Barnett illuminated rifle scope (three reticle) black, 3x32mm

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your model range.
  • three x 32 barnett crossbow scope
  • 3×32 multi-reticle crosshair and multi dot device has both pink and inexperienced illumination.
  • the multi reticle device permits a quick goal at targets and distances frequently encountered with a crossbow.
  • comes with scope rings.
  • suits on 7/8″ dovetail base.
  • 3×32 scope is a rifle scope which can be used on a crossbow

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8 reviews for Barnett illuminated rifle scope (three reticle) black, 3x32mm

  1. Tom

    Perfect combination with my new Quad 400 crossbow. Came from Amazon with the battery installed and the rings mounted. Had to rotate it in the rings slightly to square the mounting on my rail, normal for any scope mounting. The rings appear to low rings and medimum height may suite me better, relatively easy to switch out. There is what appears to be a focus adjustment locking ring wih slots along the outside for a spanner wrench, however when that did not move I called Barnett tech support and they verified that the generic written (appear to cover a number of models) instructions were correct and there is no locking ring for the focus adjustment on illuminated models. The scope is easy to focus and I doubt this will be a problem to quickly refocus the reticules if eyepiece adjustmest is moved in error. The image in the scope are crisp, bright and clear, except for the small areas covered by the illuminated circles. I was uncertain about ordering this scope from the ambigious product description about the reticule and lack of a picture of that by the Barnett. What the reticule system has are four thick black horizontal lines and a thin black verticle line extending to the sides from an open center area where there are four black hollow circle outlines of different sizes corresponding to the horizontal lines. The switch on the left side of the scope body illuminates only the outlines of the circles red or green in different levels of brightness unlike some illuminated scopes that illuminate all parts the reticule. It is a very nice usable design. On the very bottom inside of the viewing area is some small light thin text with a warning to keep fingers off shooting rail, although packaging labels it as a rifle scope this is a specific crossbow warning. Update 4/12/13 – Sighted in for 30-35, 40, 50 & 60 yards. Grouping about an inch and half at 60 yds. Pretty certain mfg. is Hawke Sport Optics sold by Barnett and other major brands. The name marked on the scope is “Cross”. After using some more changing rating to 5. Read more

  2. K T

    Wish I could have found this crossbow scope sooner. Read more

  3. Mr Michael

    Bought last’s been rained on,snowed,froze banged,bumped,hit, archery hunting in northeast oh….A+ rating, The zero has not moved,mounted on crossbow Keep fingers clear of rail in sight ,when looked upon..pretty cool Read more

  4. BABA

    scope has UP arrows on elevation AND windage !! not LEFT – RIGHT TURN WINDAGE CLOCKWISE TO GO LEFT WITH ADJUSTMENT.. How hard could it be to put a ( L ) OR ( R ) WITH ARROW instead of UP for windage Read more

  5. aspen

    Quick to ship and a great price. Read more

  6. ktr

    This scope was excellent. Best scope yet. Even an archery place here that sighted in my crossbow was amazed by this scope. Read more

  7. sissy

    I ordered this scope to put on my crossbow and it am very pleased with it. Read more

  8. Jim

    Easy to mount easy to sight in and perfect for a crossbow Read more

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