Athlon optics talos 20-60×80 spotter scope , black

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product description

talos spotting scope

we designed the talos circle of relatives of recognizing scopes with desirable optical excellent and simplicity of use in thoughts. The talos recognizing scope features our completely multi-covered lenses and k9 prisms with silver coating. They create outstanding readability and brightness within the attain of all lovers. The light-weight composite chassis is fog proof, water resistant, and full of nitrogen gasoline to prevent internal fogging and promote higher thermal stability. The product comes with a desk-top tripod and tender case permitting you to hold the spotting scope and tripod in a single package.

key capabilities

fully multi-covered lenses provide first rate light transmission and brilliant photograph delivered in your eyes at any magnification.

you can rest assured that your image will remain smooth and clean as nitrogen purging gives a necessary fogproof protection.

don’t allow the weather forestall you. Talos recognizing scopes are water-proof shielding it in cruelest climate situations or if accidentally submerged underwater.

compatible with everyday camera tripod to have a regular mount that is right for long variety remark.

rotating tripod mounting ring allows a consumer to rotate the recognizing scope to any perspective for better spotting perspective.

built-in extendable sunshade that minimizes any unwanted flare and reflection and offers you better readability of the photograph.

8 reviews for Athlon optics talos 20-60×80 spotter scope , black

  1. JR

    It’s “ok”. There is a purple outline to anything you look at. Eye relief is finicky/short. I would recommend this to someone for very mild use i.e. zeroing a rifle. However in the price point I deem it the best of the Worse. Read more

  2. Tyrone Schoenig

    I have to say I am shocked at how good this spotting scope is. I purchased an Athlon rifle scope a few month ago and have been extremely happy with it so when I decided I wanted a spotting scope I figured they would again exceed my expectations. It is hard to believe that it was so inexpensive. The glass is clear…images are crisp and bright. I’m not trying to say it’s equal to a $1000+ spotting scope but I shoot out to 400 yards and have no problem seeing the impacts. If you are looking for a great spotting scope at a very good price then you have found it with this one. Read more

  3. James M. Cool

    An excellent value. I would easily put this scope up against most other scopes that cost hundreds more and receive better optical performance. I am VERY happy with my purchase. Read more

  4. Christiane Kennin

    Very nice spotting scope. Easy to use and crystal clear at all of the settings. The angled eye piece made viewing in several shooting positions very convenient to use. The scope stand should be replace for an adjustable tripod. Read more

  5. Colton

    I was concerned that the quality of this scope would be low considering the price. That is not the case at all! My dad and I love looking at the deer & other animals on our farm through this scope! The picture quality is very clear and the zoom is impressive. Read more

  6. Jeff Gu

    I really can’t complain about this thing, for what I paid for it. Take care of it, don’t drop it or throw it around, and it should last. Optics quality is mediochre, but it gets the job done. The zoom control is very stiff. Not an issue at the range, but out in the field it can be a pain. Read more

  7. Justin Chechuck

    For the money you cannot beat it. Unless your shooting paper past 400 yards this makes it easy. Read more

  8. Dan Burnside

    I bought a 20x40x60 spotting scope it was no good at all This bad Boy is clear as a bell I would buy this again and will tell all my shooting Buddys about it All they will have to do is look through it and they will be sold Great scope great price Lifetime warrantee Don’t get much better Read more

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