Ball pump with strain gauge, eball sports activities ball air pump with inflation needles & strain release valve for basketball, soccer, soccer ball, rugby, volleyball and other inflatable balls

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  • make certain this suits by coming into your model wide variety.
  • ►precise strain gauge: offers an smooth reference for a couple of sports balls. Inflates your gadgets with quickness and accuracy. Reading in each bar and psi scales, range up to one. Four bar/20 psi.
  • ►custom designed air launch valve: for accurate stress control. Effortlessly launch air pressure to save you over-inflation.
  • ►sports ball preservation: this air inflator hand pump is well matched with all athletic balls along with basketball, football ball, football, rugby ball, volleyball, handball, kickball, pace bag, water polo ball and all other inflatable sports activities balls.
  • ►long lasting & transportable: strong complete metallic body production. Comes with three us-preferred air inflation needles. At simply eight. 1 inches lengthy and 0. 49 lb weight, you can carry it everywhere as you want in your sports bag. A extraordinary present for athletes, group ball sports activities fans, coaches, referees and ball sports enthusiasts.
  • ►accurate carrier: substitute is to be had in case you’re not happy with our ball air inflater. You have virtually not anything to lose! Click on ‘upload to cart’ now!

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  • is that this pump twin action, where each time you push the pump or pull the pump, the air inflates the ball, in preference to handiest whilst push into the pump)??
  • query: is that this pump dual action, wherein every time you push the pump or pull the pump, the air inflates the ball, instead of best while push into the pump)?? Answer: no, that is a hand-push ball pump, you may inflate air into sports activities ball with the aid of pushing the pump shaft. Through eball us seller on october 12, 2019 failed to get answers. See greater solutions (2) collapse all answers

  • eball pump in no way arrived,only one item in the field
  • question: eball pump in no way arrived,handiest one item inside the box answer: please contact amazon for logistic issue, this product is fulfilled through amazon. By using eball us vendor on december 21, 2020 crumble all answers

  • the gauge is complicated. If a basketball is usually recommended to be 7-nine psi, why does the variety on this gauge approximately nine-12 psi? Am i reading it wrong?
  • 1: initially, you’re studying it successfully. Basketball air stress internal depends on its type and size, and seven-9 psi is recommended for general basketball. But, the range you are studying from this pump (exactly eight. 5 – 11. Five) is the max variety suitable for all forms of basketballs. 2: generally, you may find the specific psi your basketball needs at the surface of the ball, and that is the right range you must comply with even as inflating your ball. Thank you in your query. See less

  • wouldn’t it inflate a speed bag?
  • question: would it not inflate a speed bag? Solution: yes, you can use it as a pace bag pump for positive. By using eball us dealer on september 12, 2019 did not get solutions. See extra solutions (1) disintegrate all solutions

    8 reviews for Ball pump with strain gauge, eball sports activities ball air pump with inflation needles & strain release valve for basketball, soccer, soccer ball, rugby, volleyball and other inflatable balls

    1. boysmile83

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. After almost 3-month use, I can tell this pump is really GREAT, and here are a few thoughts about why I like it: – Accurate inflation. The gauge performs very well with my basketball. Be sure to insert the inflation pin all the way into the ball hole before reading the right PSI. – Convenient air release valve. Easy to use for preventing over-inflation. – Solid metallic construction. Very durable and sturdy. – Really Portable. Easy to keep in any ball bags. – The needles are super good. I use only one of all 3 pins so far, and it did NOT break or bend like the cheap ones. I really wish they sell the needles too. – Nice package. It came along with one fit storage pouch, and 3 needles were kept carefully in a small plastic box. You can tell the seller is very considerate. Read more

    2. Robert

      I have played soccer and basketball my whole life. I am now in my 40’s , but still do both. I have went through many of the cheap pumps made by major manufacturers and nothing comes close to this pump. The pressure gauge with ideal pressure zones for each type of ball is fantastic. The construction is strong and very easy to use. Mandatory for any recreational player, coach at any level, or professional for keeping basketballs, soccer balls, or volleyballs at the right pressure quickly. $20 is a steal for this product. Read more

    3. Anna

      I like the initial quality and packaging. It comes with a bag but that’s not as useful as you need to remove the flex hose each time to put it away. It comes with 3 needles which is also nice and they appear be good quality needles (not gonna break apart as you insert them into the ball). My biggest issue is the smaller size of the pump. It takes many pumps to get a ball inflated unlike the cheaper quality store bought versions…. wish it was a bit larger to reduce the number of pumps needed. Appears to be an accurate gauge. Read more

    4. Jacob H

      I had an old plastic dual-action (pumped air on compression and extension of plunger) that worked great till my toddler got a hold of it. Wanted a replacement and tried this one out. I do like the pressure gauge and pressure release valve that lets you see the PSI while you let out air, but I still end up doing the basketball bounce check before putting the pump away. Only big negative is that taking it apart and putting it away is a pain vs what I used to do (just toss the plastic pump in the gym bag). First world problems, amirite? Read more

    5. Mako

      My son bought a volleyball and was hitting it but he said that the ball would hurt his forearms when he volleyed the ball. I felt that the ball had too much air in it but didn’t know what psi the ball was at. So i bought this pump and pressure gauge combo. We checked the air pressure of the volleyball and saw that it had 4 pounds too much pressure! That’s when the pressure relief valve came into play. While the needle was still in the ball we pressed the button to relieve pressure until it was at the correct pressure. With the volleyball at the correct pressure, my son no longer complained about hurting his forearms when hitting the ball. One more reason to buy this combo as opposed to separates is that it helps keep pump and gauge in one place reducing the chance of grabbing the pump but forgetting the gauge. Hope this helps. Read more

    6. MJK

      Well the pump part is built like a tank! It’s a pump that just feels good in your hands, one that if you had a choice, you’d want to own! Unfortunately this was for my grandson and I still have the cheap plastic model. I cannot attest to it’s accuracy since I have no “accurate” comparison measurement device. I assume it is accurate, the gage looks to be as high a quality as the pump. It is analog so you won’t get a read-out to the 5th decimal point. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      This seemed like a great tool, I loved the gauge and the color coded areas for specific types of balls. it worked as well as I could have wanted. The small hose is a little cumbersome and you can’t leave it on in the bag but that wasn’t a big deal. The gauge failed after the third time I used the pump on volleyballs. not pushing a lot of high pressure with volleyballs. Now it is stuck on about 7lbs psi with nothing on the pump so it’s hard to figure out where you are when you pump. This also makes me think this gauge isn’t particularly accurate. It’s disappointing; overall it feels like a good piece of equipment to have with you at a volleyball tournament. Read more

    8. Lacee

      So, I work at a recreational center and we go through basketballs like nothing. Our basketballs are constantly getting low on air and I was able to air the balls up twice as fast when using this air pump. This handy pump has a scale that allows me to know how much air I am putting in the ball as well as having an easier handle to pump with rather than normal handheld air pumps. Every recreational center should buy one of these air pumps for their centers. Read more

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