Barska battalion waterproof army binoculars with rangefinder

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  • make certain this suits through coming into your version quantity.
  • sturdy binoculars: the binoculars features 8x magnification and 30mm goal lenses to achive top performance in hard conditions.
  • range locating: the battalion binoculars comes with internal rangefinder reticle, offering precious course for all types of activities, in addition to an illuminated directional compass reticle.
  • precision optics: with high pleasant bak-4 prisms and fully multi-covered optics, the binoculars brings you exceptional clear perspectives to enjoy from sunrise to sunset.
  • water resistant/fogproof: the binoculars is dry nitrogen-pruged and sealed. It’s miles fogproof, water-resistant, shockproof, and floats on water.
  • clean managing: the non-slip and ergonomic rubber layout and neck strap make the binoculars easy to carry and use. Carrying case protected.
  • 100-percent water-proof and fogproof with bak-4 prisms and absolutely multi-coated optics that supply superior optical overall performance
  • internal compass and rangefinder. Discipline of view 423 ftat a thousand yds/ 132m at 1000m. Eye remedy: 16. 5mm
  • large ocular lens 30mm for comfy viewing and handy person eyepiece awareness for personalised settings
  • includes: person eyepiece focus, wearing case and neckstrap. Limited lifetime warranty
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  • object: ab11776
  • 8x magnification
  • 30mm objective lenses
  • internal rangefinder/compass
  • bak-4 prism
  • rubber armor
  • waterproof/fogproof
  • completely multi-coated optics
  • 8x30mm wp battalion variety locating reticle illuminated compass binoculars ab11776

    barska’s 8×30 battalion binoculars w/ internal rangefinder are excessive pleasant navy-fashion binoculars which are perfect for any tactical situation. The inner rangefinder allows the consumer to without problems achieve a distance between an object, and additionally features a directional compass. The battalion 8×30 binoculars were designed to satisfy army standards with its rubber armor for shock safety and a cozy grip.

    the hard and compact 8x30mm binoculars is a reachable optic this is suitable for a wide variety of sports in all climate situations.

    the binoculars comes with bak-4 prism, completely lined optics, and right-eye diopter, bringing you shiny and crystal clear perspectives.

    the inner rangefinder permits the consumer to effortlessly achieve a distance among an object, and also capabilities a directional compass.


    AB10510 7×50, AB11036 8×30, AB11042 7×50, AB11610 7×50, AB11776 8×30

    8 reviews for Barska battalion waterproof army binoculars with rangefinder

    1. Rawdon K. Lowe III

      These Barska Battalion binos are built like a freaking tank! While serving in then West Germany I was several times was assigned with Bundeswehr, or German Army, soldiers and had a chance to use and qualify with thier arms and equipment. They used Steiner optics with a range finding reticle similar to the Barska Battalions. This does not mean I can explain it much better than the someahat confusing literature included with the Barska Battalion’s. This system relies on the Mil dot type scale but using stadia marks to gain estimation within 10 meters, or about 35 feet. Radians are defined but a known distance o either ther size of an object down range must be known, or less accurately, estimated. The glass and coatings in this instrument is of very good clarity, sharpness and detail. Like the military Steiner’s I used in the 1970’s, each eyepiece is of the individual focus variety, when set (and value of right eye piece is noted from the diopter scale) allows focusing with only the center focus knob much of the time, unlike the Steiner’s with only individual focus eye pieces. The picture viewed will remind the user of much more expensive glasses, once properly focused. The crummy instructions are trumped by the excellent and ruggedly quality of these field glasses to earn 5 stars Read more

    2. Sea Hare

      I bought these binoculars to use on my boat. They are very solid with a nice, moderately heavy feel to them. Overall, the optics are quite clear and the magnification seems to be accurate. The fixed-focus works great from distances beyond 10 feet. Yes, I tried to look at objects closer than 10 feet / 3 meters, telling myself that it was only to establish a baseline. Just a couple of minor annoyances with these that prevent a 5-star rating. First, there are some dark occlusions in the field of view. These show up as black specks that get superimposed on whatever I am looking at. They are easy to ignore after a few seconds, but they should not be there. Next, the “internal rangefinder” feature is crap. What you get is crosshairs and an inscribed angle that you are supposed to use to figure out either how tall something is (if you already know how far away it is), or how far away something is (if you already know how tall it is). The instructions for using the rangefinder were written using a car as an example for estimating height. I have not seen any of those floating on the ocean that can be used as a quick height reference. Overall, the documentation for guesstimating range is very poorly written and way over my head. I even gave the binoculars and the user manual to my stepson who can figure out just about anything. He gave it a try and quickly gave up. Finally, since the range-finder feature is basically worthless, having the crosshairs and inscribed angle in the field of view don’t add anything useful. When the binoculars are adjusted to fit my eyes, the crosshairs are tilted at a 45-degree angle. If I could figure out how to use the range-finder feature, I would have to hold the binoculars at an angle to get the crosshairs back to vertical / horizontal. Not easy to brace yourself and your binoculars and hold your head at a specific angle on a pitching boat. Read more

    3. Chanda

      Would have gone to 4 stars but the strap for the binoculars is missing the clip on one side so I had to tie it on with a knot. Tried to get a replacement from Barska but they gave me a hard time, wanted too much info, all of which I sent them in the email. Binoculars are great but the rangefinder is not what I expected either. Must have a PHD degree in math to use it, the instructions are there but good luck trying to learn it. Also it is a bit heavy compared to others of the same size. Would have returned it if it wasn’t a hassle for the strap. I would not suggest this if you want to get the range quickly, its very complicated and seems to have a lot of guesswork in it. lenses seem to be fairly clear for the price, they will make a good pair to leave in my boat. Read more

    4. Matthew D. Lovell

      Works well, but the description on the range finder was deceptive. The range finder is not automatic or laser, it is a fixed analog which requires you to interpolate distance using a formula based on what you see on the scale and using an algorithm manually to calculate distance. Read more

    5. Case

      I wanted to like these I have a 7×50 pair from celestron and they work well enough. However the unit I received is defective it would focus but the image was split as though a prism is out of alignment. I returned them for a refund which thanks to Amazon has been flawless. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      By far one of the best purchases I have ever made. Binoculars are clear crisp and easy to operate. No blurry vision or power differential with the eyes. The radical is spot on for rain estimation as I like to long-distance shoot. A perfect copy of the Steiner military M-22 version in every way. Read more

    7. Old Pro

      Reticle is great for distance estimation, it takes a bit of actual field practice with measured objects at known distances, but the graph is clear and works well. The great thing is that this range finding is totally without electric power, works as long as you can see it and is simple. The glass is clear and a great value for the price. Cons: the pair is heavier than smaller and other units but the rubberized grip on the outside makes use stable. Read more

    8. eric young

      Nice crisp clear view & a range finding reticle I can understand. Read more

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