Barska three-9×42 ir contour riflescope, black

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  • make certain this fits by means of coming into your model quantity.
  • precision aiming: the 3-9x magnification scope features 1/four moa click adjustments for precision accuracy.
  • pleasant production: the scope comes with fully-covered optics, presenting amazing viewing clarity. Tube diameter 1″.
  • illuminated reticle: the illuminated 4a mil-plex reticle with adjustable brightness may be used to goal readily.
  • bdc adjustment: the external range drum rotates for preferred variety and trajectory, allowing short . 223 bdc adjustments.
  • robust design: the scope is built with extra-inflexible creation, being water resistant, fogproof, and shockproof. Set of 7/eight” earrings covered.

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  • item: ac10634
  • subject of view(toes @ 100yds): 36. 7ft @ 3x, 12. 5ft @ 9x
  • eye comfort: three. Nine”
  • exit student: 14. Zero-four. 6mm
  • click on price: 1/four moa
  • focal plane: 2d
  • length: 9. 8″ ; weight: sixteen ounces ; 1″ tube diameter
  • included: set of 7/eight” picatinny / weaver earrings ; scope caps ; lens cloth
  • 3-9x42mm ir b. D. C. Contour compact outside range drum rifle scope

    the three-9×42 contour riflescope from barska combines overall performance and innovation in a compact scope with out sacrificing dependability, sturdiness or workmanship. Imparting low magnification with affordable eye alleviation, this riflescope is right for ar-15, m-16, crossbows, pistols, and more. Engineered with inflexible shockproof production, the contour can even manage the demands of shotguns and other high recoil guns. Riser mount no longer blanketed.

  • 3-9x magnification
  • 42mm goal lens
  • fully-covered optics
  • waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • illuminated 4a mil-plex
  • 7/8″ picatinny / weaver earrings
  • durable, mild weight riflescope

    this 3-9×42 contour riflescope is durable and light-weight, best for searching or target exercise.

    illuminated reticle

    the scope comes with illuminated 4a mil-plex reticle, permitting the shooter to target in specific lighting fixtures environments with high accuracy.

    zoom adjustment

    3-9x adjustable zoom permits users to rise up close to the goal, appropriate for mid- to brief-variety concentrated on.

    bdc elevation

    the external variety drum rotates for preferred variety, allowing . 223 bdc range and trajectory adjustments for correct aiming.

    product description

    product description

    performance that doesn’t forestall short. Barska’s contour series meets the hunters needs by means of combining performance and innovation into a compact riflescope without sacrificing ruggedness, dependability or craftsmanship. Contour scopes offer low magnification blended with lengthy eye alleviation making them best for close range motion, from move-bow looking to pistol capturing even down to simple rimfire movement. The contour series of scopes are engineered with more rigid shockproof construction to deal with the needs of pistols, shotguns, and other varieties of high draw back firearms. This series is a clean winner for diverse kinds of shooters and hunters in the field.

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    the barska 3-9×42 ir contour riflescope is a compact, lightweight scope presenting precision accuracy beyond its length. The 42mm goal lens gives 3 to 9 instances variable magnification with a very long eye remedy. This rifle scope is absolutely fog-proof and water resistant for even the hardest of weather situations. The completely-lined optics with illuminated 4a mil-plex reticles permit for stronger overall performance. The greater inflexible, shockproof creation offers you even more manipulate and accuracy. Bonus add-ons include a hard and fast of seven/eight-inch picatinny base jewelry with scope caps.

    8 reviews for Barska three-9×42 ir contour riflescope, black

    1. armedinaz

      This scope lasted for one hunt…I put it away for the next hunt and when I went to zero it for deer hunt in 2015 the top turret was loose and about to fall off after a couple of shots. Just trying to correct it and it fell off..A couple of the interior screws were just laying loose inside. The so called life time warranty is a farce…Barska charges $25.00 for a return (up front) and they don’t pay the return cost either.(you pay) Buy a Bushnell for a few dollars more and anything goes wrong they will replace it with no questions asked and no cost to the owner. (I have) BTW it was mounted on a 300 BLK not some magnum cannon.where a Bushnell now resides with no problems what so ever. Read more

