Balancefrom electricity tower with push-up, pull-up and workout dip station for home gymnasium electricity education, grey

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  • ensure this suits by using coming into your version quantity.
  • heavy responsibility – made from high high-quality metallic, designed to help a maximum user weight of four hundred lbs. Heavy responsibility square metal frame construction with h-shape base for max balance and safety
  • multi-feature – this multi-use station offers you with the capacity to strengthen your higher frame and middle each time you want, even as enjoying the privateness of your house
  • adjustable – the strength tower is absolutely adjustable to offer a confirmable exercising and different muscle goals. The backrest, armrest and pull up bar are all adjustable
  • dimensions – pull up bar: adjustable from fifty eight. Five” to 89″. Pull up bar period: forty three”. Base intensity: 35. Four”, base width: 26. Four”. Returned relaxation: eleven” x 9. Eight”. Product weight: seventy two kilos
  • happiness – all actual balancefrom products are covered by way of a a hundred% balancefrom satisfaction guide and a couple of-yr balancefrom guide

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from the manufacturer

the electricity tower is absolutely adjustable to provide a confirmable exercise and distinct muscle objectives. The backrest, armrest and pull up bar are all adjustable.

balancefrom electricity tower with push-up, pull-up and exercise dip station for domestic gymnasium electricity training

  • pull up bar: adjustable from 58. 5″ to 89″.
  • pull up bar duration: 43″.
  • base intensity: 35. 4″, base width: 26. Four”.
  • again rest: eleven” x nine. 8″.
  • product weight: 72 pounds
  • the power tower is absolutely adjustable to offer a confirmable workout.

    made from excessive nice metallic, help a maximum consumer weight of four hundred lbs.

    rubber ft with texture are slip resistant and boom balance for safety.

    all equipment are protected in the package deal. Definitely touch when you have any questions.

    each armrest and backrest are adjustable to provide a confirmable exercising.

    high high-quality metallic and strong creation. All equipment are protected within the bundle.

    product description

    balancefrom electricity tower with push-up, pull-up and exercising dip station for home gym power education

    6 reviews for Balancefrom electricity tower with push-up, pull-up and workout dip station for home gymnasium electricity education, grey

    1. J

      Would not recommend, these are the reasons why: – hardware to assemble came unlabeled, multiple pieces were similar in size and shape so trying to make out which bolt went where from the pictures in the instructions was also difficult -the instructions consolidated multiple steps into a single step, leaving you to figure out what steps were skipped or combined by looking at the pictures -one of the arms that holds up the pull up bar was bent. Ordered a replacement and one of those arms was also bent. -the back piece that holds the cushion is almost certainly not properly finished and is missing holes for where to screw the bolt in. Don’t know for sure cause the pictures in the instructions look like they were printed by a fax machine from 1995 and there are no words. -after assembly, it still creeks and has a slight wobble despite not tightening everything until the end. I’m 180 lbs and don’t think the dip bars could handle much more than that. -the overall design is horrible. The pull up bar doesn’t curve forward enough so that my knees scrape/bang against middle bar. Read more

    2. big daddy

      This pull up station is a totally decent value — Well-made, sufficiently sturdy, steady and lots of different options for various exercises like pullups, dips, leg raises and pushups. I found no rusted or bent metal parts out of the box nor any missing bolts like a few other reviewers claimed. The assembly instructions were easy enough to follow with the exception that the various included bolts aren’t identified clearly and I was slightly confused at first figuring out which ones to use on what. Once I overcame that hurdle, assembly took an hour-ish. Sure, there might be other pull up stations that are even sturdier and more stable — but that would add bulk, weight and cost to the product, and then of course there are cheaper models, but those will be more flimsy. This station is a great combination of value and quality. I’ve had it set up for three days now and I just have three very minor gripes: I sorta wish it was wider so I could vary my grip width a little more, but then again, that’d make it bigger; if I were 6′ or taller and wanted a bar I could jump up to (so I could be at a fully extended hang), this might not go high enough, but then again, it isn’t a rule that the bar must be so high that you need to jump to reach it, and for my 5’9″ stature, it’s totally fine (as I have it set so that I have to jump 1/2″ up to reach the bar); and last, adjusting the height of the pull up bar for other users could be a slightly faster process (it takes 1 minute to do…it could take 5 seconds with a different bolt design…not an issue at all though if you aren’t sharing this with someone of a different height). All in all, recommended. Read more

    3. Vincent

      So, it’s ok. Not worth $200. The dimensions are off a bit. So after installing the braces at the bottom, installing the stretch bar was a pain because the dimensions are off by about an inch, so it took quite a bit of elbow grease to get it in the slots. The padded arm rests are ok, save for the fact that the metal bit that holds the bolt in one of them cam unglued in the hole, so it is being held in by 1 bolt. The metal also bows in quite easily when tightening the bolts, so be mindful of that if you buys this. I have yet to actually use this to work out with, so we will see how that goes, I am hoping the metal doesn’t fold and collapse. I weight 200lbs and I’m 6ft 1. Also, the stretch bar has no way to hold it in the resting bits. I used some thick rubber bands to hold it in, otherwise it just pops right out. So, there is no way this is worth $200. $100 sure, but $200 is kind of a rip off. The quality of this item is pretty subpar from what I can tell so far. Again, I will try it out the next few days to see how it holds up to actual use. Read more

    4. D. Sonny Paige

      I’ve insanely missed the gym since our “Covid-19″ madness, so I had to get this. I’m 5′ 9″, 189lbs and an old school gym rat. I’ve tested it out doing pull-ups, dips, hanging leg raises, etc and it feels good and sturdy for my home workouts. Not too heavy, not too light, just right and pretty simple to assemble. (I did use my own tools..”hint hint”) I love it and it will definitely get some non-stop action. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      All of the parts needed were included and complete; they even threw in a few extra nuts and bolts. Instructions manual was easy to understand. A metal flap (see picture) was deformed out of the box. I had to hammer it back in place. The metal pole in the back, used to connect the two main pillars, was also uneven out of the box. It took a bit of effort – more hammering – to join it into the left and right slots in the back. As another reviewer mentioned, some parts were corroded and visibly affected by rust on especially inside. The entire unit took me about two hours to put together. The end product was surprisingly space efficient and fits in a small slot in my garage perfectly. I’ve used it for pull-ups and dips a couple of times. The slight squeak from the pull-up bar went away after I re-tightened it some more. I’ve also tried the push up handles. The grip on all of the parts are comfortable. While it seems relatively sturdy for me, it may not for someone who weights over 180 lbs. As long as you’ve securely tightened all the screws and put the parts together correctly, it can be an affordable and effective part of your exercise routine. There aren’t many options for power towers under $200 during COVID. I’m just glad that I finally got one without overpaying much. Read more

    6. ABE1

      So I wasn’t sure of what to expect for a Power Tower that wasn’t going to break my pocket. I gotta say that im impressed with all the functionality’s it has and how it fits in my low ceiling space. Im 6’ and 230 lb. and im very happy that im able to do my Pull ups, Dips as well as push up and stretches in such a space all with one piece of equipment. My only complaint is the top grips slide off but nothing a little silicone couldn’t fix. Overall very happy and plan on using this piece at least 5 times a week in one form or another. Read more

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