Atn laser ballistics 1500 clever laser rangefinder w/bluetooth, device works with mil and moa scopes the usage of ballistic calculator app, black

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  • ensure this fits through coming into your version variety.
  • smart ballistic calculator – connect thru bluetooth to your phone to do all calculations in the background via the atn smart telephone app.
  • long range – it enables you quick calculate the distance among yourself and selected item even at a distance of 1500 meters (1640 yards).
  • maximum accuracy – complex calculations can be finished in seconds with unmatched precision.
  • pairs with clever hd – it additionally may be paired along with your atn smart scope and give you real time poi(factor of impact) modifications.
  • class 1 laser with <1mw average energy output

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smart laser variety finder

variety your goal with only two clicks.

it is able to be paired along with your atn x-sight smart day/night time scope and atn thor smart thermal scope to offer you actual time poi changes.

atn laser ballistics in both a thousand and 1500 y/m variations

atn laser ballistics – the best laser rangefinder on the market. It lets in you to variety your target within seconds, use it along with your day scope and smartphone to make all of the calculations in your dope. Combine it with the atn x-sight ii hd and automatically modify your reticle to the point of impact. This rangefinder will make your life simpler!

  • works with mil and moa scopes using atn ballistic calculator app
  • connect with bluetooth and allow the atn phone app do all calculations!

    choose up your laser ballistics and range inside the target.

    distance to target appears in your range finder app and also you receive it.

    dial in your turrets as advised by way of cell app and it is equipped for use.

    product functions

    atn laser rangefinder connects via bluetooth in your phone having it do all of the calculations within the heritage.

    to synchronize atn laser ballistics along with your scope download the utility from the google play keep or apple shop.

    atn laser ballistics lets in you to easily and quickly range for your target with the precision to +-1 y/m.

    product description

    as a hunter, the capacity to know/estimate the accurate distance between you and your target is of the utmost importance. With atn’s laster ballistics digital rangefinder, you have got the capacity to appropriately degree the time it takes for the beam to attain your target, within +/- 1 backyard or much less. This lengthy variety finder functionality provides precision ballistic calculations that you could use with your telephone/atn app and your day scope tom make actual turret corrections. Now, you could be rest confident that you will have the exact distance in your goal within the area, whenever. Clever ballistic calculator – connect via bluetooth to your smartphone to do all calculations within the heritage thru the atn clever smartphone app. Long range – it helps you quick calculate the space between yourself and selected object even at a distance of 1500 meters (1640 yards). Maximum accuracy – complicated calculations can be executed in seconds with unrivaled precision. Pairs with clever hd – it also can be paired together with your atn clever scope and come up with actual time poi (factor of effect) modifications. 2-year – unite comes with a -year constrained . Are you equipped to have the maximum accurate studying at the press of a button? Clutch atn’s nation of the art handheld laser rangefinder and in no way 2d guess the distance of a shot again!

    8 reviews for Atn laser ballistics 1500 clever laser rangefinder w/bluetooth, device works with mil and moa scopes the usage of ballistic calculator app, black

    1. Glenn Pearson

      UPDATE!: I just installed Firmware and it now supports the rangefinder! I haven’t seen this posted anywhere by ATN, but it indeed is now enabled and I was able to easily pair this rangefinder with my scope! Happy DAY!!!! Changed my review to 5 starts from 1. I used this rangefinder during this last hunting season and found it to be fast and accurate. Now that it pairs with my scope, it is the perfect rangefinder for me! I purchased this Rangefinder for the sole purpose of pairing it with my new XSight 4k scope. Called ATN after receiving this RangeFinder only to get a huge disappointing answer from ATN that these rangefinders are not compatible with the new 4k Scopes. This is seriously a huge joke because its a simple software feature that can be added to the firmware. Its been purposely left out to force 4k scope owners to buy the yet to be released rangefinders. To say that I’m upset is an understatement. This throws off my entire plan for this scope right now. The rangefinder is not only not compatible, but they cripple the in scope yard adjustment and make it so slow its almost unusable in the field. This is also a software fix, something that could easily be included for next to no cost. IT shows in inside my X-Sight 4k 5-20 box of the scope that its compatible with the ballistic laser rangefinders. It is listed under the accessories for the scope… This is false advertising. I was so excited for this and spoke very highly of this option to several people I know. A few of them are looking into purchasing the new scope. This will be disappointing news to them for sure. Read more

