Beace sweatbands sports headscarf/wristband for guys & ladies – 3pcs / 6pcs moisture wicking athletic cotton terry fabric sweatband for tennis, basketball, going for walks, gymnasium, running out

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  • 85% cotton, 10% spandex, 5% nylon
  • sweat out of your eyes & wrist: sporting beace scarf will absorb all of your sweat before it flows down from forehead , wick moisture away and dry quickly, making you totally targeted in your sports activities!
  • first-rate relaxed & gentle: beace scarf & wristband are manufactured from eighty five% cotton, 10% spandex, 5% nylon , that is instead cozy and soft and it is non-slip and light-weight. Heat in iciness, cool in summer season!
  • perform and use in: generally utilized in gambling basketball , tennis, doing yoga, jogging, working out in fitness center, outside operating activities. Sporting those stylish and first-class beace headband &wristband will no longer permit you to down.
  • size & quantity: regular length 7. 97 inches, max to 12. 60 inches, width 2. 0 inches , thickness: 0. 60 inches , one length suits most ! 3pcs/6pcs headscarf,6pcs/12pcs wristband many fashions above in your preference!
  • no risk in any respect: it is actual men. 100% promise for the substitute and refund , anybody stores can get the privilege , let’s try it ”add to cart ” on the right column now!
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product description

our products are designed to improve athletic overall performance and to hold you taking part in your sport without sweat in your eyes.

features of our precise era:

outstanding sweat-the moisture-wicking cloth generation is efficient than everyday cotton sweatbands.

athletic absorbency-no want to prevent to clear your eyes. The excess sweat is wicked towards the returned in preference to running down your face.

breathable-the breathable material absorbs sweat speedy and keeps your face dry, permitting you hours of non-stop use!!

light-weight-versatile sports activities headscarf/wristband is very lightweight. It’s going to now not preserve warmness or sweat due to the super elastic fabric.

no longer-slip-specially mixed materials provide all grip and no slip.

the workout sweatband/headband is fabricated from eighty five% cotton, 10% spandex and five% nylon, which offers you a easy and tender contact feeling all day and supports above and past what you have skilled before!

our stretch sweatbands are excellent stretchy. It’ll suit your head flawlessly and really without difficulty with out being too tight or too free.

1) we recommend hand wash most effective and let them air dry.

2) to keep the elastic, please some distance faraway from the dryer.


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8 reviews for Beace sweatbands sports headscarf/wristband for guys & ladies – 3pcs / 6pcs moisture wicking athletic cotton terry fabric sweatband for tennis, basketball, going for walks, gymnasium, running out

  1. David

    The product works just fine, very good bang for your buck. They comfortably fit my big head and are very absorbant. The absorbency leads to quick saturation, but that’s what happens with absorbent sweatbands. I bought four different ‘brands’ of sweatbands in various colors and with various prices. My aim was to find out which I liked better so I could order more of that one brand going forward. What I discovered is that there are so many sweatbands for sale on Amazon that look similar to these because they are in fact the exact same product, just at different price points. I am assuming the company that makes these is pretending to be multiple brands to give the illusion of there being many options in order to get a larger share of the product market. The products are identical and all come in the same outer packaging, same inner packaging, same cardboard insert, same wording on the packaging, same color stickers on the packaging with the same unique font. The only thing different is the brand name they put on the sticker. If you are considering this product but aren’t sure which brand to buy, go for whichever is cheaper because they are clearly the exact same product made by the same people. Update: I don’t believe all of these are being sold on Amazon by the same company, but rather they are “Private Label” products, meaning they are identical products and just given different labeling for different brand owners. Read more

  2. Brittany Veneris

    Had the idea to wear these while washing my face so I don’t have water running down my arms onto my shirt, sink and floor. They work for that purpose wonderfully! Bought the large pk so I could leave one in the Motorhome, at the River House and share with friends. Definitely worth it! Read more

  3. seattlewhovian

    I recently moved to Ohio from Washington State, and it’s warmer and more humid here. I bought these because I was tired of the sweat pouring down from my forehead, into my eyes and onto my face. Now, these won’t stop the sweat from forming on my face and dripping, but they did a bang-up job in absorbing it from my forehead and anything coming down from my hair! When I removed it last night, it was SOAKED. I almost thought I could wring moisture out of it, but thankfully there wasn’t THAT much. It’s very slightly a bit too snug, but not enough for me to get a headache after several hours — didn’t leave an impression in my forehead, either. I’d highly recommend these for hot, muggy weather and/or working out in. Read more

  4. Hallo

    6x for $16 vs a Nike swoosh brand that costs me $10 & half the material here; this is a no brainer. WIsh I never bought the Nike. It’s nice but who cares about brand recognition. Just remember not to past it to the dryer after you washed and you’re okay for many years. (The dryer will melt the rubber band ) It takes about 5 about hrs to air dry at room temp or just dump it into your duffel bag, don’t zip, keep it in the trunk and forget about it. The later is what I always do, never have any problem. Will buy more. Now I can finally workout for 3+ hours not concerning about sweat dripping into my eyes. Read more

  5. Felix R. Belanger

    These sweatbands are great. I’m a bit older and sweat more profusely than I used to. Other, thinner sweatbands don’t hold enough sweat and eventually I get sweat running into my eyes. But not these sweatbands. They’re thick enough and wide enough that I can get all the way through my workout without overwhelming these bands. Great product, and the price was right. Read more

  6. Christopher

    I sweat a ton and these sweatbands were definately helpful. Upon receipt, these were tight as many have mentioned. However, I have found that if you just stretch them for a bit, they loosen up. Just put them on a ball that’s about the size of your head and let it sit for a bit, you should be fine. Even stretching them to their max with my hands for a minute or two worked. Read more

  7. clm

    Amazon sellers always want a review ASAP after I have received an item. It is difficult to tell what the long term review will be, but a few days after receiving these wrist bands, I am happy with the products quality and value. I have not washed them yet, but will likely hand wash. One note though on fit….I have small wrist that are 5.5″ around. They fit nicely and do not feel neither too tight nor too loose. For someone with large wrists- these may be too tight. I think the seller should consider having several sizes. Read more

  8. CJ

    I use a stationary bike for 30 minutes a day and I needed something to prevent the sweat from running into my eyes. Not only does it prevent sweat from running down all over my face & eyes but it also absorbs all the moisture around the hair line . Now I do not have drenched hair after my workout. I will purchase more soon. Read more

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