Barska x-trail 20×80 binocular with braced-in tripod adapter , black

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your model number.
  • excessive strength binoculars: the binoculars capabilities 20x powerful magnification, supplying stuning revel in of detail statement.
  • exceptional optics: the binoculars comes with bak-four prism and huge 80mm goal lenses, bringing you vibrant and crystal clean perspectives.
  • distance observation: the binoculars is appropriate for lengthy variety terrestrial and celestial viewing, and performs well beneath low-light situations.
  • sensible instrument: this binoculars is an optical tool that gives high great and sensible utilization.
  • clean dealing with: the shockproof binoculars comes with braced in tripod mounting put up, top rate sporting case, lens covers, and lens fabric.

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from the producer

  • ab10590
  • fov: 189ft / 63m
  • close recognition: 72ft / 22m
  • eye alleviation: 15. 4 mm
  • exit pupil: 4mm
  • legnth: 8. Ninety eight in
  • weight: 80 oz.
  • 20x80mm x-path binoculars braced in tripod adaptor

    the 20×80 x-trail binocular from barska has massive objective lenses to maximise mild transmission and a generous magnification to deliver the viewing target right up-front. The green tinted lenses lessen glare in shiny sunlight environments. The x-trail’s traditional porro layout with superior bak4 glass and multi-lined optics create a viewing enjoy of clarity and pretty contrasted snap shots.

  • bak4 porro prisms
  • multi-coated optics
  • huge-perspective fov
  • integrated tripod adaptor brace
  • protective no-slip rubber armor
  • features

    massive 20x magnification helps you to get up near any object.

    binoculars are o ring sealed and argon purged for entire water-proof and fogproof safety.

    the constructed in tripod mount makes the binocular ideal for viewing items far away even celestial viewing.

    carrying case, neck strap, and lens material.

    product description

  • magnification: 20x
  • objective lens: 80mm
  • prism kind: porro
  • prism glass: bak-4
  • exit student: 4mm
  • optical coating: multi-coated
  • focusing device: middle
  • subject of view (feet@1000yds/m@1000m): 189/sixty three
  • near cognizance (toes/m): seventy two/22
  • eye remedy: 15. Four mm
  • weight: eighty oz.
  • protected accessories: braced-in tripod mounting put up, top class wearing case, and lens material
  • warranty: manufacturer constrained lifetime
  • 7 reviews for Barska x-trail 20×80 binocular with braced-in tripod adapter , black

    1. Kristin M.

      If it were not for the poor collimation, the image would almost be passable. A bit of CA and SA, especially away from the center of the field. Not ideal, but acceptable for the cost. I am not sure of the barrel material. For some reason, I could not find that info in the description. Might be plastic, or a diamagnetic metal. The resolution is not great, and lacks sharpness and contrast. The focus is, so far, OK with almost no play. Too bad about the collimation. They would have be OK for casual viewing otherwise. Read more

    2. J. Haindel

      Frankly, I was a little disappointed with these binoculars. There are raving reviews all over the net (just do a search) and maybe I was expecting too much. I will list what I think about this product: Dislike: 1. Not so great clarity. Tree leaves at a distant are a little fuzzy compared to my more expensive binoculars. 2. Flaring is pretty bad. Stars look like a glittering asterisk. 3. Color fringing is really bad if you have significant back lighting. 4. They reflect a great deal of foreground reflections in the viewing image. It is like looking at a projector screen on the large lens of any objects in the foreground. 5. They are huge but that was not without surprise, but they are manageable. 6. They little rubber cups on the eye end cut my nose after awhile. They are a little too stiff and have a sharp edge. 7. You might want to be aware that these binoculars will not focus under 70′. Also it will cost you $20 plus shipping if you have a warranty problem. Amazon has a 30 day return policy without the $20 charge. Like 1. I think they look high quality. I could not find any part that I thought was cheaply made. They actually look better than they work, in my opinion. 2. They balance well, and, believe it or not, can easily be hand held steadily without the tripod although it won’t take long for your arms to tire. 3. The Barska support team is awesome. I had a spot on the large lens that turned out to be an oil drop. They helped me resolve the problem without a hassle. They were more than willing for me to return the product if it was deemed defective. 4. The focus is wonderful. It is not too sensitive and you do not have to do a lot of jockeying with the focus wheel. It is also very smooth. 5. The tripod mount works great and is easy to use. We are in the heat of summer right now and I am not sure if the heat currents are causing many of the image problems I described. I will try to add to this comment once we get into some cooler weather. Read more

    3. Hector Martinez

      A real, good material and huge binocular. Can be used during the day or astronomy. I can see barely Jupiter and their moons and Saturn as well, but you must have a tripod for better visual. It’s easy to calibrate and not heavy. I really recommend it. Read more

    4. mobo

      I got this unit a couple of days ago and tested them mostly in daylight. I only tested them one night for stargazing. My unit arrived properly collimated, meaning – I did not have a double image. There is a very strong field distortion towards the edges of the view when you look at distant vertical objects (buildings, tower, etc), especially if the object is not too far. The magnification is great. I could count individual branches on a bush about 2 miles away. However, the chromatic aberration was prominent and objects appeared somewhat hazy. Also, the focus is lost easily if you push your eyebrows slightly against the eyepieces. Adjusting the focus is not easy. On my unit the right diopter adjustment knob is very tight and hard to turn. At night I was able to see the Andromeda, it looked like a large fussy oval, quite dim, though. I saw Jupiter and it’s three bright moons. Jupiter looked like a small bright disk with CA present again. I was not able to get a good focus on stars. Every star I tried had spiked flares and none appeared sharp. I am a bit disappointed because I purchased these binoculars mostly for stargazing. It seems that their lenses coating is not too good for night objects. I will test them for a few more days/nights and see how it goes. *****UPDATE**** One more thing I discovered after few days and nights of use. I am not able to fully focus the right scope. No matter what I try the image is always a little fuzzy. Unfortunately, this item goes back. Read more

    5. jBj

      These binos are surprisingly light for the size. These of course are impossible to use while handheld…at least for me they are. I have an old off brand all aluminum tripod being well made and very solid that’s perfect for these. First night out I could see the need for collimating the Barska 20×80’s I fiddled with the screws for the prisms during daylight trying to focus on a light pole about 1\2 mile away. Wasn’t too sure if my hurried adjustments did anything. When I looked thru the binoculars the following night to my surprise I had no more doubled images! Got lucky I guess. I really enjoy these binoculars especially mounted on a good tripod. The wife and I enjoy looking thru these night and day. I think they are just right for us. Good alternative to a hard to use small telescope. Read more

    6. Craig Weaver

      These are much better quality than I expected.. Spherical aberration comma chromatic aberration Etc all great. Go on YouTube see how people have made mounts for them. You’ll find them fascinating and interestingly counterbalanced. If you are going to spend any time with this instrument you will need this. It is extremely heavy, and I have strong arms. They get heavy very quickly. It is amazing how small an area of the field at the edge has distortion. You really have to look for it. Read more

    7. Flowkris

      These badboys are huge. I get oohs and aahs everytime I break them out. They are not $1000 binoculars, so the image isn’t as crystal clear as those, but at 20x magnification they work well. The first pair I recieved had a broken focusing knob. I had a replacement pair in 2 days. Read more

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