Athlon optics talos 6-24×50 2nd focal plane riflescopes

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  • completely multi-coated lenses offers you higher mild transmission to deliver superior brightness and actual colour throughout the entire mild spectrum
  • reticle etched at the glass that provides tremendous backing guide for complex reticle design and offers high-quality durability and lots higher shock resistance to cringe
  • heat handled one piece tube gives the scope greater electricity over multi-piece tubes. A one piece tube is also better at maintaining moisture out for that reason retaining your scope fog proof for the life of the product
  • nitrogen purging dramatically reduces the moisture inside the tube and enables maintaining fog evidence and water-proof
  • plane grade aluminum tube that has high-quality electricity and advanced mechanical integrity will guard these global elegance optics no matter what punishment you throw at it
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in case you ask any hunter they’ll let you know they’ve possibly stuffed more tags in the low-mild hours than any other time. The talos scope with completely multi-lined lenses for clarity and brightness in low light, you’ll be capable of add valuable minutes to every looking day which you’ve labored so hard for. Those scopes, with their 4x magnification variety, will provide you with notable versatility whether you’re hunting whitetails within the dense woodland or prairie puppies in the huge open levels. With its one-piece tube design, the talos line includes an assortment of area of expertise scopes for large-game, varmint, msr’s, 22 rimfire, slug, black powder and turkey searching.

key functions

completely multi-covered optics efficaciously reduces contemplated light and increases the transmission of mild providing you with a brighter photograph than normal single coated lenses.

water-proof to guard the scope within the most harsh climate conditions or if by chance submerged underwater.

nitrogen purging dramatically reduces the moisture inside the tube and helps preserving fogproof and water-proof.

bdc six hundred ir

atmr1 sfp ir mil



6 reviews for Athlon optics talos 6-24×50 2nd focal plane riflescopes

  1. D. Edwards

    I bought a new, .22 Savage Mark II TRR-SR and wanted to set it up with a decent scope for some longer range shooting. I was thinking of buying another SWFA SS scope (a well-known standard among the shooting community) and just biting the bullet (pun intended)… but then I took a look at my finances (in other words, “debt”) and realized I needed to be a lot more economical. So I was considering a Vortex optic, as I’ve had some experience with them on friends’ rifles and been impressed, but then I heard about Athlon optics, started reading up on them… and decided to be the guinea pig who tests it out for the benefit of my friends who are shooters. They really seem like they’re the next competitor akin to Vortex – USA made, unquestioning warranty, and value quality/pricing. So, I leveled the scope to the rifle, bore-sighted, and finished the setup with a bipod and cheek pad. Sighting it in, the rifle tracked well and adjustments were accurate in moa per click. The clarity is impressive and compares to scopes at least a hundred dollars more, if not more. The illuminated reticle is a very nice extra touch, but optical clarity, the range of magnification and adjustability of the optic is, in my mind, the real value and selling point. The two negatives I have about this are not a major ones; simply, I wish the turrets were tactical, not capped, and the illuminated reticle was mil-dot (but the bdc is pretty great still). All in all, this is an incredibly good value of a scope and one with which I’m very, very satisfied. From my research, it seems like some people get, on occasion, duds, but if you get a normal one, it’s a good one. With the warranty, it’s a safe chance anyhow, and it seems like most of the units are well-made and problem free… thankfully, like mine. I definitely recommend them and am elated with its performance. Read more

  2. Jim O

    I was searching for a value priced, high power optic for a new Ruger Precision Rimfire. I found this optic among a bunch of bargain priced Chinese scopes. A little research showed this one to be of higher quality that its stablemates. I mounted this scope on the 20 MOA picatinny rail on the rifle with medium height rings, leaving me with about 1/8″ clearance over the handguard with the 50mm objective lens. Easy to zero and tracks perfectly both vertically and horizontally. Turrets and the magnification ring were a bit tight at the start but loosen up with use. Click adjustments were positive and audible. Once zeroed in at 25 meters, I was able to put all rounds through one hole at 50 meters. Moving to 100 meters on a slightly windy day, I easily kept all rounds in a 3/4 inch group. Pinging the 7″ steel at 250 meters without a problem This is a great scope for the money and is perfect for my precision rimfire. Not sure how it will hold up for centerfire use with the recoil, but the build appears solid and the zero has held over a dozen range sessions while being bounced around in transit. Read more

  3. Michael

    Put this on my AR-15 to do some medium distance shooting, and I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised at how well the scope performed. Glass was very clear out to 16x at 100 yards, and pretty clear at 24x. I’ve seen scopes 4 times the cost not do any better. I did not box test it or perform any tracking test because for me this is a zero, leave it, and know your holds kind of scope. I’m sure it won’t track as well as a SWFA SS, but the glass is just as good. I also like that it’s available in mil/mil at this price point. Drives me crazy when manufacturers put a mil reticle (which I prefer) with MOA turrets. Makes zero sense and is a pain to do the conversions live time. Only slight negative is the cheap bayonet style lens caps, but for a $200 scope, I’ll gladly buy some Bulter Creek ones and STILL have a great value. Ordering two more to have on hand. Great job Athlon. I also have the Argos BTR and that too is a fantastic product. **Update** Jan 2020- The etched glass reticle started to rotate clockwise after several months on the AR. Since it is etched, that meant the entire lens was rotating. Sent back to Athlon. Sent me a new one. Cost me $15 to return, but I have a brand new scope and I still say it’s a great value even at the $15 increase due to shipping. You can get a UTG/Leapers scope for this amount and the glass is very inferior to this. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I have bought a few Athlon scopes and the work well and are feature rich for the price but this will be my last one unless they improve. Pretty good but here is another but, I am going back the Vortex scopes in this price range. The image quality and brightness of the Vortex is much better. I took all my scoped rifles to the range to compare and the Athlon gets edged out. Read more

  5. Henry

    A bit of overkill, planted this optic on a Ruger 300blk ranch rifle. So this caliber is more around 16x in zoom, but it’s nice to see the target impacts with such a large magnification. Dials click with no slop, the color Illumination works fine but I hardly use that. What I do like is the cost and the fact that the parallax is offset, not on the bell itself. I’ve bought a similar brand of similar setup and it wasn’t as nice as this. Target distance with my setup was from 100yd – 300yd. Read more

  6. Quicksilver

    This is my first Athlon scope I have purchased in order to give this company a try. I tend to use Leupold and Vortex, but Athlon offers a lifetime warranty and other features at a cheaper cost than those two. I placed this scope on my 54R VEPR rifle to give it a try, along with some cheap rings I had laying around, and I was very happy with the way it performed. That morning was very cold (around 40* F) and was a pretty good test to see the scope fogged up at all. It did not! My glasses would fog at times, but the scope was clear the entire time. Getting it dialed in on paper was not difficult at all, and can easily see targets at 100-200 yards (limited by local range). Obviously when you get towards the higher end of the magnification things get blurry, but keeping it around 12-16x offers me crisp enough visuals. So far after 150 rounds of 174 gr. 54R the scope hasn’t moved at all. Which is pretty good for me as a VEPR isn’t exactly a light recoiling rifle. Almost forgot it has an illuminated reticle! Read more

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