Body champ olympic weight bench with leg extension curl lift developer attachment, 2-piece mixture bench and squat rack stand bcb3780

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  • multi-use: carry out leg lifts and curls, chest army presses, and other weight bench exercises with this multipurpose bench if you want space-saving, fantastic home exercising system, upload this bench to begin your journey towards a more fit you.
  • leg exercising bench: the twin-motion leg developer lets in you to efficaciously work out your legs with several exercise combinations now not feeling leg day choose chest presses instead with this equipment, your exercise is customizable to meet your needs.
  • adjustable backrest: choose from incline, flat, decline, and military positions in your exercising, all inside the identical system blending up your health habitual enables maximize your workout and keeps you from getting bored. Live consistent with this bench
  • quality system: heavy-obligation mainframe tubing ensures sturdiness even as cushions offer consolation this bench isn’t best an investment into your house fitness center however additionally an funding into your health our gadget is designed to be compact and strong.
  • exercise correctly: a locking protection hook and no-pinch grip offer ideal protection during workout routines designed in southern california together with your safety as precedence with our multifunction bench blend set, you may be able to workout in comfort and safety.

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body champ olympic weight bench

the frame champ olympic weight bench incorporates olympic weight units and permits you to select from exercises which includes leg lifts, chest presses and navy presses. The freestanding uprights enable stroll-in squat capability, and a locking leg elevate pin lets in sit-ups. The adjustable backrest offers incline, flat, decline and navy positions. Deluxe cushions and foam rollers for consolation.

most olympic weight set: 300 lbs

maximum frame weight: three hundred lbs

most weight on leg extension: a hundred and fifty lbs

  • carry out leg lifts, chest presses and army presses and different weight bench features
  • twin-movement leg developer allows you to work out your legs
  • heavy-responsibility strong mainframe tubing for durability
  • absolutely adjustable backrest lets in you to pick out incline, flat, decline and army positions
  • locking safety hook and a nonpinch grip to provide safety at some point of workout routines
  • product description

    product description

    this olympic weight bench by using frame flex sports activities combines first-class and capability to convey you a great piece of home-gym device. In case you’re tired of spending thousands on equipment or paying monthly gym costs, pick frame flex sports to customize your private domestic gym. We are dedicated to bringing gym-pleasant exercise system to the consolation and comfort of your house. This body champ olympic weight bench with a leg extension curl raise developer attachment will bring you the exercising you crave. Whether you are bulking up your top body with some chest presses or firming those muscle groups with some leg lifts, this equipment is the best all-in-one device. The freestanding uprights enable walk-in squat capability, and a locking leg-elevate pin allows sit down-ups. Deluxe cushions, foam rollers, and a no-pinch grip design integrate to provide you a smooth and relaxed workout. This bench is well matched with olympic weight sets as much as three hundred lbs., so that you can exercise session with the pros. Shop time, money, and area in your private home health club by means of including this weight bench for your habitual.

    from the manufacturer

    exceptional-pushed value. On the grounds that 1993, our enterprise has been bringing first-rate health club-inspired products to the consolation of houses all throughout the globe. We agree with that as a company body, we maintain the obligation, choice, and know-how to assist higher your frame. Your health, fitness, and wellbeing are continually on our minds, and they may be in top palms with us.

    7 reviews for Body champ olympic weight bench with leg extension curl lift developer attachment, 2-piece mixture bench and squat rack stand bcb3780

    1. D. Weisman

      This bench could have been 4 or 5 stars except for a few key flaws. First the positive: Easy to follow assembly instructions with all parts well marked. Bench is nice and is pretty versatile. I like ability to of the bench to decline and incline. The locking leg extension allows it to be used for sit-ups and decline benching. The adjustable arms are good for benching, military presses, and squats. Also I like the safety hooks to keep the bar from flipping when changing weights – a nice touch. There are 2 flaws: 1) The fact that it is 2 pc is a strength, but also a big problem. The weight rack will tip over as you re-rack the weights while benching. This is a serious problem that can be basically solved with a couple of 50 lb sand backs – as you can see in my picture. Cost less than $9 for both bags. 2) The bench incline adjustment pin can be very hard to insert – even if you jiggle the bench to align the holes better. Often need to use a hammer or wrench handle to bang it in. Read more

