Barska varmint mil-dot riflescope

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  • ensure this fits by way of coming into your version quantity.
  • precision aiming: the 6. Five-20x magnification scope capabilities 1/eight moa click modifications for precision accuracy.
  • first-class construction: the scope comes with multi-coated optics, imparting dazzling viewing readability. Tube diameter 1″.
  • target dot reticle: the scope comes with goal dot crosshair reticle for smooth targeting, ideal for any form of taking pictures.
  • special design: the scope is mainly built to withstand the reverse draw back produced by means of airguns. It is water-proof, fogproof, and shockproof.
  • accessories: the scope comes with scope caps and lens cloth.
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  • ac10048
  • fov: 16ft/five. 3m, five. 7ft/1. 9m
  • tube diameter: 1”
  • eye remedy: 3. 6″
  • exit student: 7. 7mm-2. 5mm
  • focal plane: 2nd
  • parallax adjustment: yes
  • 6. Five-20x50mm ao varmint rifle scope

    6. 5-20x50mm ao, varmint, black matte, excellent crosshair reticle, 1/eight” moa, waterproof, fogproof and shockproof, multi-lined optics for clear pics, 1″ tube construction, engineered with an adjustable goal for parallax correction and easy-grip excessive turrets, the varmint scope affords you with two times the precision for varmint looking or long-variety tactical shooting, brief get right of entry to magnification zoom ring, designed for lengthy-variety and shooting

  • exceptional crosshair reticle
  • parallax adjustable goal lens
  • 6. 5-20x magnification
  • 50mm objective lens
  • 1/8 moa clicks
  • functions

    the adjustable goal allows the consumer to accurate for parallax mistakes in step with the space they may be capturing at.

    1/eight moa stable windage and elevation adjustment with turret caps.

    6. Five-20x adjustable zoom lets in user to get up close to the target.

    scope features a quality crosshair reticle perfect for searching and target taking pictures.


    6-24×42 Mil Dot, 6-24×50 Mil Dot, 6.5-20×50 Fine Crosshair

    8 reviews for Barska varmint mil-dot riflescope

    1. John A. Austin

      I liked this scope. However, after having it on a Mohsen Nagant (7.62x54R) for two years and putting approx 200 rnds down range, the scope lost zero prior/during a deer hunt. After missing my target and returning home, I realised the windage turret was broken as it spun freely. The warranty does not cover `normal wear and tear’……. Really?. Unfortunately, the scope is now a paper weight. No more Barska scopes for me..? I am now using a Vortex Crossfire II on that gun. The Barska might work fine on an air rifle. Read more

    2. Josh Harris

      Finally got a chance to attempt to sight in my Barska 6-24×50 scope. For the price I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic but I did expect it to work. The height adjustment turret doesn’t adjust up or down it just spins and clicks. The knob goes in and out like it should be adjusting but the center mil dot does not move. Looked over Barskas “lifetime warranty” paperwork. That is a joke as well. You have to send it back to Barska in a postage paid box with a return postage paid box and a check for $25. Then wait 6-8 weeks for it to be “fixed”. It would be cheaper to throw the stupid thing away and buy another one hoping that one works! Wasn’t expecting any miracles but this thing is completely non functional. It does look nice though. So if you are looking for a scope to mount on a weapon that you never plan on shooting, this is the scope for you! Read more

    3. paul moses

      I purchased this scope for my son who is at best a casual shooter. I have a Burris scope that cost triple the price of the Barska scope. I have used both of theses scopes at 50 yards bench shooting with a CZ 455 and 457 and can see no advantage of either scope other than a very slight blurring at the the 24 power setting with the Barska. At 50 yards, this is a moot point as 14-18 is more than adequate magnification. My grandson who has never shot a bench mounted rifle, put 5 .22 rounds into a circle of around 3 tenths of an inch. Unless one has grandiose visions of championship shooting with a 4 or 5,000 dollar setup, this is an excellent scope for a very modest price. I would highly recommend this scope to any casual bench shooter or hunter. It will deliver good results and strike whatever target you center the reticle upon. Read more

    4. Badger Bob

      This is a good scope for the money. It is a varmint scope…ok, this means it is meant to be used with smaller calibers, like the .22 family, .17, maybe a .22-250. Don’t put this on a .308, it won’t hold a zero, or will crack the glass. It’s not meant for the bigger calibers!!! It can be a bit blurry at times just mess around with the Adjustable Objective, if you are shooting on 24x make sure your parallax adjust is spot on or it will be blurry. Other than the parallax adjust being a bit finicky. Make sure you buy higher scope rings so that 50mm objective can have clearance between itself and the barrel. I had it zeroed in 2 rounds and held a nice zero. Zeroed a Ruger 10/22 @25yds shooting 40gr Remington .22lr. Dead-on @ 25 yds. Dead on @ 50yds. about 8 moa hold @ 100 yds (last mildot on reticule) about 8″ drop at 100yds with the rounds I was using. There are two little screws that hold the adjustment knobs on. You can reset the turrets to zero if you wish, and just adjust for target distance that way. Honestly, its a $60 scope, so I am afraid to do this, I’ll let ya’ll know if it works. Read more

    5. B1s0260

      I have another Barska 6X24X50 on a .223 I use for varmint hunting and it works well, but not as good as this one?? This particular scope went on a B-mag .17 WSM. I can say its a lot easier to find the “sweet spot” at maximum magnification and the power range dial is much smoother to operate compared to the other Barska I have. It also has a conventional cross hair, which I actually prefer.. Iv’e been shooting for 60 years and maybe it’s a bit old school but some of the additional ranging and wind drift markers they seem to want to put on the newer stuff can become a bit distracting. I suppose since they are an economy scope that quality control is a little lacking, I have $600 Lupolds and the like that are great scopes..But the Barska scopes are a great deal for anyone looking for just a plain “shooter” Why put a $600 scope on a $300 rifle just to take out and beat up in the field?? Read more

    6. Jake Parker

      I wasn’t expecting much of this inexpensive scope, but boy, was I wrong. The glass is incredibly clear, and the cross hair is truly hair-thin.The zoom is extremely powerful, and the adjustable objective is extremely useful as a range estimator. I mounted this scope on a .308 Remington 700 and it has held up on the original zero for three years of use and thousands of rounds with no re-adjustment whatsoever. I could not be more happy with this scope. Read more

    7. Timothy Henry

      Scope was simple and worked decently at first. However, my rifle was quite a ways off and when I was adjusting the the crosshairs I maxed it out and did not know I maxed it out. So I kept going and the adjuster unthreaded. There was no real indicator that it was going to far, the tension was high as it adjusted, but no higher than the previous quarter turn had been. Now it is useless as a rifle scope though it can still be used for magnification purposes. Honestly, pretty disappointing Read more

    8. Bryatt Smith

      Adjustment knob broke for the top trying to bore sight it in. Amazon issued a refund and I drove to the store and dropped it off. Got another one just for the adjustment knob to break while trying to sight it in. Amazon wants me to take it back again just to do the same thing. Ridiculous. No way to get in touch with Barska either as their phone number tells you to do their online form. Read more

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