Barska ac11704 multi-reticle electro reflex sight inexperienced / purple reticle with with picatinny / weaver fashion base, 1x33mm , black

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  • ensure this suits via getting into your model quantity.
  • recreation kind: hunting
  • clean attachment: the included preferred five/eight” mount allows attachment to many one-of-a-kind rail structures.
  • reticle alternatives: the crimson/green dot sight offers 4 different illuminated reticle patterns with rheostat illumination settings.
  • add-ons: the sight comes with set of picatinny / weaver fashion mount, lens fabric, and lens covers.

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product description

the barska multi-reticle crimson and green electro sight is a multi-reticle panoramic sight this is constructed with a widespread 5/eight” mount and is ideal for small quality rifles, handguns, shotguns, and crossbows. It features 4 distinct crimson and green reticle styles, rheostat illumination placing, and is powered through a lithium battery. With a display screen size of twenty-two x 33mm, this sight affords limitless eye alleviation and an nearly limitless area-of-view.

8 reviews for Barska ac11704 multi-reticle electro reflex sight inexperienced / purple reticle with with picatinny / weaver fashion base, 1x33mm , black

  1. Grizzly Bear

    Only 2 stars. I have had the red dot only Barska on my AR-15 for 12 years. The red dot only version has the 4 types of dots and 7 light intensity settings. Each time you go up a number, you can feel a click when into place. On this dual color model, it is extremely difficult to turn the dial, only 3 light settings for each color. Tried it against my old 7 light setting red dot Barska and prefer the clicks and 7 intensities of light. Again, this one is difficult to turn and in the 3 light settings, with no click into place, I struggled to adjust. Had to turn AR on its side and look at the side to see when I was lined up with a number. The old red dot only, I can look at the target, reach up, easily turn dial to next click. Has to be in exact position for any light number setting to work as it is not progressive. With this model, it is a guessing game if you are getting close to next setting without looking at side and lining up the number. Again, the only 3 green, 3 red is limiting for my needs. Sending it back and replacing with red dot only. Hoping when received it is identical to the one I purchased several years ago with the clicks. Read more

  2. Queen

    A friend had one and look good for a 22LR. Anyway I pull the trigger. After mounting I notice the cross hair was slightly crooked. I took it off and place it on a level surface. Same result. Its a little fuzzy too. Lucky for me I had another scope . Not sure what I want to do at this point. It Is mounted so I will try it out for a few months then see which one to keep. Read more

  3. Richard G

    both eyes open!! both sides right and left shooting Like I do Sir, Awesome and Quick and reliable GRT$$$$ , I shot a 8 point with my muzzleloader on a quick shot, he was after this doe. easy to sight in, 100yrd shots no problem every time. 100000000Stars for this product THX. Read more

  4. Dom

    Have one on my Beretta 40cal cx4 storm for the price, works great. Bought this one for my 9mm carbine. Read more

  5. Mitchell Davis

    Works very well. Read more

  6. Louroy

    After putting this on my top rail, I immediately found myself handling my rifle more carefully. I was always worried that I’d break it when setting it down, or how it would survive after tossing the case in the trunk. I eventually returned it about bought an EOTech (at about 5x the cost!) I think this would have been an okay sight for a recreational shooter, but I have some doubts about reliability with daily handling. Read more

  7. Hitman007

    Seems to be constructed of good materials but very difficult to change the color dial and unscrew the battery compartment. I have another Barska scope(sniper model) and I like it very well. Also much smaller than I expected. Not recommended! Read more

  8. RS

    I use this on a Ruger 22/45 that is fitted with a Gemtech Supressor. I find that the unit works fine for 10 yards and under but would not use it for anything further than that or higher powered than a .22 Long Rifle. If you want more accuracy…spend a little more. I use mine for plinking with my little boys so accuracy is not paramount. Read more

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