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  • ensure this suits by using getting into your version quantity.
  • first focal aircraft reticle stays valid in any respect strength settings allowing you to absolutely make use of the particularly designed reticle that shrinks or grows at the side of your goal as you zoom in or out.
  • superior fully multi-lined lenses gives you better light transmission to convey ultimate brightness and genuine colour throughout the entire light spectrum.
  • reticle etched on the glass that gives super backing guide for complicated reticle layout and gives first rate durability and much higher surprise resistance to draw back
  • the 6061t6 aircraft grade aluminum tube that has awesome power and advanced mechanical integrity will defend those global class optics no matter what punishment you throw at it
  • argon purging gives you better waterproofing and thermal balance
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  • is the battery replacable ?
  • question: is the battery replacable ? Solution: sure. The turret on the attention piece has a cap that screws off to expose the battery. Through jaker on april 22, 2020 did not get answers. See more answers (eleven) collapse all answers

  • is this a terrific desire for a 22. 250 ?
  • question: is this an amazing choice for a 22. 250 ? Answer: i suppose that it might be an wonderful desire to your 22. 250. I have shot with this scope on all my rifles starting from 6. Five cm up to 338 win mag. Organizations actually first-rate with reloads and monitoring is spot on. Customer service is notable. I had to name them due to the fact i lost my turret cap and that they despatched me a new one no fee. By jesus on june 14, 2019 did not get answers. See more solutions (2) collapse all answers

  • is the reticle illuminated?
  • question: is the reticle illuminated? Solution: sure the description indicates the reticle is illuminated! Through edward t. On january 14, 2020 failed to get answers. See extra answers (6) disintegrate all answers

  • can you get this scope in milrad
  • question: are you able to get this scope in milrad answer: yea you could with the aid of efren de la rosa on june three, 2020 didn’t get answers. See more answers (1) collapse all solutions


    Argos BTR

    5 reviews for Athlonopticsplane

    1. Zman

      I received the Agros BTR 6x24x50 in June 2017 and mounted the scope using Warne 30mm scope rings on my Savage 30-06. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to get this scope to shoot accurately and consistently at even 100 yards. I had a basic Nikon ProStaff 3x9x40 mounted prior to this scope, which I had no issues shooting out to 300-400 yards. I’ve rechecked all my torque settings on the scope rings and action screws (multiple times), adjusted, tested, and still I’m unable to get a decent/consistent group out of this scope. At this point I’ve gone through 2-3 boxes of ammo and several range trips trying different things, but still to no avail. I just contacted Athlon support, so I’m hopeful they will be able to assist with this issue and stand behind their product. I’ll update this review after hearing back from them and also once I’ve verified the issue. Update 11/1/2017: Contacted support and returned the scope (shipping was covered, very much appreciated!). Today I received a new scope with a note stating the old scope was in fact bad. I’ll be mounting up the new scope and testing out in the near future. Hopefully I have better success this time around! Thanks to the Athlon folks for standing behind their warranty, prompt email and phone responses, quick turn around time, and overall a great customer service experience! I’ll update my review again once I’ve tested out this new scope. Read more

    2. Josh Swanson

      I decided to wait 1.5 years before making this review so I could give it a true test. Overall I am extremely happy with the scope. Others who I hunt with who regularly by $2,000 scopes we’re also very impressed by the Athlon Argos. They’ve even gone so far as to suggest the scope to others and even by one for themselves. It is gone through multiple hunting trips and plenty of X at the range in a wide variety of weather conditions everything from rainy, freezing cold, snow, extremely bright, Dusty and hot conditions. The glass has been extremely clear and I’ve never had a problem with it fogging up on me. During a few of the hunting trips I have wished it had a 0 stop but I am looking for an aftermarket part that I’ve heard about that will allow me to put a zero stop on it. I do have a paired with a high-quality set of rings and so far it is held 0 perfectly. The reticle illumination has helped during a few low-light hunting situations that I found myself in. One small complaint I have is that when you’re zeroing in the scope taking on and off the caps sometimes will adjust the scope one or two clicks and so you have to be careful when taking the caps on and off. The last small complaint I have is with the flip up caps. Through normal usage one of the springs on the Caps broke which has caused me to set it at an angle and hope it doesn’t get in the way when I’m hunting. I will be calling Athlon customer support soon to see if they’ll send me a replacement. If their customer support is good as I’ve heard then I’ll probably be changing this review from 4 stars to 5. Since this is my first Athlon product and I’ve been very impressed so far I’ve actually gone ahead and ordered one of their rangefinders even without being able to find any reviews on the internet about it. Overall you’re not going to be disappointed with this purchase but don’t expect it to be a $2,000 scope either Read more

    3. Jimmie

      I’d buy again. The shims get you back close enough to zero but requires a bit more attention than a true zero stop. Glass clarity is good even beyond 1000 yards. My last 3 scopes cost $2000, $2300 and $2800 so I had to try something NEW or the wife was going to kill me! If you’re on a budget, this scope may be just what you’re looking for! Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      I am very satisfied with my Athlon Argos BTR. I have purchased 2 of these optics from amazon. I normally only shoot Vortex optics but decided to give Athlon a chance. I am sure glad I did. Vortex is a great company that I still really like them but for the value Athlon was a better option for me. Its not possible to find a Viper FFP for even close to the same price as this Athlon Argos. I would highly recommend this scope to anyone looking for a mid range optic. I have one mounted on a 270wsm and the other on a 300 winmag. Recoil is high on both guns and the optics have held up. I have made successful shots on steel targets at 700 yds with this optic. You will not be disappointed with this scope. Read more

    5. Mrspiceman

      Ordered after seeing a guy at the range perform amazing feats of marksmanship using this optic. Received in a timely fashion and mounted on my .223 AR without incident. After insuring everything was level, I sighted in at 100 yds and then shot a tall target to be sure all was plumb. Shot a box ( up, right, down, left, ) and tracking was spot on. Turned the side focus to five hundred yds, dialed in my 10.5 moa per my ballistics app, and “ding!” – 500 yd. hit with a .223! Dialed the elevation back to 3.5 moa and “ding!” – dead center on a 10” square steel target at 300 yds. Very satisfying. Glass is very good, turrets are tactile, and side focus is smooth and accurate. I had my mind made up on a SWFA scope until as I said, saw this scope at the range. Obviously I’m very pleased with the performance of this optic, and will definitely be looking at Athlon when I make my next optic purchase. UPDATE: Had a problem. The scope would not focus. The parallax had an issue. I called Athlon, spoke to a person, a real person. He told me to send it in. I sent the scope in and in a week -7 days – that includes 3 days to get there and three days to get back to me, I had a brand new, upgraded to Gen II, Argos scope in my hands! Enclosed was a packing slip that stated that my original scope “Failed Parallax/Focus testing”. That my friends is customer service. Read more

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