance. Try frame flex sports for all your at-home workout device.

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    you get 4 exercising stations on this power tower–pull-ups, vertical knee raise, dip station, and decrease pushup bars. Develop your muscle groups with out the use of weights–the energy tower lets in you to apply your body weight because the resistance. Features a complicated design that includes arched balance bars to make the strong steel body safe and strong. It is appropriate for your light industrial or home fitness setting with a durable d-body and seam-stitched cushions.


  • thick, heavy-obligation box-style cushions
  • handles have grips for non-slip workouts
  • protective toes keep your ground in pristine situation
  • four-station fitness device for a large number of higher frame strengthening workouts
  • suitable to your light commercial or domestic fitness setting
  • vkr station for leg and knee increases and centered ab crunches; dip station for triceps and higher body strengthening workouts
  • integrated push up bars to tone arms and chest
  • develops muscle energy by lifting your own body weight; ideal for beginners or pro frame-developers
  • heavy-obligation metallic body, with long lasting d-body base and seam-stitched cushions
  • specs:

  • measures fifty five” x forty one” x eighty three” (l x w x h)
  • weight: 88 pounds
  • frame fabric: metallic
  • meeting: meeting required
  • 7 reviews for Body champ vkr1010 fitness multi feature electricity tower / multi station for domestic office health club dip stands pull up push up vkr, gray, one size

    1. Bry

      Can’t complain, it’s sturdy and well built. For normal sized ceilings it’s a tad high, leaving little room for your head up there when doing pull ups. But it’s still possible just gotta watch your head. But I love the leg pull up abs workout feature, as it allows me to do leg ups like a real gym. This piece of equipment is a great addition to my home gym. No wobble, no quality issues, but it’s not small so make sure you have the room for it. It took me about 2 hours to put together with help of my wife (and cat!) Read more

    2. Norman B Clinkscales

      Strong sturdy solid product. Well packaged in a 51 pound flat box 56x18x7 inches. Very well written easy to follow step by step instructions. Hardware was packed in shrink wrapped sheet with bolts, washers and nuts numbered and clearly labeled. Assembled myself in about 90 minutes using 2 vise grips and a screwdriver. A ratchet driver would save 20 minutes. It holds my 250 pound 6’3” body easily with very little give. Feels safe and stable on every exercise. My fingertips are about a foot above the chin up bar flat footed. Bending knees slightly makes a full pull up possible for me. My 5’6” wife can just reach the bar on tip toes. Width is fine for both of us. Read more

    3. Paxton Drexler

      This is my 3rd power tower from amazon. I bought 2 others, both around the $140-150 range. I can say the quality and sturdiness of this machine is by far the best I’ve experienced outside of a gym. It has its slight bend when doing dips (but it’s supposed to) In 5 o’clock traffic, engineers design the bridge to shake when you’re stopped on it. Same thing here. Also this is definitely made from stronger material with more integrity than similar power towers. Not to sound like a bro, but to give an idea – I’m 165 and hang with an additional 60lbs on dips and it’s no problem for the movement. The pull up bar is also noticeably sturdier compared to my other 2 models I’ve experienced. Both pull up grips dont move around so the grip is solid. It does take up some space so be prepared to have some wall and area space available. The only gripe I have is that it didnt come with the tools to put it together. I could have been upset, but if you buy something and you know you have to put it together, you should probably have some tools around. It took about 2 hours to put together. I dropped the back plate piece on my toe and it’s bruised up pretty nicely. 2 people to assemble are better than 1, however it can be done by 1 if you’re ready for a few potential battle scars. However, I’ll say again that I’m pleased enough with the quality that the other stuff doesnt really matter, because I have a way to stay in shape during this quarantine. Highly recommend. Please stay home if you can, wash your hands, and practice social distancing but stay in close contact with friends and family! We’ll get through this! Peace and love. And get this power tower! Read more

    4. Ben P.

      You get what you pay for here. The hardware is pretty poor quality. It is definitely not all that sturdy. I am a very large person. 6′ 7″ currently 274 lbs. It supports my weight. But only just. The entire unit sags and twists under my weight. Definitely not confidence inspiring. It works for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the thing folds in half some day. 3 stars because it does work and it’s not a terrible design, but I would stay away if you are a larger human. Also the spacing of the handles for leg raises are super cramped for my size. I cannot use them at all. Read more

    5. Lance B B

      This was exactly what I was looking for to complete my Home Gym. Took about 1.5 – 2.0 hours to put together correctly, instructions were well laid out. I purchased this product based on the reviews and I was not mislead. Pull Up Bar- I am 5ft 11inches; if I reach up and grab the bar in the wide arm chin up position my feet are still on the ground so you will need to bend your knees for this movement, work perfectly for a close grip under hand bicep pull up. I have also been effectively attaching my ‘hanging ab sleeves’ to the upper bar and that has also worked well. Elbow Leg Raise section- as designed, no hitches here. The cushioned pad is positioned perfectly for me and gives ample back support with a good degree of firmness on the pad. What I do like about this is that unlike others I have used in a gym setting it the elbow pads and back pads are at a 90 degree angle where as some I have used naturally angle you upward and back. This design is actually safer for your back. Solid enough once put together; a sensational piece of equipment for the price. Read more

    6. dreames

      I assembled this equipment by myself taking my time. One hand grip was missing from the pull up bar. I contacted the manufacturer and had the hand grip in 3 or 4 days–no problem. I use my power tower for push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips and leg raises from the captain’s chair (that might not be the correct term). At age 72,maintaining muscle tone takes a little more effort that it did in the past. I like the convenience of having this at home. I’m very pleased with this purchase. Read more

    7. Tim Gwynne

      I think this power tower is great for the price. The pull up bar is OK, the dips/leg lifts station is good. I don’t use the bars for push ups. I’m 6’0′ 210lbs and when I do pull ups (which is mainly what I use this for) the station does shift a little. It is not bad, does not feel like it is going to fall over or anything like that. Certainly nothing that would make me regret the purchase. However, it is supposed to support even more weight and I honestly would be worried if I weighed, say, 250 lbs. I would not buy this product if you weigh that. The fix for me was to put stand bags on the bottom straight areas as well as the corners, this adds enough stability for me to feel safe on it. If you weigh more like 150lbs I would not be concerned with the stability. As far as the height goes, I do need to bend my knees a bit to use it but not bad at all. Plus, I bend my knees on every pull up bar I’ve used. Overall, I would recommend this depending on your weight and height. If you’re over 6 feet or over 210 lbs, I’d consider adding weight (sand bags, etc) or looking at other options. Read more

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