Amazon fundamentals neoprene coated dumbbell hand weight set

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  • set of six solid iron dumbbells in 3 weight classes with garage stand – three pairs: 60 pounds total (five-lb, 10-lb, 15-lb)
  • neoprene-covered for sturdiness, safety, and a non-slip grip
  • shade-coded for weight: inexperienced (five lb), navy blue (10 lb), and darkish grey (15 lb)
  • hexagonal form prevents dumbbells from rolling away
  • pre-assembled, foldable metallic stand in a tiered triangular form
  • burn energy and construct muscular tissues with dynamic weight schooling and aerobic
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dumbbell set

upload resistance education to workouts with an amazon fundamentals dumbbell set. Sets include 3 pairs of dumbbells–available in quite a number weights.

non-slip neoprene coating

the rubber-like neoprene coating helps ensure a cozy grip. It also protects floors and allows the weights for use both indoors and out.

coloration coded weight

every pair of weights is labeled on every quit, plus feature coloration coding for quick identification, making it clean to grab the proper weight.

weight stand blanketed

each 3-weight set consists of an easy-to-assemble weight stand to hold weights well stored, effortlessly available, and on colorful show.

product description

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1-Pound, Set of 2, 10-Pound, Set of 2, 12-Pound, Set of 2, 15-Pound, Set of 2, 2-Pound, Set of 2, 20-Pound, Set of 2, 20-Pound, Set of 6 with Stand, 3-Pound, Set of 2, 32-Pound, Set of 6 with Stand, 5-Pound, Set of 2, 60-Pound, Set of 6 with Stand, 8-Pound, Set of 2

8 reviews for Amazon fundamentals neoprene coated dumbbell hand weight set

  1. Kimberly F.

    Do not buy this product. I’m 20 weeks pregnant and recently bought these weights as part of a prenatal Pilates routine. While using one of the weights, I felt a sharp object impale my finger. I looked down and found a thin needle sticking out of the weight that had come through the material and stabbed my hand. Needless to say, I will be writing a formal complaint as this caused me to bleed and caused a lot of pain. Read more

  2. HEA

    Have you heard of brand new dumbbells splitting in half? Well, here they are! The product arrived last Wednesday. My 17 year old did bicep curls only twice. One of them suddenly broke (photo) and fell on the floor with a thump. Thankfully, there was neither physical injury nor property damage. The material looks like some kind of compound, heavy but isn’t like steel but more like coal. When a company like Amazon places their brand name on private label products, you’d think these products are thoroughly vetted. I’m really disappointed with Amazon. I hope they’ll pull this product out. Read more

  3. Justin T.

    The foam ate through the finish on a side table after just setting it down on it overnight. I picked it up the next morning and it had melted through the finish leaving a goopy mess. I read another review about the same thing happening and thought it was too weird to be true. What is this stuff that eats through finish? Probably shouldn’t touch these. I’ll be asking for a refund. Read more

  4. Karyla Conner

    Not very happy with this purchase. The 2lb weights had nicks in the rubber and my 3lb weight was broken. How does a weight break? Read more

  5. KG

    * 8/26/18 – Sent the weight set back, being off in weight as much as they were was pretty bad. I received the new set earlier today and as I unpacked the set each weight went onto a scale. They were all off by maybe an ounce or two, nothing as dramatic as the original set I was sent so I’m keeping them and will update my review after I’ve used them for awhile. ***********Original review below******* My husband has the standard large metal weights out in the garage for lifting but I wanted a small set of hand weights in the house that I could use for toning up a few areas. I purchased this set and after reading a few reviews decided to weigh mine and each and every one does not match the weight printed on the ends. Read more

  6. KatyF

    So, these weights are actually great. They were exactly what I wanted and needed. They feel great and seem balanced to me. *BUT* – there is something in the coating the wrecks furniture finish! Do not set these on a table or a shelf. I kept them on a shelf in my pretty new entertainment center (manufactured about a year ago, I looked). At first I saw some brown stuff on the bottom of the weights and I thought maybe it was residue from shipping or the dye leaching out of the foam. When I pulled them out this week, I noticed they had eaten through the finish on the shelf!!! I can flip the shelf over and I won’t make that mistake again – but thought I should warn others. Read more

  7. TCR

    My GF bought these as collectors pieces, it been months and they remain in pristine condition sitting in unopened boxes in our pantry, along with a workout DVD still wrapped in the original plastic. Hopefully these will stay in the family for generations to come, at least the family who buys them from our future garage sale for 1/10th the price. Read more

  8. R. Stanley

    The middle of this dumbell is much THICKER than any other of my neoprene weights. I have 5, 8, 9, 12, 15 and now 20 pound dumbells. However, sadly these will not be used hardly at all because my hands do not fit comfortly around the handle. I am 5 feet tall and weigh 120. I do wish I could return these and invest in adjustable weights instead. Read more

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