    2. Fred

      I love this range finder. It links by blue tooth with my ATN X-SIGHT II HD 5-20x 85. This is icing on the cake regarding the scope’s ballistics computer. The optics are good, the transfer to an X-SIGHT FAST, and accurate. I use this primarily with a pellet rifle. The system is extremely accurate at all ranges I have tried. 15 to 478 yards. With an air rifle 15 to 107 yards. First shot hits at all ranges. The smart range finder in the scope will work very well, but requires extreme skill to use accurately. This laser is easy to use, and again, when the ballistics computer is set up properly, extremely accurate. If you own an x-sight, you must get this. I hit a rat at 107 yards, using an Air Arms s510 XTRA .25 Cal. The scope was zeroed at 20 yards. it held-over slightly more than 8 inches. First shot hit to the vitals with a JSB 25.39 grain pellet. I can make these shots with regular glass, but at these ranges it can be difficult. I am impressed with this combination. ATN should make an optics upgrade available for this scope. A clip-on with the smart scope featureas would be grand. This combinations functions equally well with low velocity air guns, and high velocity powder-burners. Thank you ATN. Read more

    3. Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem

      This rangefinder paired with the app on my phone makes adjusting for range and inclination stupid easy. The app is free and it is what makes this thing a Power Tool when it comes calculations and adjustments. I have just begun to explore the possibilities with this range finder and app. I don’t have an ATN scope yet, but they have models that link via Bluetooth to the rangefinder and app, and will make the adjustments in scope for you! The app allows you to create dozens (and probably much more) profiles for rifles, ammo, and scope combinations with scope settings. Enter the environmental data, range the target and the app gives you the scope adjustments in both relative clicks from the current setting and from your zero. So far it seems to be accurate and I’ve been able to get what I think is good firing solutions out to 820 yards, 14 degrees inclination and 5500 feet of elevation. No I didn’t hit the steel, but that’s because my setup is more accurate than I am. I sure scared that target though! Read more

    4. Sean Spangler, CTPO

      Pro. Water proofed Weight is good Nice leather pouch and wrist strap Long life 🔋 ATM is not know for this good job Clear optics and decent magnification for ranging. Work good blue tooth to phone and help make range adjustments on turet fast. Had a speed mode to judge how fast something is moving I don’t know when I would use this but it’s fun to clock cars lol. Bluetooth to my ATN scope and adjust POI instantly. Con. The ranging buton take Some time to get use to cause if you don’t hold it for a set time it changes modes on you I would have just had a mode button separate and a dedicated ranging button. I’ll update after more use. Read more

    5. K J.

      This is a nice rangefinder. The reason I bought this was the ability to use with app on Android phone. Apparently my phone is too new and rangefinder can’t pair to my phone. After reaching out to manufacturer and waiting more than 30 days ( past the return window for Amazon) I still have a rangefinder that cannot pair with my Google Pixel 4XL. And now I can’t even return it for refund, so I have a 350 dollar rangefinder that only does the most basic functions. At this point my only hope is for a software update to either phone app or rangefinder. Shouldn’t have to wait and hope for a future update after spending this kind of money and being stuck not being able to return because manufacturer dragging feat trying to solve problem! NOT HAPPY…. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      This rangefinder does not pair with the new 4k model scopes. They make you think it will, but it will only pair with the old x sight products. It’s a decent rangefinder. The furthest I ever got was 1050 yards on a building. Definitely not capable of 1500 yards. Description needs to say it does not pair with the new 4k scopes. I returned this rangefinder. Read more

    7. Michael E. Shaffer

      Small. This is good. Fits in the palm of your hand and comfortably on your belt. Links with zero issue to the ATN sight I have. But I would recommend this even for people who don’t have an ATN sight. Great addition to any load-out. Read more

    8. Mike

      Paired it with my xsight ii HD 5×20. Fantastic results. Haven’t ‘ranged’ anything past 950 yds yet. Even using it without ATN scope, it is great. I have used it to map out distances around my mountain. I have looked at a lot of range finders before deciding on this. Built-in inclinometer is of great assistance. Highly recommend this unit. Read more

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