Athlon optics , argos btr , riflescope , eight-34 x 56 first focal aircraft (ffp) 30 mm tube, illuminated apmr mil reticle , black

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  • ensure this fits through coming into your model number.
  • first focal aircraft reticle stays valid in any respect power settings allowing you to completely make use of the specially designed reticle that shrinks or grows in conjunction with your goal as you zoom in or out.
  • superior absolutely multi-lined lenses gives you better mild transmission to deliver choicest brightness and actual colour across the whole mild spectrum.
  • reticle etched on the glass that provides super backing help for complicated reticle layout and offers high-quality durability and much better shock resistance to recoil
  • the 6061t6 plane grade aluminum tube that has brilliant strength and superior mechanical integrity will guard those world elegance optics no matter what punishment you throw at it
  • argon purging gives you better waterproofing and thermal balance. Water resistance level:ipx-7

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athlon optics , argos btr, riflescope

argos btr circle of relatives of scopes have capabilities typically only observed on high-stop scopes. It has a 4x magnification that makes it versatile in a couple of taking pictures disciplines. It has our advanced fully-multi lined optics that promises a crystal clear vivid photograph in in dark environments. The argos btr additionally has our one of a kind xpl coating that protects your lenses from dust, grease and cruel climate conditions. The 6061t6 aircraft grade aluminum tube will shield those optics no matter what punishment you throw at it.

this along with the variety of first focal aircraft (ffp) reticles give you easy elevation and windage adjustments.

  • facet parallax adjustment to provide you the potential to alter to any ranged proper at your fingertips.
  • capabilities


    the ahsr 14 ffp ir mil reticle is best for brief and mid range capturing with an illuminated sixteen mil diameter circle, 1 mil center go (0. 5 mil from middle to each facet) and go strains with 1mil hash mark increments prolonged to 8 mils on each horizontal and vertical instructions. The reticle at one magnification becomes a pink dot circle that can be used efficiently for short range goal, even as at 4 magnification it gives sufficient info with 1 mil hash mark that assist shooters fast spot their goal and set holdover positions.

    application: brief and mid range taking pictures for both tactical and looking

    blr sfp moa reticle has a floating center dot and 1 moa increment hash marks, which assist you quickly lock to your goal and set holdover positions.

    utility: precision mid variety taking pictures for both tactical and looking

    it has a huge illuminated middle and a couple of moa hash mark increments, which assist you speedy lock for your goal and set holdover positions. The illuminated reticle provides high-quality low light visibility and accurate elevation holdovers all of the way up to forty moa with 2 moa markings incremental.

    software: precision mid range capturing for both tactical and looking


    designed for precision long and mid-distance shooting with illuminated center move and zero. 5 mil hash mark increments , apmr ffp ir mil reticle let you quickly lock for your target and set holdover positions and leads for a transferring target.

    utility: precision mid range capturing for each tactical and searching

    it has a huge illuminated middle and a pair of moa hash mark increments, which help you quick lock for your goal and set holdover positions. The illuminated reticle affords awesome low light visibility and correct elevation holdovers all the manner as much as 40 moa with 2 moa markings incremental.

    software: precision mid range taking pictures for both tactical and searching

    designed for precision long and mid-distance capturing with illuminated middle pass and zero. Five mil hash mark increments , apmr ffp ir mil reticle let you speedy lock on your goal and set holdover positions and leads for a shifting target.

    software: precision mid variety shooting for both tactical and looking

    product description

    specification magnification 8-34 objective lens diameter fifty six mm reticle apmr ffp ir mil, glass etched surface end matte lens coating wide band absolutely multicoated extra coating xtra shielding coating tube material 6061 aluminium tube diameter 30 mm exit student 7-1. 7 mm eye relief three. 3 inches discipline of view @a hundred yards 12. 5-three ft click on cost zero. 1mil adjustment range consistent with rotation 5mil overall elevation adjustment thirteen mil total windage adjustment thirteen mil turret fashion exposed parallax adjustment facet attention – 15 yards to infinity purging cloth argon period 15. 5 inches weight 32. 2 oz.

