Amazon fundamentals rubber encased hex dumbbell hand weight

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  • make certain this fits by way of getting into your model variety.
  • dumbbell for resistance training—remarkable for arms, chest, returned, core, and legs
  • solid cast-iron center for reliable electricity; will not bend or spoil after repeated use
  • hexagon-formed rubber-encased ends help prevent rolling and promote live-in-location storage
  • contoured, textured, chrome handle for a comfortable, comfortable grip
  • bought for my part; weighs 15 kilos; subsidized by an amazon fundamentals restricted one-yr assurance
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rubber-encased hex dumbbell

deliver electricity and resistance schooling into your workout routines with this rubber-encased hex dumbbell. Multiple weights to be had to fit your wishes.

stable solid iron core

the burden features a solid cast-iron middle for super energy and reliable stability from one exercising to the next.

consolation-grip deal with

the dumbbell’s contoured, textured chrome take care of facilitates ensure a comfy, comfortable grip for lifting and training.

hexagon shape

the hexagon-shaped rubber-encased ends help ensure secure, secure placement and easy access—no rolling away to worry about.

product description

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10 Pounds, 15 Pounds, 20 Pounds, 25 Pounds, 30 Pounds, 35 Pounds, 40 Pounds, 45 Pounds, 50 Pounds

8 reviews for Amazon fundamentals rubber encased hex dumbbell hand weight

  1. Amazon Customer

    I felt like this was bait & switch. I was under the impression there were 2 items included! Not 1!!! Read more

  2. Scot

    I read a lot of reviews before taking the risk and buying this. The big question from the reviews is, does it smell so bad that it is not usable? Here is the answer. The dumbells are well packaged in plastic. Yes they smell a little like new tires at the beginning. But the smell dissipates after a few days. I took the plastic off and they don’t smell any more. Yes, obviously if you put your nose on top of it, you can smell the rubber. But it’s nothing at all like room filling odor. You cannot smell it at all in the room where the dumbells are sitting. And these are high quality, well made dumbbells. I highly recommend them. Read more

  3. T Howard

    Love these dumbbells, but I felt deceived that I’d only bought 1 dumbbell of 3 weights rather than 3 pairs of dumbbells. I feel like they are normally sold in pairs, so for these to be not sold in pairs seems strange. It definitely should be prominent that it’s only 1 dumbbell. I placed 1 order, received 1, waited for the other for a day and then realized I was only getting 1 and had to order another 1. That’s my only gripe. Read more

  4. Jhinderer

    Exactly what I wanted. Yes it does smell of rubber at first but, the smell goes away. A lot of reviewers were mad about this? Great product. I use it several times a week no issues! Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    First, I received a 50 lb pair as a gift and based upon a previous experience with another brand weighed them. One was 49.3 lbs and the other 48.5 lbs (almost 1 lb different and neither one 50 lbs). Amazon sent me a replacement pair which I received a couple of days ago, one was 50.3 lbs and the other 49.4 lbs (again almost 1 lb different, but at least closer to 50 lbs). Today, I received a single dumbbell (not a pair, as expected) and it was 49.1 lbs. As far as I’m concerned – 3 strikes and you’re out so all will be returned for a refund and I will purchase elsewhere. I’ve purchased other Amazon Basics dumbbells (15-25 lbs) and did not have this issue – they were the same weight and either spot on or within a couple tenths of a lb to the proper weight. Seems like a significant quality control issue at least with the 50 lb dumbbells! Read more

  6. Jeffrey

    These weights are great quality and the grip is comfortable. There is an “oil” that is on the rubber which runs onto the grip during shipping. I cleaned off this oil with some greased lightning and then wiped them down again with water and then dried them off. This removed all of the oil and the smell associated with the manufacturing process. Some of the smell lingered for a few days in my workout room, but it went away after about two weeks. I will buy more of these AmazonBasics weights to complete my weight bench set. They are great for the price and much more reasonable than any of the name brand weights. Read more

  7. Calvin

    They are fine as weights – outdoors. The plastic smell was strong when I open them. I searched the web for solutions. Soaked the plastic ends in vinigar. Left them outside for 6 days. They still smell. Brought them inside and in 15 minutes the smell drove me out of exercise room. Now they’re back outside. Read more

  8. Motorhed

    Except for not having a name brand on them they are well worth the money and not all sloppily made and are quite uniform.I like them and will buy more.The people that complain about the smell are right in that they do smell but a simple wipe down with some soapy water and some fresh air and your good.I’d rather have to clean a smelly dumbell than to get a rusted up one..Just buy’em you’ll be happy you did.. Read more

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