Barska 15-40×50 colorado spotting scope , black

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  • ensure this suits by getting into your version wide variety.
  • fully coated optics with porro prism machine
  • huge 50mm goal lens
  • shock soaking up rubber armor
  • include desk tripod and tender sporting case
  • the highest readability variety is at 150 yards. Past one hundred fifty yards, the image will naturally start to become blurry.

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  • item: co11500
  • glass: bk-7
  • subject of view (ft @ 1000yds / m @ 1000m): 150ft/45m @ 15x
  • near cognizance: 26. 24/8@15x
  • eye comfort: thirteen-10mm
  • exit student: three. 5mm @ 15x
  • weight: 1. 5 lbs
  • blanketed: defensive tender case ; tabletop tripod ; lens cloth
  • 15-40x50mm colorado compact spotting scope

    the 15-40×50 colorado recognizing scope is a lightweight zoom spotting scope beneficial for hen looking and recognizing at the goal variety. Multicoated glass and a bk-7 porro prism transmit vibrant evaluation-wealthy pics at some point of the complete zoom variety. An covered mini tripod is foldable and convenient for terrain navigation and nature statement on-the-go.

  • compact and transportable design
  • completely-coated optics for superior detail
  • instantly frame layout
  • blue eyepiece
  • smooth wearing case
  • mini tabletop tripod
  • capabilities that beautify capability

    boasting a powerful 15-40x zoom range, the colorado spotter is properly-applicable for a wide range of viewing situations. At 15x, the spotter can be used for standard commentary. See some thing exciting? Quickly and without problems zoom to 40x magnification to get a extra particular look.

    whilst viewing at such high magnifications, it’s crucial to have a focusing gadget in an effort to supply specific modifications. The adjustable goal lens allows the consumer to make best modifications to the spotters awareness placing even as retaining a visual at the goal object.

    an blanketed tabletop tripod guarantees constant viewing in any scenario. The included tripod mount will fit maximum popular tripod mounting screws, allowing the spotter to be used with both the covered tripod or your very own!

    keep your colorado spotter blanketed at the cross or even as saved with the protected smooth case. This convenient gentle case can without problems shop the covered add-ons, which include the tabletop tripod, lens material, and extra.

    product description

    the 15-40×50 colorado spotting scope is a light-weight zoom recognizing scope beneficial for chicken watching and spotting at the goal variety. Multicoated glass and a bk-7 porro prism transmit vivid contrast-rich pictures for the duration of the complete zoom range. An covered mini tripod is foldable and handy for terrain navigation and nature observation on-the-go.

    6 reviews for Barska 15-40×50 colorado spotting scope , black

    1. Donavan

      Good scope for the price if you are planning to look at a huge well lit sphere in the sky. I bought this specifically for sighting in rifles at the 100yd mark. You cannot see the target clearly enough to see the bullet holes. 5.56 or .308. Comes with a great little bag to carry it in. Only problem, the scope does not fit in the great little bag. Its too small for the scope, and definitely too small to also carry the portable tripod. Also, the instruction booklet is for a different scope. But at least it is wrong in 7 different languages. Probably just a Bird watcher scope as long as the Bird is within 50 yards. Sorry, gotta return this one. Read more

    2. Honest Abe

      Primary Function: Target shooting at 50 feet indoors I shoot .22LR at 50 feet indoors and this does focus perfectly on the target. Able to easily see holes and score a USA50 rifle target. Field of view when zoomed out will cover 2 targets side by side, and you can see the holes clearly enough at that zoom to score. I’d fully expect it to work fine for 10M air rifle targets as well. It’s definitely a cheap scope those. A lot of its construction is plastic. When I screwed it into my scope mount, the threads felt like they were plastic. Not sure if it’s just some over molding getting in the way or not, but the quality control on that aspect is about what you’d expect for a $30 scope. Bottom line: It does what I bought it for. Hopefully I’ll get a couple years out of it. Read more

    3. Jay

      Figured I’d take a gamble on an affordable spotting scope, since I didnt want to drop a few hundred on something I’d only use occasionally. The finish is very nice, the carrying case is handy, and the adjustments are smooth. But that’s about it. The knobs are cheap and feel like they’ll break every time you touch them. The covers for the lenses only barely stay on, and half the time have fallen off in transit. The tripod is a joke. But all that’s easily excusable. The reason I cant even bother to try and use this thing is the picture quality is absolutely awful. I have never once been able to get a remotely clear image, no matter how much cleaning, fiddling or adjusting. It’s like the insides have been dipped in milk. Wish I’d saved the money and tossed a few more bucks in instead of being cheap. Edit: I’d like to know why this review is “hidden by sensitivity filter”??? Nothing offensive included but an HONEST review of the product. Dont waste your money. Disappointed. Read more

    4. Nicholas Cooper

      I attempted to use this spotting scope to sight in at 200 yards. I was using DayGo reactive targets over paper targets. My groupings are normally within 1 MOA. With this scope, I was unable to even focus on the targets. I have a Crossfire II 4-16x – 50mm. I was able to get a closer view with my optic at 16x then with this optic at 40x. The site picture on the 16x also seemed closer. The view within the objective lens requires your eye to be on the eye relief, and it was never actually clear sub 100 yards (then it was hardly what I would consider clear, aka you would not pass an eye exam test even with the largest letter). I was unable to identify hits on the reactive paper targets at 200 yards using the 40x (or lower) setting, stabilized by a tripod. It is very possible it was just the scope I had. I have heard reviews of this scope where people use it to sight in on paper targets. Both via amazon and in person. The person that got me to buy this was actually a sporting goods store employee speaking to me about how I was uneasy to spend another 400-600 dollars on another optic. well, I’m probably going to spend the 400-600 on the optic. This thing was trash. I would buy it for a little kid, who just wants to tag along, I would not recommend it for any actual use. I expected it to be low quality, however not being able to focus at 200 yards, that wasn’t asking much. Not being able to see a spot on a reactive target, that really was even less. Read more

    5. B.W. Behling

      If you don’t count the fact that the included tripod is a bit unsteady, that the lens caps never stay on, and that it’s actually too big to easily fit in the included carrying case (I got it in there, barely, and almost couldn’t get it out again), and just judge this by the clarity, zoom and field of view then this is easily worth the three stars I’m giving it. Of course, if any of those other things are important to you, as they are to me, then you’ll want to take off some stars for them, making this a rather abysmal choice. Still, for the price, it’s not too bad, and if you provide a better case, caps, and tripod of your own it turns into a serviceable piece of kit for your shooting range or bird watching trips, one that you won’t cry over if it were to get lost or broken. Read more

    6. YouRepairDotCom

      Its a good scope for the price but it is difficult to focus fast and jitters pretty good over about 30x I bought this scope because I have idiots that like to park near my home. Some of them are contractors.. others are neighbors probably finishing off that last beer on the road before going home to the family… But some of them are checking out the neighborhood… I didn’t figure this would be the best option for night time but in the day if you have to grab it and then focus at a license plate or a person’s face it might take you a full minute or more.. and a full minute is a long time.. Maybe I will get quicker at it but I will probably grab my 10x binoculars first then this second if i have time. As a former photographer the Optics aren’t the best but its under $40 so what can you expect. I could however see across the highway which is about 250 yards… pretty well.. on a very overcast day.. so its useful and worth the price. Read more

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