Amazon necessities guys’s directly-match stretch golfing pant

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  • 98% polyester, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • gadget wash
  • these conventional reduce golf pants are designed with a moisture-wicking, performance cloth to assist preserve you dry
  • a chunk of stretch provides consolation and flexibility and makes this golf pant a pass-to on or off the hyperlinks
  • capabilities slant pockets at each aspect and set-in wallet at the again
  • sits underneath the waist, directly via the hip and thigh with directly leg
  • recreation made higher: we pay attention to consumer comments and pleasant-music each element to make certain satisfactory, suit, and comfort
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an amazon emblem – those traditional reduce golf pants are designed with a moisture-wicking, overall performance cloth to assist maintain you dry

amazon essentials is targeted on developing less costly, first-rate, and long-lasting normal garb you can rely on. Our line of fellows’s need to-haves consists of polo shirts, chino pants, conventional-suit shorts, informal button-downs, and group-neck tees. Our constant sizing takes the guesswork out of shopping, and every piece is put to the test to maintain the highest requirements in satisfactory and luxury.


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Black, Gray, Khaki, Navy, Olive, Stone

8 reviews for Amazon necessities guys’s directly-match stretch golfing pant

  1. Thomas & Jessii

    First off: the quality was great. Both material and construction were quite good. Definitely better than most “generic brand” clothing. Amazon’s own brand of clothes are not typically cheaply made. Second, both the waist and length on these pants were good, and they were not too baggy. THE ISSUE: the crotch and thigh was far too tight and there really wasn’t enough stretch in the material to accommodate much movement. I wound up sending these back and instead settled on these from Kenneth Cole: The thing that I like about those instead is that material is a blend that is less polyesther and more viscose and spandex, so it actually stretches well and the material is a bit lighter. Yes, they aren’t “golf” pants per se, but you could absolutely use them as such. Read more

  2. David J.

    Material that the pants are made of, is nice. The front pockets are great for placing three golf balls per pocket in. There is a pair of rubber band material (non-elasticity) on the inside of the waist band. This stops your tucked in shirt to ride up while your playing golf. Read more

  3. Teeupdaily

    Fit and finish is superb. At $25 it’s a steal. Even if it goes up by $10, it’s still value. The quality is excellent. The different inseam sizes will save you $10-15 alone in alterations. STRAIGHT fit is in the middle of the three cuts Amazon has and to me fits best because it is straight through the thighs and legs, not to slim, not too wide. True to waist, true to inseam. Retains crease and size after washing. Again, very high quality. SLIM FIT is a little tight, it does not have a expanding waist band although it is true to size. The inseam, however, fits about 1/2″ shorter due to low rise and slimmer cut. Fits slim through thigh and leg opening. CLASSIC FIT is on the relaxed side, inseam feels 1/4″ longer due to the wide leg. If you want a more athletic cut, go with Straight Fit. For the last 15 years I have been in and out with Dockers, Haggar, Izod and GAP. Amazon pants have them all beat. Kudos to Amazon for having three different fits with so much sizing options. Wearing 30×28, I no longer have to take my pants to the tailor. I look forward to buying up more colors. Such an amazing every day deal. Read more

  4. John B Caharian

    I’m hoping to do a favor for my fellow short, bigger legged golfers. After buying the Skinny and Classic fit Amazon Golf pants, it’s the Straight Fit that worked best for me. I’m 5’5 160 and got the 33X28’s and I feel I still have some room in there. Obviously I will tuck my polo and wear a belt, and I still had some room. I just got them in, so I’ll update if there are any issues with the pants after their first wash/drying. Pluses: Having bigger legs, there’s plenty of room in there. Unlike the Skinny (way too tight) and Classic fit (really baggy), the Straight fit was perfect for my build. The crotch area was comfy as well. The Skinny fit was definitely tight in certain areas (if that’s your thing, you do you) and the Classic was huge on me. Minuses: If you’re a brand/material snob, you might not like it. For what I’m going to use it for (Golf), as long as it keeps my legs warm and feels comfortable, I’m good. My standards aren’t terribly high. Hope this helps. I plan on buying more once I’m done with this review 🙂 Read more

  5. Michele B

    I only wear pants when golfing now as I’ve had some bad reactions to poison ivy (I spend a fair bit of time in the weeds). Was just looking for a good value and these are perfect. Not as breathable/lightweight/stretchy as some premium brands, but I’ve worn them in 90+ degree weather and didn’t regret the decision. The regular fit pants are too baggy for my taste and the slims were too tight. These have a modern look, fit great, and never feel tight or restrictive. The one inch increments in waist size is an appreciated bonus too. Bought the gray pair to test them out and ended up getting the navy as well. Read more

  6. Mistelle

    Bought for my teenage son (who hates long pants) for dress/school occasions and he surprisingly loves them. Thinner athletic feeling material with some stretch provides comfort in the Florida heat but they look like normal dress pants- much nicer than basic khakis. My son actually requested I buy him more of these for school. Read more

  7. Jesse P. Jocson

    I was hoping these would be as comfortable as a pair of Izod golf pants I purchased from Ross. Long story short, it isn’t, but it’s not bad. Weight feels just as much as dress pants would, only difference is that it’s a bit more stretchy and you wouldn’t need to iron these. My Izod from Ross is noticeably more lighter, breathable, and much more comfortable than these amazon basic. After purchasing these I’ve decided to try buying golf pants from Izod in hopes of getting that same Ross pants. Bottom line, it’s a good work pants alternative, but it could be better. Read more

  8. jc17769

    These are my favorite pants. They look nice and fit well. They aren’t as stretchy as UA, Nike, Adidas, but they fit well and look dressier. But they’re a far better value pant than PGA Super Store and Golf Galaxy brand Read more

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