1007599 truglo tfx sf xd set handgun sight , black, 1x7x8 inches

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  • make sure this suits by using coming into your version quantity.
  • unequalled visibility in all capturing conditions, night time or day; glows within the dark—no batteries or mild exposure required
  • front sight consciousness-lock ring for even faster awareness
  • tfx sealed capsule layout gives maximum safety and durability; castle end affords a permanent protecting coating; impervious to oils, chemicals, cleansing solvents, and ultra-sonic cleansing methods
  • hid fiber can’t be visible with the aid of goal; snag resistant design fits fashionable holsters
  • machined and assembled in the america with high-quality swiss tritium for maximum brightness; 12-12 months restricted guarantee; patented

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from the manufacturer

truglo tfx tritium + fiber-optic xtreme handgun points of interest

glowing vibrant each day and night time, tfx sights are always ready. Tfx takes our constantly brilliant and correct tritium + fiber-optic generation even further with extra capabilities.

a compact snag-loose layout, longer sight radius, and amazingly long lasting construction ensure tfx points of interest are built to deal with pretty much some thing.

illuminating elements are encased internal a in reality indestructible chemical and shock-resistant pill and the cnc-machined metallic is covered with a rust-resistant fort end.

8 reviews for 1007599 truglo tfx sf xd set handgun sight , black, 1x7x8 inches

  1. Amazon Customer

    I own the original TFO’s installed on a USP45 and have loved them. They’ve been installed for about ten years now and are still going strong. I decided to try the new TFX thinking that the new front sight would be better with more definition. In the light the front sight with the white outline is great. At night in the dark the front sight is a much smaller dot and the outline has no effect except to seem to shrink the diameter of the dot. Not very happy with these sights. Also the original TFO has a clear fiber optic rod the new TFX are very cloudy and don’t seem as bright as the TFO’s. Overall I don’t see these as an upgrade from the originals. Read more

  2. rosemary adams

    Says it fits an XDM, they need to make it clear it it wont fit an XDM, plus they need to change the description because it says hassle free returns in the description but amazon says its not even a returnable item so I’m out $100 with sights that dont even fit my handgun. Read more

  3. Capfrey

    Front sight is almost an inch long, reducing sight radius from stock sight just short of 1/2 inch. On a 3 inch barrel, this was not a welcome change. I’ve been to the range the XD Mod 2 Subcompact 4X, and most recently with the new sights installed. My accuracy was worse than my first day out with this pistol. Perhaps one could say that as a CCW the larger sight radius is not as necessary, but having previously owned the previous gen XD Subcompact & now the Mod 2 version, I was always shot very accurate with these. I was looking forward to making the Mod 2 the a combination carry/ccw & range gun, but now I’m trying to decide whether to pull the sights off or sell it. My single stack Glock 43 with the 3.3″ barrel and normal sized trijicon sights (non-fiber optic) now feels like a long rifle compared to my XD Mod 2. Read more

  4. JeffOB

    These sights are amazing! They are so bright in the day…and night. The combination of the tritium and fiber optic is a marriage made in heaven. They gather so much light in the day and shine very bright. At night, or in the dark, they give just enough light to get a clear sight picture with all 3 points on the sights. If you are contemplating changing the factory sights on your firearm, I highly recommend these as a great replacement. Also, they still allow your firearm to fit in a regular holster without worrying about the size of the sights. Read more

  5. G.C.

    Front sight did not fit properly. I called TruGlo and they offered to install the sights free if I mail in my slide. I mailed it in and got it back less then 2 weeks later. Prompt and courteous service from TruGlo. I haven’t had a chance to test the sights to see if they are lined up properly. Will do a follow up. Read more

  6. Richie

    I had recently purchased an XD9 Tactical along with a red dot sight and mounting plate at a local gun show. Unfortunately the dove tail with the mounting plate was so loose it made it worthless. Then I purchased a mounting plate from Amazon, same results. My next purchase was the TruGlo TFX sights from Amazon and I have to say, I couldn’t be more pleased. Along with a sight pusher that I also purchased through Amazon the sights went on nice and tight just like the factory sights. Night or day, sight acquisition is awesome. Can’t wait to take it out for a test drive. Read more

  7. the voice of reason

    These work great. I have them on an XDS. Put them on myself with a couple craft (large Popsicle sticks), some punches and a bench vice. Go online and search first as the XDS sight come off the reverse of a lot of popular handguns (left to right or right to left). I forget which, but it saved s lot of headache. Read more

  8. MJHirsch

    Great sights. Gives me a bright light at the range and works even better in the dark. They are so good I am getting another set for a different gun. My only gripe is that the color of the night sights are all the same. I’d love to have a different color for the front for even faster alignment. Read more

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