Barska 25-75×75 mm colorado spotting scope , black

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  • make certain this suits by getting into your model quantity.
  • cotton/nylon
  • imported
  • precision optics: the spotter capabilities powerful and flexible 20-75x magnification that allows easy targeting after which zoom in for a closer and distinctive appearance.
  • exceptional optics: the spotting scope comes with bk-7 prism, absolutely covered optics, and huge 75mm goal lenses, bringing you vibrant and crystal clear views.
  • strong construction: the recognizing scope is water-resistant, fogproof, shockproof, and has a straight frame layout for convenient the usage of. Turn-down lens cover included.
  • tabletop tripod: the integrated rotating tripod collar suits widespread tripod mounting screws, and the protected foldable mini tripod ensures steady viewing.
  • compact & portable: the compact spotter comes with a gentle sporting case for convenience storage and transport.
  • game kind: outdoor

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  • item: co10998
  • fov: 92ft @ 25x, 42ft @ 75x
  • close attention: 32. 8ft / 10m
  • eye relief: 13mm-11mm
  • go out student: 3mm-1mm
  • weight: forty one oz.
  • 25-75x75mm colorado spotting scope

    the 25-75×75 colorado immediately spotting scope homes fully coated optics in a rugged climate resistant housing. The extensive zoom range makes this optical device perfect for looking and chook looking, as well as recognizing at the rifle range or even lunar observations. Use the 25x magnification to survey the entire landscape, then zoom to higher magnification and attention on high-quality information.

  • 25-75x magnification
  • 75mm goal
  • a hundred% water-resistant and fogproof
  • bk-7 porro prism
  • completely lined optics
  • immediately body layout
  • flip-down lens cover
  • grooved zoom dial
  • features

    spotting scope comes with high definition glass and massive objective lens providing extraordinary photo satisfactory

    protects the recognizing scope from scratch and damages.

    the spotting scope is nitrogen purged so it’s far 100% waterproof and fogproof.

    soft & tough case, desk pinnacle tripod, lens covers

    product description

    the 25-75×75 colorado instantly recognizing scope houses absolutely covered optics in a rugged climate resistant housing. The wide zoom variety makes this optical device ideal for looking and chook looking, as well as spotting on the rifle range and even lunar observations. Use the 25x magnification to survey the complete panorama, then zoom to better magnification and recognition on exceptional details.

    8 reviews for Barska 25-75×75 mm colorado spotting scope , black

    1. Smokey

      Top notch scope. Great optics, even up towards the max magnification. Tough too, dropped it a couple times due to difficulty getting the rather inadequate tripod that comes with the scope. Might be fine on a table at the range, but for anything else, get a good tripod AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag Finally, eyepiece cover is a little too large and easily falls off. Think Butler Creek 09 Objective Flip Open Scope Cover will work fine. Scope itself is well worth the price. Read more

    2. tony buzzo

      I had to return my spotting scope shortly after I bought it because the eye piece fell off. The warranty was a joke! I had to pay for shipping back to Barska and a $25.00 fee, which after Barska’s fee and the shipping cost I could have almost bought another new spotting scope. After going past 35-40X the quality is awful. After this experience I doubt I will ever buy another Barska product!!!! Read more

    3. D. Hopper

      I purchased this hoping it would be usable by my spotting partner at 50 and 100 yards. We could barely get it focused at 25 yards. Outside of the the image was not clear enough to spot a landed round. Returned and will be purchasing a pair of binoculars instead. Read more

    4. Evan Ng

      i have a few Barska scopes on low end guns and they surprised me, however this spotting scope is a real waste of money. I read the bad reviews and bought it anyway because the price was right. This thing is completely useless when it comes to shooting it’s so hard to focus on a target and actually see my hits. Maybe it’s too high of power for 200-400 yards idk but I do not recommend this’ll product to anyone I tried to be optimistic here and make my own opinion and ignore reviews I should have just bought a vortex. Read more

    5. ret jarhead

      This barska 25-75×75 spotting scope is worthless. I bought it to see bullet holes on targets. It doesn’t focus well and the magnification is not real smooth. So you tend to jump from say 45x to 60x and in doing so with the small field of view you’ll lose sight of the target. At two hundred yards at less than 75x, I see about 6 inches of target when i’m lucky. I won’t buy another barsks anything. I deal with multiple scopes and binoculars and have no problem with them. I don’t think it’s me. I think the machining internally and optics could be improved. I THINK THEY SPENT MORE TIME MAKING IT PRETTY ON THE OUTSIDE THAN MAKING IT WORK LIKE IT SHOULD. Read more

    6. Nathan j walter

      You have to be absolutely perfectly still. And it’s really hard to focus in and see exactly What’s there at full power, 600 yards great 1100 not so much Read more

    7. GPajkos

      This scope is terrible. I cannot get it to focus clearly at any distance. At 100 yards I can’t see my shots. Read more

    8. joseph mc cormick

      very nice product. worked very well. was well worth the cost Read more

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