    2. Gadget Enthusiast

      My usage: This scope goes onto my Ruger 10/22 with an Archangel 5.66 kit. I will be switching over to the Nordic Components AR22 receiver within the next few weeks. This is my first time using/installing a scope, so I can say the ease of use is very friendly. Two screws secure the scope to your rails fairly solidly. As I am only mounting this on a 22 caliber rifle, I’m not concerned about losing zero. Eye relief is okay- definitely not comparable to a red dot sight, but good enough that you’d be comfortable looking into it. Image when zoomed into 9x magnification starts to blur the edges, which is problematic for me, but I am still able to fire accurately. Adjusting is very simple- simply remove the cover plates on the top and sides to reveal the fine tune dials for the windage/elevation. I fired groups of three into the target at 50m and was able to zero in on a 6″ diameter target in 2″ groupings from the center within a few minutes. The next time I go I’ll work on adjusting it more carefully and take it out to the 100m lanes for some fun. The build quality is fine- I’ve handled enough scopes to see that this one’s pretty durable. I’ve also been treating the unit pretty carelessly while it’s been mounted, and so far it’s doing well. Will see how well it’s held on zero with all the banging around when I next go to the range. The lens covers are plastic and scratch easily. I keep them during storage/when I’m not using the rifle at the range to prevent dust from getting on them. My main complaint is the ‘IR’ feature, which illuminates the crosshairs.. it’s little more than a red LED whose intensity can be changed. The light reflects off the inside of the scope, causing distractions. I shoot with it off. Before I started writing this review I started with 4 stars. I have now changed it to 3 stars. For the money, you get a decent scope. However, I feel that for the same price, you can find much better… but I will still be holding onto this scope, as it’s still able to do what I had hoped it to. Read more

    3. Myrick Holder

      I had to return the first one I ordered because the scope didn’t respond when trying to zero & sight the scope. The second one has the same problem. About 90% of the time it doesn’t respond to adjusting the left/right or elevation/windage dial while trying to zero the scope in. After finally getting it to zero in, the scope loses zero after 1-2 shots on my AR-15 .556 caliber. I would recommend spending the extra money for a better brand. I got this because it was cheap & I just needed something to combat the feral hogs but it’s pointless since the scope won’t hold zero after firing the rifle more than twice. I guess it’s ok if you just want you rifle to look cool & never use it, but if you plan on firing your rifle then I would find a different scope. Read more

    4. withoutreason

      Wanted to like it, compact size, illuminated reticle is cool, but the lack of optical clarity and chromatic aberration is too much to deal with. The image in the scope is so muddled, and dim, its really difficult to use. I thought I was saving a few dollars, but it turns out to have been a waste of money. I just bought a slightly more expensive Nikon buckmasters 2 3-9×40 and it is lightyears better optically. I give up the illumination, but noe feel I have a scope that I can use. Maybe I had a bad copy, maybe not. Read more

    5. johnrj

      This scope surprised me…I never had Barska products before and was really impressed with the quality of workmanship, the appealing design and the quick customer support when I had questions. Good company. I may have bought the scope with parallax adjustment if I shot more frequently but this is fine for what I do. It is factory set and close enough for hitting the target. I have Nikons and Shepherd scopes and used other USA brand scopes. This is comparable to the best but does not empty your pocketbook to buy it. Try ’em, you’ll be impressed, too. Read more

    6. Laar

      This is a low cost scope with some nice features. The illuminated Reticle works very well. This is not a scope for serious hunting, but the price is very low. I tried it on a .22 rifle and the focus was poor at 75 yards plus. It is adequate on a hand gun, but I will retire it as soon as I can afford a better item. Another issue is the mount length is very short so do not consider this for most bolt action rifles. This is a fair value for very little money, just know what you are buying. Read more

    7. wsandman

      I just can’t find much good to say about this scope. Out of the box it appeared and felt sturdy and rugged, qualities I felt I needed in a scope for my 9mm carbine. But, after about 50 rounds this scope would not longer hold zero. After zero fire one shot and it would be within 1-2 in of dead center. Then, everything after that was at least 6″ off in both axis. Bullets flying all over the place except where you are aiming. Read more

    8. cartel

      Scope is far from clear at any power, and every time I brought the gun to the range I had to resight it. I can’t explain this, maybe it’s because it was mounted on a 243..?. The adjustments are very poor quality as well. Move it up 20 clicks and it moves 1/4 inch, move it down one click and it moves a foot. This is garbage all around. First and last cheap scope I’ll ever purchase. I hope the return is easy. Read more

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