Ameriglo unique combination sight fits glock 17/19/22/23, crimson/black

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  • ensure this suits through coming into your version quantity.
  • ameriglo attractions are machined from us-made bar stock steels and assembled the usage of swiss-made tritium light resources.
  • ameriglo attractions are used international by using regulation enforcement, army, defense-minded loose citizens, and recreational shooters
  • cnc-machined steel
  • package deal dimensions: 1″ l x 3. 75″ w x 5. 5″ h

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product description

special aggregate points of interest. The the front sight is crimson riber optic and the rear sight is black. These unique combination sights are crafted from cnc- machined metal for block 17/19/22/23.

7 reviews for Ameriglo unique combination sight fits glock 17/19/22/23, crimson/black

  1. Review phobic

    Simple sights, solid construction, easy to install. I consider my self as a novice shooting, which means I can hit my target but not exactly where I’m aiming at. The sights I was using is the meprolight FT bullseye, which is good for close quarters but covers up the target beyond 15 yards. These are exactly what I needed; black out rear sights and tiny dot up front, simple and effective. There’s no tritium but I have a gun light, so that’s fine. Some people are having trouble getting the rear sight to sit right, I used two pieces of rubber pad and the AR15 armor wrench, one pad under the slide to protect the slide and one on the rear sight to prevent dents. Give it a few firm and accurate blows and it will sit in the center eventually, pay attention not to crush your finger, make sure you don’t hit the slide itself. After the rear sight is flush with the slide I just took a 1/4 pin punch and hammered it into place, the some subtle adjustments and it sits perfectly. A bit experience and skills are required, not much. If you know how a hammer works you could get this done. A bit tedious but not frustrating. Once the rear sight is in place the front sight is child’s play. Remove your slide, recoil spring and barrel, remove the hex screw holding the old sight(which will require a special tool around 6 bucks) and put the new one on there. There a bit play on the front sight and tightening the hex key will twist the sight to the right after you centered it, just leave it 1~2 degrees tilted to the left so it will sit centered when you actually tighten the screw. It might take a few tries but again; not frustrating. Don’t try to get to to sit completely perfect, everything is crooked if you look at them on a microscopic scale, so are your eyes. Just do the best you can and call it a day, this is not a 2000 yard rifle, this is a pistol sight. Read more

  2. LeM929

    I really prefer a fiber optic front sight over night sights, the precision it adds is what I need. Night sights are overrated, over priced, and should be secondary to a weaponlight. Anyway, these are well made and appear durable. After a few hundred rounds they have stayed where I put them. I used Loctite 620 on my front sight, but that might be excessive. Red would have been fine. I’ll have to break the front sight if I ever need to remove it. Rear fit into the dovetail well, a little filing was needed to reduce the material enough that I could set it without damaging the metal. Great sight picture at the range, huge upgrade over the cheap stock plastics. 4 stars only because the rear has no set screw, and thus has to rely on the dovetail for staying put. This forces you to keep an excessively tight fit in the dovetail, instead of leaving it easier to adjust and utilizing some blue loctite on the set screw. That being said these are half the price of dawson precision, and just as good (save the set screw). Unless you are a master level competitor, save the money and go with these. Read more

  3. John Scout

    This is by far the best sight set I’ve ever had on my GLOCKs. I used to run a 10-8 Performance fiber optic, which was definitely good, but the fiber optic rod was small, and hard for my eyes to pick up. The extra width allows for more ambient light to be magnified, which really helps at all brightness levels and environments. Unless it’s truly pitch dark, the front sight usually collects enough light to be visible. The rear sight is also solid. I needed a model that had a sharp, 90 degree slope on the rear sight to allow for racking the slide off of belts, holsters, tires, gravel, etc, and this sight hasn’t failed to do any of that, and has maintained accuracy. Highly recommended. The distributor (RSR Group) sent it out fast, too. Read more

  4. Willie V. Hughes

    Got these for a custom build Glock to use at the range for training. Thought I’d save a few bucks over the cost of some AmeriGlo Hackathorn night sights. In retrospect, I should have got the Hackathorn sights. These front fiber optic sights have some really sharp edges and more surface area to snag and present issues. Also, the rear surface of the rear sight is not serrated and therefore I expect glare in sunlight at the range. Good sights, but not great. Will not be returning them, but would not buy again at least without that rear sight being serrated. I didn’t realize it was a flat finish when I ordered them. Read more

  5. Tommy j

    I see a few poor reviews by folks who dont have the tools to install these or dont have the experience to do it correctly. That said, this set went on a gen 3 G17 and they are phenomenal. Are they unbreakable? Of course not. Its metal holding a plastic tube. Is the screw factory length? Nope, cant be due to the light rod. Is it made in china? Maybe. But shooting these at 50ft at a rate of about 2/sec they are the best ive used in the 26 years ive been shooting Glocks. They were spot on and i do not see how someone said their poi was 20″ low unless they broke something with their “professional” installation. I see these as a great sight and value for the price. May not be for you, but another set is on the way for a 19. Read more

  6. Jarred Hodges

    Look great and were very easy to install on my Gen 4 G17 even without a sight pusher. Took them to the range for the first time and found they are leaps and bounds better than the stock sights (no surprise there as we all know). Very pleased with this product and will for sure purchase again when I get my Glock 19. Read more

  7. Stephanie Manley

    I have these on a 19 and at the time figured why not?…for forty bucks I figured they would be something new to try and get the plastic sights off the gun until I decided what other “whizbang” night sights to put on it. Well here we are 3 years later and these are the best sights I have ever had on a pistol. I don’t need night sights on a defensive/offensive pistol and if you do, look elsewhere. But these sights provide ample amount of light on either side of the front post on a glock 19 length slide and after thousands and thousands of rounds and abuse I still haven’t lost the original fiber optic…which is probably just more luck than anything. Just buy ’em. Read more

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