Balancefrom all-cause weight set, 40 lbs

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  • make sure this suits through getting into your version wide variety.
  • vinyl dumbbell set: forty lbs
  • what is covered: 4x 2. Five lbs and 4x 7. 5 lbs vinyl cement plates, 2x 14″ dumbbell handles and four collar locks
  • is available in pair
  • happiness: all actual balance from merchandise are protected by means of a 100% balance from pride guide and a couple of-12 months balance from help
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from the producer

the great part of training with dumbbells is it allows the athlete to train thru a extra range of motion than barbells on some sporting events.

understand that it is occasionally extra precious to exchange heavy weights (barbells) for greater recreation-precise actions. Kettlebell physical activities call for using more than one joints, which engages all the bigger muscle groups of the frame.

compound kettlebell movements burn calories quicker than isolation movements, which handiest work one muscle.

balancefrom vinyl dumbbell set, 40 lbs

dumbbells require greater stability than training with barbells or machines, and balance is critical for optimum overall performance.

dumbbells additionally require extra muscular manipulate than barbells, for this reason enhancing kinesthetic focus.

what’s blanketed:

  • 4x 2. 5 lbs and 4x 7. 5 lbs vinyl cement plates
  • 2x 14″ dumbbell handles
  • four collar locks
  • 40 lbs weight set
  • collar locks blanketed
  • vinyl covered
  • item is available in pairs. 20 kilos each dumbbell, 40 pounds for a couple.

    contoured (ergo) handles are designed for smooth and secure coping with.

    4x 2. Five lbs and 4x 7. Five lbs vinyl cement plates, 2x 14″ handles and 4 locks.

    vinyl lined plates are completely rust loose.

    those dumbbells match all reason of training.

    handles are more long for safety reason.


    40-Pound Set

    8 reviews for Balancefrom all-cause weight set, 40 lbs

    1. Lupe Foster

      The weights are filled with sand that is inside plastic. There are plastic plugs that are not sealed and the sand leaks out. There are also seams running down the middle of the plastic, that also leak sand. We have hot glued the plugs, but sand still leaks out. I chalk this up to one of those times that I just got ripped off … Don’t fall into this trap Read more

    2. Darren Gallagher

      I was disappointed when I received this product. I was expecting it to be one dumbell with a total weight of 40 lbs but it was 2 with a total weight of 40 lbs, 20 lbs each. I also ordered a quantity of 2 since I thought it was one dumbell. I will keep the weights because I need them but is there a way we can resolve this? Read more

    3. Gou

      Two issues 1) how Amazon handled it, 2) product quality. 1. Amazon Handling rating (0 stars out of 5) Amazon did a shady job here. Delivery was delayed, with no way of contacting Amazon or canceling it. I tried so many times to contact or escalate the problem but every option had a loophole. Contacted seller as well, no response. It was delivered quite late, but it still did not change the return time window. 2. Product (Quality: 2 star; value for money: 5): From pictures it looks like it has soft rubber kind of texture, but its plastic, looks cheap. Still functional. Other problem is that I can’t do 10 lbs on a dumbbell, though this quite clear in description of product. Still looking at current price rise in exercise equipment, this is a great deal. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Came damaged and leaking sand. Read more

    5. Mark K Solheim

      Do not order from this vendor. I ordered two barbells with total of 40 pounds, and 10 pounds of weights and one end piece were missing from the order. My email was not acknowledged, and when I called the “support” number, I was greeted with an unintelligible message and a full voice mail box unable to take messages. Read more

    6. Watford J. Holmes

      These took five weeks to arrive at my place, despite being Prime eligible. They arrived and the box had an unpleasant odor. Inside, there were smelly wet rags (I can’t figure that out). And, the weights are clearly used and badly worn. Buy weights elsewhere! Read more

    7. elefantboy

      I, like others who have left reviews, was under the impression I was ordering two 40 lb dumbbells, seeing as the description says “two dumbbells 40 lbs.” Earlier this year I accidentally ordered only one 15 lb dumbbell off Amazon when I thought I was getting two. I thought for sure I had read this one correctly, but if you read the specifics of the plates included it does add up to only 20 lbs per dumbbell. They are also just plastic filled with sand, which is very cheap, especially for the price I paid and the time I waited. When the box arrived, it was extremely damaged and picking it up was like picking up all the plates as they freely rolled around it. Additionally, these have to be the largest 20 lb dumbbells I’ve ever seen, they’re bigger than a set of 40lb dumbbells I have. I would not recommend purchasing these unless you are desperate and are planning to start working out in about 2-3 months, it’ll take that long to get to you. Read more

    8. Robert, Connecticut

      I won’t dispute the points raised in the negative reviews. I’ve rated this set as 5 stars to indicate that I am pleased with it. This set is a decent value. I’m not sure if it was a mistake, but by ordering this item as “used,” I received a total of 80 pounds and 4 dumbell bars with spin collars. Assembly takes no more than a few seconds. You can make dumbbells which weigh 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 lbs. The dumbell bars aren’t wide enough to make 25 lb weights or anything heavier than 30 lbs. If one is careful not to let the weights fall onto a cement surface, the plastic shell isn’t likely to crack. The spin collars may come loose during exercises. If one notices the weight rotating during reps, better set down the dumbell and retighten the collars. The spin collars can break if you’re not careful. Read more

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