    4 reviews for Athlon optics , argos btr , riflescope , eight-34 x 56 first focal aircraft (ffp) 30 mm tube, illuminated apmr mil reticle , black

    1. Collin

      I researched this scope quite a bit before getting it, and reading reviews on this page as well as elsewhere. I waited to write the review after I’ve shot it a few times so it would be an accurate report. I originally wanted the Vortex Viper PST 5-25×50, but unrealistic for my price range, and frankly I’m really happy it directed my to this scope. So I’ll dive into my personal pros and cons. (I’ll try and be as detailed as I can, so it’s gonna be a long list) Pros: Clarity. The clarity on this scope is pretty fantastic for the price range, and I’d even dare to say it’s somewhat comparable to Vortex glass. I was worried that anything over 24 power would have a significant drop, but it’s only slight and still very viable at 34 power. (The highest I shoot is 24-26 power and only using 34 power to check for details) First Focal Plane. This is a given pro, as there are very few FFP scopes in this price range, and even less that are this quality. Defender Caps. This really isn’t about the scope, but it came with defender caps for the lenses and that was a really nice thing to see when opening up the box. Pro/Con: Weight. At just under two pounds, it adds some heft to your rifle, which is good for being stationary, but not too fun if you’re hiking with it. My rifle is 10 pounds with it, which doesn’t feel like much until you carry it a few miles. Illuminated Reticle. So I’m not sure if it’s the battery I received with the scope or if it’s supposed to be this way, the IR does not really work in daylight, and that’s completely fine for me. It does however show up really nice in twilight. Cons: Turrets. The turrets come very mushy. You can fix this by taking off the turret caps, cleaning out the thick factory grease and replacing it with a thinner lubricant. There are videos on YouTube on how to do this. There are probably other cons that I just can’t think of at this time, but all and all, you can’t go wrong with this quality of a scope for this price range. I’ve added pictures I took with my phone of the rifle the scope is mounted on (Savage Model 11 Trophy Hunter XP .308) and pictures of the scope aimed at a Water Silo 2.4 miles away at 8x, 16x, 24x, and 34x. It looks better in person due to the pictures being taken with a phone and looking through a dirty window. (The Rifle was unloaded and clear) Read more

    2. ChiefTain

      I purchased both the 6-24×50 and the 8-34×56. This optic (8-34×56) has excellent glass at the lower magnifications after I adjust past 16x the image becomes blurry and gets progressively worse the higher magnification until the image is completely unrecognizable. This is a classic case of more is not always better because the 6-24×50 is excellent at every magnification the highest magnification level is just as clear as the lowest. Which leads you to wonder why they would produce the larger optic if it doesn’t even perform as well as the optic with less magnification. In the event you need an optic with this level of magnification spend the $$$$ because this optic will only frustrate you.The 6-24×50 has excellent glass and provides the level of magnification for most uses. Optic was tested on a RPR in 6.5 creedmoor. Read more

    3. Osland17

      not bad!!! it works great clear until you reach up to around 28 x’s after that it start to get kinda fuzzy in the rain, overall very nice for price. just updated: today oct 11th 2016 test was in full sun and my cell phone note 2 took the pics and its way better in person just the images for some reason are not as sharp but in person they are! i/m very happy with this purchase Read more

    4. Tom H.

      I have mounted this Scope with the Mil reticle on a DPMS Recon .309 AR-10. My thoughts are as follows: PROS: 1. The glass is crystal clear, and very bright at 24x and below. Above that, while useable, it is just not quite as good, and the eye relief becomes more difficult, but, it is nice to have that higher range to check impacts; 2. The scope did zero within a matter of shots, and has held zero, even with the impact of the .308; 3. I reset the turrets to zero, and did the funky fake zero trick, and it really is cool to be able to “dial up” mils for longer range shots. After zeroing at 100yds, I dialed in the clicks and placed a few at 200, and then using StrelokPro as my reference, dialed up the mils to go to 300yds, and was within the bullseye on the first shot!. I was quite pleased with the scope. CONS: 1. The unit arrived with peripheral items missing. Athlon customer service promised to send the allen wrench, lens cloth, and manual. I have not received them yet; 2. The eye relief is “tight”. I wish it was a little better. 3. Because this scope has a 56mm Objective, the Weaver tactical high rings were NOT high enough. The front end of the scope was hitting on the rail and the scope would not fully seat in the rings. I would up ordering a 1/2″ rail riser with built in 20moa cant, and that plus the high rings works great! Overall, considering the huge price savings, I am happy with this. I will update this review as I try to take it out even further. Read more

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