Athlon optics ares etr uhd four. 5-30×56 first focal aircraft riflescopes

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  • ensure this fits through coming into your model variety.
  • zero. 25 moa click fee, one hundred ten moa overall elevation adjustment, 25 yard to infinity parallax adjustment, 6 illumination settings.
  • first focal plane reticle stays valid in any respect power settings permitting you to fully make use of the particularly designed reticle that shrinks or grows together with your goal as you zoom in or out.
  • uhd glass gives you higher light transmission, brighter, and sharper photograph.
  • precision zero stop device the device permits you to fasten down your zero role and dial returned to it with a sharp and unique stop right at your 0 mark.
  • superior fully multicoated optics effectively reduces contemplated light and increases the transmission of light giving you a brighter picture than normal single lined lenses
  • blanketed components: preparation manual
  • game kind: looking
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product description

ares etr uhd

simply while you concept we couldn’t improve the ares btr, nicely we did! The ares etr first focal plane scope is loaded with capabilities so one can can help you take your lengthy variety taking pictures to another degree. Providing a very remodeled turret device, the ares etr has a locking windage turret in conjunction with a true zero stop on the elevation turret to make sure your turrets and photographs are right on whenever. Extra low dispersion lenses allow for the sharpest and quality color photograph feasible. Constructed with an 34mm tube, this riflescope can resist even the most harsh of factors.

key features

extra-low dispersion glass considerably reduces chromatic aberration giving you an utmost shiny and sharp image with genuine color replica.

fully multi-covered optics efficiently reduces reflected mild and will increase the transmission of light providing you with a brighter photo than regular single coated lenses

xpl coating gives you an additional safety on the exterior lenses from dirt, oil and scratches.

precision zero prevent machine lets in you to go back on your zero role and dial lower back to it with a sharp and specific forestall proper at your 0 area.

aplr5 ffp ir moa



8 reviews for Athlon optics ares etr uhd four. 5-30×56 first focal aircraft riflescopes

  1. Joe D

    The Ares 4.5-30×56, a scope with the clarity, construction, and quality of a $2,000-3,000 scope. FFP reticle, illumination that is visible on slightly overcast days. The brown colored scope compliments the FDE equipment on my 6.5 Grendel. I first purchased an Athlon Argos model, however the illumination of the reticle was only visible at late dusk or at night. I don’t shoot 800 yds at those times. The Ares fit my needs. Zeroed the scope in 7 shots. Then went to the 100 yd Range, and produce a 5 shot group with a .72” spread. Scope tracks flawlessly, and has a Zero Stop. I highly recommend this scope for a distance gunner. My only complaint is the $399 Argos has flip up covers included, the $1190 Ares does not have any lens protection from the factory. Athlon, for $700 more you can’t find room to include $20 flip up caps!?! Even having to spend $18 for caps, I am Still a happy customer! Read more

  2. chad ventriglia

    I have the Cronus btr, razor gen 1 & 2, Steiner and nightforces nxs and really am seeing this scope just as good if not better than some I own and this one cost the least. I really like the turrets on this scope, very audible and sound clicking. The windage lock is a plus as well. The floating dot is great in the reticle. Kenzie’s shipped the next day of order and had it delivered to California in two days, great job Kenzie’s. Read more

  3. Jessica

    This scope is awesome. Very clear, great view, turrets work and function great very precise and accurate, awesome reticle configuration. I absolutely love this scope. I’m not fan of FFP but it is convenient especially with the type of reticle and am becoming more of a fan. Took a Bushnell Elite Tactical ELR 4.5-30×50 30mm tube off of one of my rifles to upgrade to a bigger scope and saw the reviews on YouTube for this scope figured id give it a try since amazon has a great return policy. After zeroing the scope, the doped drops lined up perfectly spot on, not even a 1/4moa difference in drop at all my verified range targets out to 1014yds that were derived from the Bushnell Tactical which speaks to both scopes that their turret calculation are spot on precise and accurate. As for the scope being an upgrade compared to the Bushnell elite… I’d say its at least on par with the Bushell. The glass may be a hair better or it could be just because its a 34mm tube with 56mm objective so the increased light transmission might be making it seem like better glass. The upgrades would be more in terms of 34mm tube for more range elevation and the 56mm objective for the larger view picture and low light transmission. I had a buddy get on this gun and try a few shots, which he successfully completed at 750yds, and he felt that the gun became harder to shoot because the scope clarity was sooo good. I asked what he meant by that and he said because you can see every little breath and every little movement and heart thump in the reticle, he was coming off of a cheaper or should I say trash scope. He also made the comment that it was nice that you pick up and extra half hour of long range shooting light off of that scope, LOL. Ill take the clarity and performance of this scope. Scope is probably a 5 star scope at least in terms of bang for you’re buck I don’t know that you can beat it for price. Read more

  4. Outlaw

    I cannot find anything to complain about on this scope other than the eye relief is touchy at high magnification. Turrets have positive and very discernible clicks unlike I’ve seen mentioned in other reviews. If you can’t feel and hear these then you have issues with touch and hearing. I admit I do not have experience with $3,000 and up scope’s this is my first high end purchase but I don’t see how paying twice as much can be twice as good as this scope is. It just isn’t possible. Buy it you won’t be unhappy, I’d bet my last dollar on that fact. Read more

  5. joshua

    great scope albeit a little on the heavy side, but that’s the trade off for this tube size. huge eyebox, I feel like I command the range when behind this thing. Real nice finish, lens caps are a little hard to find, had to “train” the rear to fit. can’t say enough good things about it though. Read more

  6. Felix L. Martinez

    Muy buena mira, clara y definida. Read more

  7. Mark B.

    Nothing better out there for 1000 bucks. Nothing !!!! Read more

  8. Alberto

    Doesn’t look like a new item 1. The box did not have a seal as new items bring 2. The drift tower has two knocks that removed the paint 3. Wear or dirt is noticeable on the lower screw 4. La rifle scope is Ares ETR 4.5x30x56. The title is wrong but the product is correct Read more

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