    2. NedStarksHead

      I canceled my gym membership and bought this to workout at home. Gyms are great but working out at home is more time efficient for me. I was looking for a 2 piece bench for a reasonable price. I like the fact I can pull the bench away to do squats. This also allows doing skullcrushers without the uprights getting in the way using the bench separately. After putting it together I found it very stable and sturdy. The padding on the bench is firm but comfortable. The spacing between the inner points of the uprights is 39in, allowing for a medium wide grip.The manual said the bench capacity was 750lbs including the user. All the nuts/bolts/washers were clearly labeled and separated on a laminated piece of cardboard. The manual was clear on assembly instructions. I put it together by myself only using a 14 millimeter socket and a crescent wrench. It took me maybe 1 1/2 to 2 hrs to assemble but I imagine it could be done a lot faster. The next day I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and picked up a 300lb weight set made by Fitness Gear for 225.00 including tax. So as far as the bench, hardcore weight lifters probably would want something more but for me it’s more than enough as I’ll never have more than 300lbs on the rack. I’m definitely happy with my purchase. Another product I had previously purchased was the Stamina 1690 Power Tower so you might want to check that out to round out your workout. I’d buy it only from Amazon to save on shipping if they have it. OK, hope this helps you out. Read more

    3. Nathan Ward

      I have been using this bench without issue for 10 months. It has served me well during this time, until about an hour ago. I was benching 210 pounds (I weigh 204lbs). The metal tubing that runs along the under side of back support bent mid lift. I nearly dropped 210lbs on my chest because this OLYMPIC weight bench does not use quality metal nor is it thick enough to support weight over 200lbs. If you plan on progressing in your strength gains over this amount go to the sporting goods store and invest in a real piece of equipment. I bought this bench because it was a good deal and I didn’t want to spend 300 / 400 bucks on one at the store. Now I have to buy one anyway. Read more

    4. Jennifer

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. First I want to say, I cannot speak on assembly for this product because my dad kindly put this together for me, he did it in a an hour or two. For an at home gym I think this is a great option. I was able to fit both in my apartment. I have a 300 pound olympic weight set and I haven’t had any issues. I am very cautious while doing bench or squats when I’m putting my bar back up, but there’s easy ways to stabilize the bottom especially if you have more room than I do. The quad and hamstring extension is nice.. You don’t get as much depth as you do with the ones from the gym but it still gets the job done. Read more

    5. N.Leppek

      Pros: Price 750lb max weight Locking leg developer for decline bench/sit ups Two positions for pads Easy set-up Sturdy Separate rack Cons: A little tall No wheels on bench Rack has no safety catches We purchased this bench to replace a similar bench that was only rated for 400ish pounds. So far this one is better than expected for the price we paid. Feels very solid so far. I’m 5’5″ and can reach the ground, but definitely would have difficulty touching or using the leg extension/ham curl attachment if I was any shorter. We won’t be using the rack very much as we have a better cage with catches, but it’ll make a nice backup for when my husband and I are working out at the same time. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable benching with the rack by myself as it doesn’t have safety catches, but it’s solid and not too tippy for being a standalone unit. You’d be hard pressed to find a better bench at this price. Read more

    6. Stacy

      I got this for my son for Christmas and so far he loves it. He’s 6 feet tall and he said that he fits very comfortably on the bench. He did say that the height of the seat is pretty high and so someone who’s shorter than him may not be able to plant their feet on the floor while doing a bench press. I got him a 7′ bar and as you can see in the picture it’s perfect. Read more

    7. Susie

      Stuck in quarantine & can’t go to the gym? This is going to get the job done but isn’t the best out there. For the price point, I can’t complain much. The bench is a little too tall for me but I am only 5’2”. You will need a 6ft+ barbell as well. Assembly was fairly easy, took me maybe an hour or less to put this together my self. Nothing is labeled as far as the parts, only the hardware pieces. But you can tell fairly easily which parts go where. Some screws don’t fit perfectly. A lot of the bolts don’t fit securely into the screws all the way. I wouldn’t try to put too much weight on this. It’s probably better for a light lifter. Read more

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